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Dragon Vortex Fire, Sword-Testing Rock!

1/2 chapter!

With a hundred incarnations, Jiang Chen’s comprehension speed was a hundredfold the speed of ordinary people, but the fatigue he suffered would also be a hundred times over as well.

In the world of cultivation, every level consisted of nine miniature realms.

It would take years for an ordinary expert to advance one realm, but because of the hundred incarnations that Ning Fan had, his time was tremendously shortened.

In just a month, the Black Demon Art has already reached the first level, then it continued to break through the second level.

At the present moment, the fire elemental Black Demon Art was finally on par with the ice elemental Snow Treading Art, conforming to the principle of Yin Yang in unison. It was just that Ning Fan didn’t seem relaxed yet because he wanted to push both of these cultivation laws to the peak of the second level, which was the ninth miniature realm!

When the cultivation law reached the second level, every increase of one small realm would increase the magical power by 10 percent. c.u.mulatively, a Harmonious Spirit expert who had advanced the cultivation law to the peak could cast out a magical spell that was twice as stronger as his peers.

In order to practice the cultivation laws, he spent a taxing amount of effort. He took out the Black Demon Flame and the White Bone Flame to study and improve his understanding about the fire elemental magic. Likewise, he also took out the Bone Prison Qi for his clones to further comprehend the ice elemental magic.

It wasn’t easy to obtain the Heavenly Frosty Cold Qi and Earth Vein Demonic Flame, but Ning Fan already had three of them.

As the second month pa.s.sed, his cultivation laws had broken through to the sixth realm of the second level and in the third month, he had officially reached the peak of the second level.

He had been in seclusion for three months now. His magical power didn’t seem to improve, but his Qi was getting so dense that it could suffocate anyone who was in here.

He summoned back all of his incarnations and spurted out a black fire dragon with his finger.

This was the Black Demon Flame. It was one of the nine dragon fire. When he was still a beginner, this flame was sufficient enough to hurt the early Harmonious Spirit Yu Chi.

With his peak Harmonious Spirit magical strength and peak second level cultivation law, one finger of dragon fire was enough to kill a peak Harmonious Spirit expert without casting any magical spells.

After a blink of any eye, he turned his palm and stuck out his finger again, casting out the first fire elemental magical spell of the Black Demon Art.

“Dragon Vortex!”

The black flames suddenly spread across the rocky seclusion cave, like a black tide towards a huge boulder 30 meters in size.

That rock was a Sword-Testing Rock. It was placed in the cave for cultivators to test their magical attack on. Despite it having no other use, it had one advantage, it was incomparably hard, however, it couldn’t be used to craft magical treasure due to the lack of flexibility and ductility.

However, this was still a precious and rare rock. Lan Mei only obtained this by begging his father for it.

After the giant rock was wrapped by the flames, there wasn’t a speck left on the surface, like it was still as good as new. This only showed how hard it actually was.

In the aspect of defensive capability alone, this rock was even greater than a peak Harmonious Spirit expert.

However, Ning Fan changed the way he casted the spell, immediately turning the black flames into a whirlpool of fire, surrounding the huge rock in a fierce speed.

There was a vague dragon roar that echoed from the centre of the whirlpool, and immediately, the power of the flame was doubled.

It was the First Revolution of the Dragon Votex.

Once the Dragon Vortex reached the First Revolution, it could incinerate even a False Core expert. Even though the huge rock only uttered a sizzling sound, it was melting down at an undetectable rate.

“The Second Revolution!”

With extra effort and exertion, Ning Fan managed to make another advancement.

After the second revolution, the burning whirlpool got even more intense. The power of the fire doubled once more, which could already injure an early Gold Core expert badly.

Under the attack of this fire, small debris began to flake off from the surface of the Sword-Testing Rock. Although it wasn’t a lot, it still indicated that the magical art had successfully damaged the rock.

Subsequently, he kept the Dragon Vortex and slightly exhaled. His eyes were blazing with fire.

The Dragon Vortex consisted of nine revolutions. Every revolution could increase the magical power by a fold. In the second revolution, it could already wound an early Gold Core realm and in the third revolution, it would be able to injure Bai Feiteng. If he was able to condense a fire dragon in the second revolution, he could even wound a late Gold Core expert.

“If this skill reaches the third revolution and condenses another fire dragon, I won’t have to deal with them using my trump cards anymore. There’s also no need to sacrifice my condition before attacking my enemy.”

Ning Fan smiled lightly, but suddenly, his expression turned grim as if he had thought of something. He lifted his finger, circulated the ice magical power and pointed at the huge rock.

To be continued…


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