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Chapter 530: I Love My Baby More Than You Do

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Long Sijue fixed his gaze on her thin figure that seemed like it was about to disappear at any time, as his heart scrunched up in pain…

Su Qianxun had barely taken a few steps when she could not hold in anymore. She turned around, stared at him and said, “It was an accidental miscarriage… I had never wanted to abort it… I love my baby more than you do!”

She turned and ran off after telling him that. After she entered the elevator, she suddenly squatted down. In the end, she still could not bring herself to tell him the truth about the situation…

She really did not want him to feel regret and blame himself like she did…

If it was an accidental miscarriage, then it would all be her own fault and her own responsibility, and it would have nothing to do with him…

Long Sijue felt an acute suffocation in his chest after hearing what Su Qianxun had said. His brows instantly furrowed. The child was lost through an accidental miscarriage?

Why did all the information show that she had been the one who took the initiative to get an abortion at the hopsital, to abort his child?

Su Qianxun returned to her small bedroom and stared at the torn tie on the bed. There was a suffocating pain in her heart.

She grabbed her backpack and took out a needle and some thread from the bag. She then started to mend the tie that was cut into shreds.

Su Qianxun spent half the night mending and she only managed to mend half of the tie. She used a dark green thread to sew the tie together, and then used a white thread to embroider a lily of the valley on the tie.

She was really too tired, and so she carefully put the tie in the bag. She lay down and prepared to sleep for a while.

Su Qianxun was half conscious when she felt that she was once again pulled into a warm embrace. She felt the warmth behind her but she felt so upset that she wanted to cry. Maybe she was really craving for warmth, and that was why she kept having dreams like this.

The young woman leaned back subconsciously, and Long Sijue hugged her even tighter. Long Sijue’s gaze was filled with pain.

The next day, Su Qianxun was in Long Sijue’s embrace when she woke up. At first, she thought that she was dreaming, and it took awhile for her to come to the realization that this was not a dream…

Su Qianxun immediately wanted to push him away, but Long Sijue wrapped his arms tighter around her, and the two of them were once again inseparably close together.

“Let go of me!”

“You’re my woman. If I want to let you go, I will; but if I don’t want to let you go, I won’t,” Long Sijue said with determination.

“Right now, I’m a servant in the kitchen. I was not told that I need to sleep with the master of the house” Su Qianxun glared at him angrily.

“It is also up to me whether you need to sleep with me.”

Su Qianxun was just about to respond when Long Sijue suddenly kissed her pet.i.te mouth. The young woman’s eyes widened abruptly in response.

After five minutes, Long Sijue finally let her go. He did not say anything when he got up and left, leaving Su Qianxun to lie there with her hand pressed against her chest as she vigorously gasped for air.

When Su Qianxun went to the kitchen to help out once again, she discovered that the kitchen manager from yesterday was no longer there. She asked the other people in the kitchen about her tasks, but everyone did not dare to say anything.

Su Qianxun stood there with a confused expression on her face, and in the end, she had no choice but to look for the butler.

The butler no longer dared to order her to do any hard work, but on the other hand, the young master did not give him any instruction to restore her ident.i.ty. So, he gave her a duster, and told her to dust anywhere that she felt was unclean.

At noon, Su Qianxun was called to the dining hall. She saw that Xiao Mingyan was sitting in the main seat as she had lunch. After Su Qianxun entered, someone immediately pulled out a chair for her.

Su Qianxun was a little as she looked at the woman sitting in the main seat, and she had a bad hunch. She knew very well how much Xiao Mingyan hated her, so how was it possible for Xiao Mingyan to be so kind as to allow her to eat with her?

“Why didn’t you greet madam upon seeing her!?” The old female servant behind Xiao Mingyan said expressionlessly.

Su Qianxun was at a loss for words.

“h.e.l.lo, madam.”

“Sijue is not here, and I also feel bored eating alone. Sit down and eat with me.” Xiao Mingyan gestured for her to sit down.


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