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Chapter 427: Shamelessly Taking Advantage Of Her

Not only did Gu Nianshen force Lin Yiqian to sit next to Xi Xia, he even got drunk and shamelessly took advantage of Lin Yiqian when he returned home.

How could he do that?

Was he not full from having a good meal with his lover? Why did he ask her to buy food for him?

She had even peeled the lobsters for him like an idiot.

Lin Yiqian did not leave with her blanket. Instead, Gu Nianshen had taken his pillow and went to sleep on the couch, making it look as if he was in a pitiful situation.

He was just being overdramatic.

Lin Yiqian continued to curse at Gu Nianshen in her mind until she eventually fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, Gu Nianshen was no longer on the couch. He had left his pajamas on the couch.

Clearly, he had already gone downstairs.

Lin Yiqian brushed her teeth before heading downstairs. When she walked into the dining room, she noticed that Gu Nianshen was not there either.

Aunt Zhou was preparing breakfast for them as usual. She placed plates of food on the table one at a time.

“Little Yi, Nianshen left without having breakfast,” Aunt Zhou said.

“That has nothing to do with me.” Lin Yiqian pouted.

“Did you two have a fight?” Aunt Zhou asked sternly.

At first, Lin Yiqian did not want to answer her. However, she remembered that Aunt Zhou was Song Changwen’s spy. “No.” Lin Yiqian hurriedly shook her head.

If Aunt Zhou told Song Changwen about this, Song Changwen might come over and interrogate her.

Lin Yiqian would try to not get on her mother-in-law’s bad side.

However, Lin Yiqian’s earlier sentence had already exposed her emotions. Aunt Zhou was smart enough not to believe what she said and instead was certain she and Gu Nianshen had fought.

“Nianshen has a bit of a temper sometimes. Just say some nice things to him and he’ll be fine.” Aunt Zhou advised with a smile.

Right then, Gu Nianjia appeared.

Lin Yiqian was thinking of ways to brush Aunt Zhou’s comment aside when Gu Nianjia suddenly spoke, “Aunt Zhou, please stop supporting patriarchy. When a married couple gets into a fight, shouldn’t the husband be the one who patches things up with his wife?”

It was clear that Gu Nianjia sided with Lin Yiqian on the matter.

Hearing this, Lin Yiqian immediately felt wary as she turned to look at Gu Nianjia.

Lin Yiqian was not used to her sister-in-law backing her up. Something fishy was definitely going on here.

Gu Nianjia was still wearing her pink pajamas. Her bronze-colored hair dangled loosely around her shoulders. She must have scratched her head when she woke up, causing her hair to look so messy.

She was probably down for breakfast and would return to bed to continue sleeping afterward.

Aunt Zhou could not think of anything to answer Gu Nianjia. Although what Gu Nianjia said made sense, Aunt Zhou thought it was impossible for the young master to admit that he was wrong and make up with his wife.

Instead of speaking, Aunt Zhou decided to head back into the kitchen to continue working.

Gu Nianjia walked to the seat across from Lin Yiqian and sat down. “Did you two really fight last night?” She asked curiously.

“Why don’t you ask your brother yourself?”

Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes before taking a sip of the milk before her and digging into the meal set out on the table.

She slowly and gently sliced through the sandwich with her knife before forking a spoonful of it into her mouth.

“I wouldn’t dare.” Gu Nianjia shook her head.

There was no way she could find the courage to ask her brother about such things.

Lin Yiqian frowned as she wondered if that meant Gu Nianjia was fine with asking her about the matter.

After half-heartedly counting, Lin Yiqian concluded that Gu Nianjia had glanced at her seven times over the period of her eating a single sandwich.

She must have missed a few glances from Gu Nianjia.


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