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Chapter 37: Ye Family’s Eldest Young Miss

At the end of the fourth month, Ye Manor sent someone to welcome Ye Li back to the manor. Ye Ying’s marriage was set at the end of the fourth month; it was the only auspicious day in the fourth month. Xu Hong Yu in an extremely calm manner dismissed the people from Ye Manor. On the day before the wedding, he would have Xu Qing Bai and Xu Qing Yan escort Ye Li home. Though Minister Ye was disconsolate, towards this brother-in-law, there was an inexplicable fear the minister couldn’t explain. Not adding any more words, he could only let Ye Li return to Thanh Dat Court to rest.

When Ye Li left to go to Xu Manor, she had only taken Qing Shuang and Qing Xia. Yet, when she returned, she had brought more than ten mouths to feed, including Lin-mama and Wei-mama. There was also the two servant girls that her grandfather had personally picked, Qing Luan and Qing Yu. Originally, Thanh Dat Hien was not very large, now it was even more crowded. Wei-mama saw the arrangement at Thanh Dat Hien and became more distressed.

Wei-mama could not stop the tears from falling and straightforwardly said: “This is the room of a n.o.ble young mistress?”

Ye Li did not mind. She smiled and comforted: “The decorations are just adornments. When we leave, it would be more convenient for others.”

Wei-mama didn’t agree, but she didn’t want to correct her young mistress and could only direct the little servant girls to rearrange Ye Li’s room. Ye Li could only helplessly watch as Wei-mama went about her task. For some reason, everyone was very dissatisfied with her room. Each time someone came, they would always comment.

“Young Miss, Eldest Young Miss came for a visit.” A servant girl outside reported.

“Welcome the Crown Prince’s Side Consort.” Ye Li dropped the needle in her hand, looked up, and smiled.

Within a short while, a beauty entered the room. “Third Younger Sister,” She saw Ye Li and couldn’t help but smile.

Ye Li hurriedly stood up and greeted: “Greetings to the Crown Prince’s Side Consort.” This woman was the Eldest Young Miss of the Ye Family, Side Consort to Crown Prince Nan Hou, Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen held tightly onto Ye Li’s hand. She laughed and said: “Wouldn’t dare. Once Third Younger Sister marries, I will have to be the one to greet Third Younger Sister. Besides, there are no outsiders here. We are still sisters after all.”

“Eldest Sister, please sit.” Ye Li nodded.

Ye Zhen’s mother was a concubine who was a servant girl that grew up with Minister Ye. When Ye Zhen was five, her mother pa.s.sed away due to illness. From then, Ye Zhen was kept at Xu-shi’s side. When Xu-shi left, Ye When was already thirteen. In that way, the relationship between Ye Li and Ye Then could be considered not bad and when she was still home, Ye When took great care of Ye Li. Unfortunately, before she was even fifteen, w.a.n.g-shi had arranged for her to marry Crown Prince Nan Hou as a side consort. It was rumored that Crown Prince Nan Hou did not favor Ye Zhen; even after 7-8 years of marriage, she still has not given birth to a boy or girl. Ye Zhen also rarely returned to Ye Manor. The two sisters had not seen each other for nearly two years. This time, her return was an embellishment, adding to the festivities, and to marry out Ye Ying.

Ye Zhen stroked the red brocade fabric on the table, her heart moved. “This is… Phoenix Cloth? Third Younger Sister is making her wedding dress?”

Ye Li nodded. She was not too critical of her wedding dress; so, she was not in a rush to make it. Otherwise, when her uncle brought this Pheonix Cloth, she would not know what to do with it. Afterall, the custom of Great Chu was that maidens could only have one wedding dress, making another one would be taboo.

Ye Zhen stroked the fabric adoringly, a bit of envy showing. She looked at Ye Li and said: “Was this prepared for you by Madam? I saw the fabric that Fourth Younger Sister used was merely Mandarin Ducks Lovers’ Cloth. I heard that it was personally bestowed by the Empress Dowager.”

Ye Li furrowed her brows and looked at the brocade fabric in front of her with a bit of reluctance. The cloth bestowed by the Empress Dowager was Mandarin Ducks Lovers’ Cloth? If she used the Pheonix Cloth, it would be n.o.bler. She was afraid that the Empress Dowager’s face would be quite unsightly.

Ye Zhen had been the Crown Prince’s Side Consort for many years; she was not someone who could not see the situation. After a thought: “The Pheonix Cloth is the fabric the Royal Family of Eastern Ling would use. Ordinary commoners could not sell or weave something so beautifully. Originally, Eastern Ling and Southern Zhao would gift us a few bolts each year as a gift. There are rumors that in the time of the deceased Emperor, an accident happened and the production process of this fabric was lost. This Pheonix Cloth of Third Sister’s, one of two bolts, must’ve been bestowed down when the deceased Emperor was born to the Xu Family?”

“Eldest Sister has good eyes. Indeed, this was brought by Eldest Uncle to the capital, on grandfather’s order, for me.” Ye Li nodded.

Using Pheonix Cloth to make a wedding dress was the dream of all the n.o.ble young misses of the capital. It was different from the Mandarin Ducks Lover’s Cloth that was gorgeous but blinding. Just at a glance, the Pheonix       Cloth was just like any other ordinary red brocade fabric. It was when the fabric came into contact with a bright light that the surging life-like pattern of a Pheonix. When it was worn on the body, moving here and there, it would give people the impression of a Pheonix taking flight. The best adornment would be on the fabric, drawing hibiscus or peonies. When the wearer stood still, the hibiscuses and peonies would be in full bloom. But if sunlight were cast down, or light within the darkness, the Pheonix and blossoms would join together to create a dominating picture that would cause others to bow down to their grace.

Ye Li had noticed this phenomenon when she made the covering veil for her wedding outfit. She had been surprised. It didn’t matter if it were direct sunlight or light when it trickled in through the window. The strength of the light would make the shape, aura, and even color of the Pheonix change. The techniques of this era gave birth to admiration and surprise even within someone like Ye Li, someone from a futuristic place with advance methodologies. In comparison to the Mandarin Ducks Lovers’ Cloth, though scarce could still be found, finding the Pheonix Cloth within Great Chu, and even in other countries, would be difficult. Not even a few meters of the cloth would be easy to find. Additionally, it could be said that since the method to produce the Pheonix Cloth was lost it led to the fame of the Mandarin Ducks Lovers’ Cloth of Southern Zhao.

“Since it was bestowed by the deceased Emperor and the Emperor arranged this marriage, Third Younger Sister using this fabric not only compliments the occasion but adds a sense of power. At that time, everyone within the capital will be overwhelmed.” Ye Zhen giggled, a trace of pleasure flashed in her eyes. She could imagine when Ye Li wears this to marry, the face w.a.n.g-shi and Ye Ying would make.

Ye Li nodded and conveniently handed the wedding gown to Qing Luan at her side. She smiled at Ye Zhen: “Let’s not keep talking about me. We have not met for a while, is Eldest Sister doing well?”

Ye Zhen retrieved her gaze and the smile on her face whithered: “Me? What could possibly be not good? Just living.”

Ye Li had heard a bit of the reputation of Crown Prince Nan Hou. Unfortunately, it was not something she could interfere with. Moreover, the relationship between Ye Li and Ye Zhen was not so close that she could ask about such private affairs.

Ye Li could only say: “Regardless of the matter, you are the most important. If you do not love yourself, who could you depend on?”

Startled, Ye Zhen looked at Ye Li. “Third Younger Sister is right. In these years, Third Younger Sister has not lived easily. After… With the Xu family here, Third Younger Sister will live much better in comparison to when you lived at home.”

Ye Li smiled and stood. “Eldest Sister, have you seen Fourth Younger Sister?”

“Sister has just greeted grandmother.” Ye Zhen shook her head. “Fourth Younger Sister was busy preparing and I should not bother her too much.”

Ye Li giggled and said: “Let’s go together then. Qing Xia, get the set of Million Pheonix headdress and send it over to Fourth Younger Sister.”     

“Young Miss, wasn’t this given to you by the Old Madam?” Qing Shuang said. This was the most precious of the gifts. Fourth Young Miss had wanted it at that time. Now, it was a waste to give it to her.

Ye Li waved her hand. “I can’t use it. If Fourth Younger Sister wants it, then she can have it.”

In regards to that kind of elegant and n.o.ble jewelry, Ye Li could only watch from afar. No doubt, if she were to actually wear it, her neck and head would hurt. In fact, Ye Ying would probably not wear it. Ye Ying had been trying to maintain a soft, almost other-worldly, image. She was just angry that the present was not for her but for Ye Li.

Ye Zhen carefully looked at Ye Li’s face. A cold, indifferent smile. She sighed and said softly: “Between us sisters, Third Younger SIster’s temperament is the best.”

“It is not that my temperament is especially good. Anyways, we do not have to fight from morning to night until the day we die. It is just within these past months. Fighting over these kinds of little things, there is no meaning.”

Ye Zhen lowered her head and smiled. “Third Younger sister is right.”


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