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Chapter 5: Cooperation

“Yes, my beauty formula can make you eternally youthful, but it will not come out yet. Otherwise, it would bring chaos to the world. At most, I can make some anti-aging products. Moving about too fast will only bring disaster.” Cheng Yu unwaveringly said.

“What!” Yang Ruoxue excitedly exclaimed, “Do you really have such a formula?” If such a formula exists, how can I not overthrow my enemies.

“Believe it or not, I’ll tell you. My formula is completely harmless and has no side effects, think it over and give me a reply.” Cheng Yu said, unconcernedly laying back. Whatever era it was, a woman was always concerned about her face. Even in the world of immortals that held true. So, in retrospect, even if she was a ten-million-year-old monster, she was as pretty as a flower; still resembling a little girl.

“There’s no need to consider if you really have such a formula, why is there a need to.” Yang Ruoxue excitedly said.

“Haha, now you look like a genuine beauty. In the future, you should smile more often, don’t be so stiff. Else, even if I have the pill for immortality, I won’t save you then.” Seeing Yang Ruoxue happy, Cheng Yu was also happy. After all, being together with a beauty was something to be happy about.

“So then, how will we distribute the profits, me 6 you 4? How’s that?” Yang Ruoxue excitedly thought about it.

Listening to Yang Ruoxue, Cheng Yu closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head as he laid back. Seeing Cheng Yu like this, she knew he was not satisfied, so she said, “Then we split 50-50.”

Cheng Yu still had his eyes closed as Yang Ruoxue bit her lip and said, “Then you 6 and I’m 4, this is my bottom line. You know I need people and material to produce and sell. The cost is not small, and if it’s any lower, I’d rather not.”

Cheng Yu still hadn’t opened his eyes, “Say it, how much do you want?” Yang Ruoxue angrily asked.

This time, Cheng Yu opened his eyes and sat up straight as he calmly looked at Yang Ruoxue. Seeing her fl.u.s.tered face, he laughed and said, “You’re really beautiful!”

Yang Ruoxue embarra.s.sed, turned her face away and angrily asked, “How much do you want?”

“I thought for a while. How about you 5 and me 5, or me 5 you 5? Choose one.”

Hearing this, Yang Ruoxue turned around and asked Cheng Yu, “Is what you’re saying real?”

“Why do you always speak like this, don’t I say everything reasonably? Hey, I’m very simple. You though, are beautiful, but unexpectedly take advantage of other people.” Cheng Yu helplessly said.

“Heng, being able to gain profit out of your five storey’s can already be something to be happy about, it had let you earn much wealth.” Although Yang Ruoxue said this, in her heart, she was very grateful to Cheng Yu. As she had really obtained a large advantage, if this product was really as good as he said, then it would be an unlimited gold mine. There isn’t a woman who can resist being young and beautiful. Once this product hit the markets, there’s no telling the effect it would produce.

“This product, how long will it take you?” This was the most important issue.

“When we get back, I’ll need you to buy me an ancient refining cauldron and write down some ingredients for you to buy. First, go find a house and take a look at it. Tomorrow when I’m not busy, you can come see me again.”

“You can refine pills?!” Hearing Cheng Yu tell her to buy an ancient refining cauldron, Yang Ruoxue was astonished at what she heard. This was too mysterious, like those fantasy immortal stories, ah! Although there was alchemy in the ancient past, that was just to cheat the emperor, a show! But he would not trick me!

Cheng Yu ignored her and let her ponder.

Half an hour later, Cheng Yu arrived in front of a villa. Cheng Yu followed Yang Ruoxue into the villa; it was very large. Beautiful landscape, a garden, a rockery pond, a swimming pool, this truly was a good place to live in. After they entered the villa’s hall, a middle-aged nanny walked over, “Miss, you came back. Let me get you a cup of tea.”

Cheng Yu ignorantly asked, “This is your house? Your grandfather is here?”

“No, only me, my mom, and two other personnel live here. My grandfather lives at the family’s ancestral home.”

“Then, will you be at ease if I stay here? You know, I need a long term place to stay, not just to treat your grandfather’s illness. You know, it’s like a wolf entering a sheep’s nest or a lamb in a tiger’s den. Although I don’t covet your beauty, but what is it to say that you don’t covet my handsomeness.”

“What you mean is for me to buy you a villa?” Yang Ruoxue quickly glanced at Cheng Yu and snappily said.

“If it was before, I would be embarra.s.sed, but now we have a cooperating relationship. So, for you to buy me a villa, I’m not embarra.s.sed. After all, for me to stay with you is not convenient. They say a man who likes women, who then falls in love with him is a mystery. Even if I look like this, I’m just like any man. You cannot blame me if we accidentally sleep on the same bed. I think we should keep a relative distance from each other. After all, today is the first day we met. From the time we met each other to present, it’s only been a couple hours. So to copulate… I think we should slow down and get to know each other better before we live together.”

Listening to Cheng Yu’s unending shamefulness, Yang Ruoxue didn’t know what to say so she just ignored him. Cheng Yu looked bored so she got him a pen and paper. He wrote down a bunch of materials, someone else was paying anyways, even if he said anymore, n.o.body would understand. He had written down all the common medical ingredients he would need to make the pill. He also wrote down the material necessary to create a storage ring. However, he didn’t write down the ore necessary as he was afraid of arousing suspicion of others. As they would wonder why making medicine required stones.

Only when the medical ingredients were ready to be given to Yang Ruoxue did he realise that all of the medical ingredients above were ones that he needed. The Returning Heaven Pill that the old master needed was not written down.  Even though he was thick-skinned and firm, Cheng Yu’s face still turned red. Seeing Cheng Yu’s red face when the medical ingredients were delivered, the medicine boy’s face was full of suspicion. But after seeing the densely packed medicinal ingredients, he knew what had happened. Even though he was not an expert, even if one was refining, they couldn’t use this many medical ingredients! But Yang Ruoxue didn’t spill the information, as long as her grandfather’s illness could be cured. Besides, the two people were currently in a partnership, even though she had not seen any results yet.

“I have written down all of the herbs that we need, some of the herbs names are not quite the same, as I have clearly indicated those.”

In the end, they didn’t sit as Cheng Yu was getting ready to leave. Yang Ruoxue had her driver and bodyguard take Cheng Yu back to Yun Hai High School. Cheng Yu was about to find his cousin to head home together, but just as he was about to enter campus, Cheng Yu turned angry the moment he arrived.

At this time, Cheng Yu saw Xu Dongyuan and several of his goonies trying to take liberties with his cousin. Thus, he hurriedly went over.

“Zhao Yifang, today the foolish one is you. As long as you promise to be my girlfriend, I will not mess around. If you don’t, everyday after school, I’ll come to hara.s.s you. Don’t scare me just because your old man is the mayor.” Xu Dongyuan stood in front if Zhao Yifang’s car and threatened her.

At this time, school had just finished. Everyone who saw Xu Dongyuan all avoided him, just like how they all had when they met Cheng Yu this morning.

“Hey! Surnamed Xu, you’re quite difficult to deal with! You’re not even scared of the mayor even though your old man is scared of the mayor, you’re even more unyielding than your old man.” Cheng Yu laughed and said as he walked over.

The students around school saw the playboy Cheng Yu and evil tyrant Xu Dongyuan come together, as they stopped to look with noise and excitement. A few days ago, they heard that the playboy Cheng Yu met with the evil tyrant and got beat up; they didn’t expect for them to cross paths again so soon. Anyways, there was a good play to watch. Neither of them were good, one bullied people everywhere, the other ravaged girls everywhere. Now that the two were going to cross fists, it was best that they both got beaten down.

“Yo, who was it that charged to the other end of the world, young master Cheng? What? These past few days you been feeling itchy? Let me tell you, that’s an illness, I’ll help you free of charge.” Seeing the hero come to save the damsel in distress, Xu Dongyuan arrogantly spoke.

“Oh, to tell you the truth, a few days ago, my body didn’t feel so well. The results were unexpected, but today my body is feeling quite good. So to see that you’re here, I’m quite excited to thank you. Well, are you ready to go to lie down in the hospital for a few days? You should really make an appointment, lest you want to lie on the floor.”

“Brat, it seems that last time’s lesson was not enough. Brothers, go dispose of this joker.” Seeing the present Cheng Yu, how could the arrogant Xu Dongyuan let this go.

“Cousin, don’t fight with them, run!” Seeing him like this, Zhao Yifang hurriedly told Cheng Yu to leave.

“Rest a.s.sured, it’s just some small tramps, they’re nothing. Wait for a bit, after I’m done we’ll go home.” Cheng Yu patted Zhao Yifang’s hand to a.s.sure her.

Seeing the four people rush up, Cheng Yu jumped up and sent out a 360 tornado leg sweep. The four were all kicked in the face, as they immediately fell the ground twisting in pain. Xu Dongyuan, upon seeing this, took out a club from his waist and rushed at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu rushed up and kicked Xu Dongyuan right in the chest as he flew away like a kite. An extremely graceful arc flew through the sky as he landed four feet away.

Cheng Yu didn’t stop there as he slowly walked forward. Xu Dongyuan, seeing Cheng Yu come over, laid still on the ground as he spat out a mouthful of blood and yelled, “You, don’t come over, don’t come over. You dare to beat me up, my father is the deputy mayor, I’ll make sure to put you in jail!”

“Ah, I’m so scared!” Hearing Xu Dongyuan’s words, Cheng Yu immediately jumped on Xu Dongyuan’s hand, “Ahhh!” Hearing Xu Dongyuan let out a shrill scream like he was being raped.

“Ah, so sorry, so sorry. You should have just originally said that the deputy mayor was your father, Ai! Ah, I really regret this! You’ll let me off right!” Cheng Yu’s mouth said that he regrets, but he was still jumping in his hand. There was only the sound of Xu Dongyuan screaming. It was like the world announced he was going to be on the Voice of China.

Seeing Cheng Yu like this, several people headed to their cars and left campus speedily. While waiting for their cars, the spectators were able to see the amazing scene of Xu Dongyuan getting beat to the ground. The people watching couldn’t help but shiver in their hearts, this Cheng Yu was extremely fierce, to beat someone like that. From this moment on, Cheng Yu’s reputation changed from playboy to violent playboy.

However, this was just the view of the jealous men. In the eyes of the girls, although it was a little b.l.o.o.d.y, Cheng Yu a moment ago was truly handsome. Especially that tornado leg. No matter what point of view, the strength and speed was perfect, full marks. The thing lying on the ground wailing was the concrete proof.


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