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Chapter 248

That explained why Lin Yiqian was not in the mood to stay around and chat with Diqlo . After some polite banter, she excused herself .

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As the sun had already set, there was a golden hue hovering above the flowers in the garden . It was as if there was a layer of gold in the sky .

Despite the draw of beautiful mother nature, Lin Yiqian did not have time to appreciate it . She hurriedly got into her car .

After getting in, the door of the car automatically closed . Just as she was about to ask Bai Se to begin driving, he suddenly tossed a white letter into her hands .

“What is this?” She asked confusedly .

“It’s a letter of intent to sue,” Bai Se replied before turning the engine on .

‘A letter of intent to sue?’ Lin Yiqian felt much more confused and also became a little worried . “Who is it from?”

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After all, dealing with a lawsuit was terribly draining .

“Your husband has hired someone to send it over,” Bai Se replied quickly after glancing at Lin Yiqian .

Not only was he not nervous, but he also seemed to be in the mood to observe a show that would soon unfold before him .

Lin Yiqian immediately recalled the incident that had happened with Song Feifei .

This man was being serious .

As soon as she opened the letter, she could see that the letter demanded them to pay one billion dollars for the reputational damage they had inflicted upon Song Feifei and their household .

Did Gu Nianshen not know what kind of person his cousin was?

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He was actually willing to wipe the slate clean on Song Feifei’s behalf just to clear his own name .

Lin Yiqian had never met anyone who was this calculative .

She was certain that Gu Nianshen knew about Song Feifei bribing the judges . The only reason he still dared to send the letter of intent to sue was that he believed she would not make a big deal out of this . After all, she was a world-renowned celebrity . The fact that she pulled strings to negatively impact a small fry’s partic.i.p.ation in a singing compet.i.tion would show her in a bad light .

It would affect her reputation significantly .

Lin Yiqian wished she could murder him right then .

As Lin Yiqian gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly together, her gaze landed upon the sum of money demanded . After hesitating for a moment, she raised her head . “Do we have one billion dollars?”

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If money was what he wanted, she would give it to him .

Lin Yiqian knew that money was not of any concern to him . After all, even a rich person would not willingly give one billion away . What Gu Nianshen really wanted was to torture them through the grueling process of going through a lawsuit .

In that case, Lin Yiqian would surprise him by offering him one billion dollars .

“We’ve only just bought a house and an office, and even invested in Super Voice . Do you think we have one billion dollars left?” Bai Se frowned .

Even if they had enough money, Bai Se would not give it to her . She would have to deal with her husband on her own .

‘We don’t have enough money…’ Lin Yiqian began to frown as she pondered . Gradually, she leaned into the chair .

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“I know what to do . Don’t reply to him for now,” she said after a while .

As she rested her arm on the side of the car, a sly smile appeared on her face .

Bai Se looked at Lin Yiqian’s reflection through the mirror . “It looks like you have something figured out,” he said after seeing how confident Lin Yiqian appeared .

Lin Yiqian did not reply to him as she smiled to herself . After a moment, she retrieved her phone and tapped into Gu Nianshen’s WeChat .

She carefully curated her sentence and checked it again to make sure she left nothing out . “Gu Nianshen, when Xiaoyu was discharged yesterday, he kept saying that he missed you, which was why I have promised him that we would bring him out for dinner tonight . ”

Ding .

Althought it was already time to get off work, the high-ranking employees in Mega were all summoned to the meeting room for an important proposal, which urgently needed to be finalized .

Due to the differing opinions from the ‘Marketing’ and ‘Planning’ departments, an argument had arisen between the two . Hence, the meeting was not able to be concluded even after half an hour of heated discussion .

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