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Read Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

Gu Nianshen suddenly felt reluctant about what he was about to do . In fact, he found it an almost unbearable thought .

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What was wrong with the mother of this child? She actually wanted to sell the kid off for one million dollars .

All of a sudden, he felt bad for the kid because he had a terrible mother .

Gu Nianshen turned to his side as he leaned his head against the seat while he stared at Xiaoyu .

He had a mysterious frown that n.o.body could decipher .

However, Gu Nianshen was not exactly a cruel person who lacked compa.s.sion . There was a possibility that he might send Xiaoyu to the police station . Therefore, Lin Yiqian had to get Bai Se to pick Xiaoyu up as soon as possible .

Besides, it was time for Xiaoyu to head home and rest . As he would need to stay in the country for several more days, he needed to adjust to the different time zone .

“The strawberry flavor is for Mommy and the blueberry flavor is for Daddy . ”

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Just as Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen were both deep in thought, the little fellow suddenly picked up one lollipop in each of his hands . While he gave the lollipop in a pink wrapper to Lin Yiqian, he gave the lollipop in a purple wrapper to Gu Nianshen .

There was a look of joy on his face .

He was such a naive and pure child .

Lin Yiqian could not possibly leave him at the police station under such circ.u.mstances .

“Nianshen…” Lin Yiqian held her breath .

Despite the darkness in the car, Lin Yiqian’s eyes glistened like the surface of a lake .

“Yeah?” Gu Nianshen asked, gently .

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This was the first time Lin Yiqian called him without his last name . It sounded much more affectionate to Gu Nianshen .

“Xiaoyu is still very small . What if n.o.body picks him up tonight? He would be very afraid at the police station,” Lin Yiqian said .

As she paused, she carefully looked at Gu Nianshen’s reaction .

“Mommy, are you sending me to the police station?” Xiaoyu began to sound fearful .

After looking at Lin Yiqian with tears in his eyes, he turned to look at Gu Nianshen .

“No . ” Lin Yiqian shook her head .

“Daddy said that if I call…” Xiaoyu began to speak in an upset tone as he ignored Lin Yiqian .

Gu Nianshen knew what he was going to say as he stared at Xiaoyu .

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“We’re just pa.s.sing by . We’re not sending you there . ” Gu Nianshen immediately interrupted .

As he spoke, he immediately started the engine and drove away .

A smile appeared on Xiaoyu’s face as he handed Gu Nianshen the lollipop . “Here’s a lollipop for you . ”

‘Darn you and your lollipop . You’re a blackmailing little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’ Gu Nianshen thought .

Was there a secret between the father and son which Lin Yiqian did not know about?

Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianshen with suspicion . Was there something Xiaoyu knew about Gu Nianshen that allowed him to manipulate his father?

She made a mental note to ask Lin Xiaoyu about it later .

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Seeing that the car had entered the courtyard, and was getting closer to the main entrance, Lin Yiqian became increasingly nervous .

She could finally bring Xiaoyu into this house .

Although she was doing so under such ridiculous guise, this was still something that she had never expected to do .

When the car stopped in front of the staircase, Gu Nianshen was the first to get out of the car as he started walking into the house without even turning his head around .

Lin Xiaoyu immediately opened his door and got out of the car .

After getting out, his jaw dropped at the sight of the large bungalow . “Is this where Daddy lives?” He turned around and asked Lin Yiqian .

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