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Read Golden Fox With System 257 Chapter 257: Forming A Contract With The Female Red Dragon Part 2.

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Read WebNovel Golden Fox With System 257 Chapter 257: Forming A Contract With The Female Red Dragon Part 2.

{Edited By: Loki}

The dragon girl looked at everyone who had arrived cautiously, protecting her sweets. She looked at them fiercely, as if afraid that they would steal her candy.

“It’s all mine!” She growled showing her sharp white teeth, she then pointed to Theo: “He gave it to me; He’s not allowed to take it back!”

It was a little funny how she reacted to that, to tell the truth. Since Theo gave it all to her, naturally he didn’t intend to take it back. At least she implied that she liked what he left for her.

“How cute!” Yuki and the girls thought in unison.

“There’s no need to get agitated, no one will steal that from you,” Theo told her.

“Really?!” She was immediately happy and began eating again.

Theo didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at this Little Dragon Girl reaction. Instead of getting curious about who came along with him, Little Dragon Girl cared more about continuing eating, regardless of their presence, since Theo gave his word that he wouldn’t take her candy.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to put that gluttony together with Little Yui. Yui already ate a lot, now with this Little Dragon Girl, it would double the amount of food.”

Well, not that he cares about both of them eating a lot, in fact, eating that would help a little in their cultivation.

Little Yui looked at the dragon girl with the long red hair. She wanted to understand this dragon girl better since she was about to sign a blood contract with her.

“Theo, what do we do now, wait for her to finish eating?” Shina asked.

“Yes, in the meantime, you can meditate to increase your mental power. When she’s finished eating, Little Yui can form the dragon girl’s blood contract.” Theo suggests it.

“Right.” They agreed in unison.

Without wasting time, they all sat in a lotus position and began to meditate. The dragon girl who was eating while looking in their direction curiously, but still, she did not stop eating.

Theo searched and bought pills in the meantime. It was over twenty different kinds of pills he had bought. Naturally, he understood that the girls would not be able to use everything at once, but it was already good to have everything bought, ready to be used.

The pills consist of improving concentration; true mana concentrate, increasing the level of true mana energy they could absorb, strengthening pills of blood and lineage, etc…

“For now, I think that’s enough for now. He thought when he finished spending almost 50 million points on pills. They were the highest quality pills I had to buy from the system, so you can imagine why it was so expensive, and what kind of miraculous effect these pills would bring.

Theo looked through the system and realized there was another 91 million points left. It’s worth noting that he researched and now he knows that even if the girls come to have all the same attributes he intends to have, it doesn’t mean it’s good to focus on all of them.

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Unlike him who could increase the level of his affinities because of his ability: . The girls were different, they didn’t have that kind of technique and Theo didn’t find any either… at least it hasn’t appeared in the system yet, that can only mean it’s worth even more than 100 million points.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that having all the affinities is a disadvantage. Theo still intended to help them acquire affinity with all the elements. It goes that in one of these, they manage to awake a unique affinity like he did devouring the false celestial flames.

‘Thinking now… I still have many magical nuclei of affinities to try and acquire new affinities.’ Theo without thinking twice removed almost 300,000 magical nuclei of the earth element and put

everything in front of him.

Little Miss Dragon looked at it with amazement! She could feel strong energy coming from that pile of magic cores in front of Theo.

“Is that?” She pointed to the magical pile of curious earth core.

“That?” Theo replied, “They are the Magic Core of the earth.”

“Oh, what are you gonna use them for?” She asked again.

Theo replied quietly to the curious girl, “I will use it to increase my strength. Basically, I’ll use them for cultivating.”

“I understand…” She nodded. No more caring, she’s back to eating.

Seeing that the dragon girl’s curiosity was over, Theo began to use: in the magical nuclei of earth.


[Filled in 420,224 Lineage Cells]


Using in approximately 20,000 magical nuclei, although he has greatly increased his lineage cells filled, he has not yet achieved affinity with the earth.

“Hrm… it’s to be expected I think…” Separating another bunch of magic cores, he used: Devour> on them.

The dragon girl who was watching this whole scene, couldn’t help but be surprised again. She’s never seen anything like it before, although she doesn’t have many memories, she still kept her cultivating memories and some about her reading books and gaining general knowledge about cultivating and techniques, but she’s never seen a technique so strange before, that it can turn someone’s tail into a huge scary mouth and devour magical nuclei.

“How strange…” The red dragon girl murmured.

Without noticing the reaction of the dragon girl. Theo used: one more time.


[Filled 805.474 Lineage Cells]


“Grrr… still no getting even after using over 50,000 cores… Theo could only sigh in the face of such a situation. He had hoped anyway that it would be difficult to achieve a new affinity.

Not feeling discouraged, Theo continued to use: .


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