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Read Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 902 – Three Fragrance to the Ocean

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Chapter 902: Three Fragrance to the Ocean

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Ta Ta Ta”. The middle-aged woman walked up to Yuan Zhou when she turned her head and found how he picked out the beans.

“What are you doing, you brat.” The middle-aged woman shouted in a loud voice.

“I’m picking the beans,” Yuan Zhou looked up at her and then said.

“Have you ever seen anybody pick beans like you? You are simply coming to cause trouble!” The middle-aged woman pulled a plastic cloth at the side and covered the beans with it, not allowing him to pick the beans anymore.

Yuan Zhou’s first reaction was that this woman absolutely didn’t know he was the legendary chef, Boss Yuan. The second reaction was that he did seem to be causing trouble by doing so.

“Not really. I am prepared to buy up all the beans in the cabinet,” looking at the angry face of the middle-aged woman, Yuan Zhou suddenly became enlightened and said that to remedy the situation.

“All the beans?” The middle-aged woman looked at Yuan Zhou suspiciously and didn’t believe him at all.

There were at least 10-15 kilograms of the beans in the cabinet. Judging from how Yuan Zhou picked the beans just now, she could tell he wouldn’t buy a lot.

“I mean it. Get them weighed for me, please,” said Yuan Zhou earnestly.

“Okay. Let me weigh them first. After paying the money, you can pick in whichever way you like.” The middle-aged woman packaged the beans into several cloth bags swiftly.

“Please get this weighed, too. Don’t pour them out. Just weighed up all including the cloth bag,” Yuan Zhou put down the cloth bag in his hand and said.

“Alright. Young man, since you are so frank and generous, I’m going to round the price down,” immediately, the middle-aged woman’s expression changed and said happily.

After paying, Yuan Zhou carried the 10-15 kilograms of red bean and left for another store, where the soybeans looked better in appearance. Looking at the woman that was continuing to watch her shows, Yuan Zhou couldn’t help muttering in his heart, “Is it because of the system or because I became too prideful recently? Why do I adhere to different standards now?”

However renowned a chef was, he couldn’t cause trouble to others because of his own demands. Yuan Zhou reminded himself inwardly. Therefore, he decided to buy about 20-30kgs of soybeans, red beans, and peas and choose them carefully after he went back home.

After that, the remaining beans would be made into Red Bean Cake, Pea Flour Cake, and Soybean Sprouts. None of them could be wasted. Actually, he was prepared to feed Broth with these things.

The sad dog and defenseless dog, Broth, didn’t know its food had been fixed for the next three months.

After he bought all the beans required, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly returned to his restaurant.

Due to the regulations of the system, Yuan Zhou soaked the beans in the courtyard of the pub.

The three types of beans were soaked respectively in containers with a different quality of water in different temperatures. Of course, the beans soaked had all been picked by Yuan Zhou beforehand.

In the clear water, he could clearly see that the size of all the beans were almost identical with maximum variance not more than 1mm.

“When they are well soaked, I can try to cook it.” Yuan Zhou finally got everything ready and let out a sigh of relief.

“There’s still a little time. I can wash my face and rinse my mouth.” Yuan Zhou took out his phone and checked the time before returning upstairs.

As the time of soaking each bean had to be consistent, Yuan Zhou used different types of water and different temperatures in order to produce the desired effect after soaking.

After all, he needed to run the restaurant in the evening and thus couldn’t spare the time to attend to the soaked beans. So he had to do in this way.

Once dinnertime ended, Yuan Zhou immediately rushed to check his beans.

Then, he began to pick beans and soak them again because he couldn’t stir-fry the dish in the courtyard during the pub time in case he would bother the drinkers.

Only when they weren’t any beans of identical sizes left did Yuan Zhou give up.

He picked out enough beans to cook 37 servings of Three Fragrance to the Ocean, this time.

Therefore, that meant he needed to soak the beans 37 times and stir-fry the beans for 37 times, as the size of beans for each serving was different.

“It is really a difficult problem.” While muttering that, he still appeared quite relaxed.

After all the drinkers and Shen Min left, Yuan Zhou moved the separate kitchen counter prepared beforehand to the courtyard and began to stir-fry them at once.

For the whole night, he stir-fried 36 servings of the beans that were well soaked without sleeping and resting. He tried to feel the subtle difference of the heat control from every serving of beans and adjust the difference in taste.

When dawn approached, Yuan Zhou finally turned off the stove.

“It’s actually getting light?” Yuan Zhou moved his vaguely aching neck and suddenly noticed the dark blue sky was getting pale. Then, he couldn’t help saying that.

“Luckily, I finished adjusting the taste.” Yuan Zhou felt very lucky while looking at the Tri-Color Beans laid out on the table.

“Let me sort out everything, take a shower, and then go exercise.” Yuan Zhou began to package the beans. He put all of them all into two cardboard boxes and then went upstairs to wash up.

For the 35 servings of Three Fragrance to the Ocean, Yuan Zhou tasted each of them a little bit, but didn’t finish them all. After all, he probably couldn’t run the restaurant today if he stayed up late and further stuffed himself.

Having taken a shower and changed into his sportswear, Yuan Zhou put the box in the fridge and went out from the back door.

“Morning, Broth.” Yuan Zhou found Broth lying down on the ground at the door as soon as he opened the back door. Then, he greeted it straightforwardly.

“Woof woof.” Broth raised its head and barked at Yuan Zhou before it walked back to its nest and lay inside.

“I don’t have any food to feed you. Speaking of which, you are way too pampered. Why can the Chinese wild dogs eat anything?” Yuan Zhou showed his empty hands and felt distressed when he thought of the big pile of beans in the backyard.

He felt distressed about Broth being unable to help to eat beans, therefore he became slightly upset. After all, he bought dozens of kilograms of beans.

That’s right. Yuan Zhou had intended to feed Broth with cooked beans. But after he looked up information on the Internet, he found dogs cannot eat beans, especially those with flavor. So Broth, which didn’t know anything about that, escaped from a disaster which was about to be caused by this unreliable owner.

Since Broth couldn’t eat them and Yuan Zhou never wasted things, he could not do anything but eat them slowly himself.

Though he didn’t sleep all night long, Yuan Zhou still prepared breakfast and lunch with full spirit. Of course, he instructed Zhou Jia to attend to the restaurant and then went out again after the lunchtime ended.

This time, he brought with him a food box, which he had specially bought. And now, it came in handy.

As usual, he walked to the street corner to take a cab and went to the entrance of the Jinfa Wholesale Market straightforwardly.

Somehow, a little accident happened to him. Yuan Zhou didn’t know which entrance he had gone through last time. As a result, the cab driver stopped at an entrance randomly.

Yuan Zhou didn’t find his way to Carpenter Lian’s store until he looked for it for half an hour in the large market. Then, he went to the store on foot.

Luckily, Carpenter Lian’s store was quite conspicuous.

The time was early so far. It’s only 2 p.m. and there weren’t many people. Carpenter Lian didn’t scold anyone this time. Instead, he was seated in the chair and was reading a book with on his face.

“Excuse me, Carpenter Lian.” Yuan Zhou walked into the room and greeted him.

“There you are. Have you figured the dish out?” Carpenter Lian took off his and asked in surprise while looking at Yuan Zhou.

“Yeah, today is the third day. Of course I should come,” said Yuan Zhou.

“No. The day when we negotiated this matter didn’t count. Today is the second day.” Carpenter Lian corrected.

“It should count. Do you have a kitchen here?” Yuan Zhou asked straightforwardly.

“Yeah, but are you sure that you can cook it?” Carpenter Lian still didn’t believe that Yuan Zhou could cook this dish.

After all, even Zhou s.h.i.+jie failed to cook it out though he had studied the dish for a very long time. How could this person cook it after only two days? Unless he had mastered it previously, but that was impossible. This dish had been lost in history for many many years.

“Of course. Just for your cabinet,” Yuan Zhou said primly.

“That’s true.” Carpenter Lian believed in that. After all, the ordinary people were unlikely to get his cabinet so easily.

However, talk was cheap. No matter how much one spoke, one must convince others with genuine talent.



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