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Chapter 552 – 552: Heaven Controlling City, The First Stage!


After it was. .h.i.t by Ning Fan’s finger, the snow-white beast shadow let out a miserable shrill and stopped charging at Ning Fan. It tried to escape by turning around and transforming into a ray of snow white light.

Without a doubt, it was impossible for Ning Fan to let it flee. He pointed out a finger and used the Heaven Sealing Technique to restrict the beast shadow’s movement.

Then, with a flick of his sleeve, he pulled it into his hand and studied it carefully. It was the shadow of a white tiger that was only the size of a palm.

The white tiger shadow was not a living creature. Instead, it was something that the ferocious baleful qi within the spiritual equipment transformed into.

After it was caught by Ning Fan, that little white tiger was still baring its fangs while swinging its claws with a fearsome look on its face.

Ning Fan applied some magic power from the center of his palm to destroy the shadow of that white tiger. Then, a brilliant light flashed. An ancient dark silver vambrace appeared in his hand.

The length of that armor could envelope the front part of Ning Fan’s arm just right. It felt cold and it seemed to contain a sharp killing qi.

There were the carvings of mountains and seas and patterns of mythical beasts on the armor. It was a well-made craft.

It had extreme toughness. The materials that were used to forge this armor were undoubtedly uncommon…

The armor not only had amazing defensive power. What impressed Ning Fan was the killing qi that it contained.

If he refines this vambrace, the power of his fists would probably experience an unthinkable improvement.

“My master said that this spiritual equipment is forged by a spiritual equipment master from the Heaven Immortal World. Its raw material is an ominous tooth that an immortal white tiger shed. White tigers are bloodthirsty creatures. Immortal white tigers, on the other hand, are even more vicious creatures that kill countless, acc.u.mulating thick and heavy baleful qi… Even my master also can’t suppress the baleful qi of this spiritual equipment. However, I had a hunch that you should be able to suppress it… Because you’re so competent…” Yu Chong Er said with reddened cheeks.

“You really think highly of me… A vambrace that is made out of a white tiger’s tooth, huh… Thank you for giving me this gift. I like it a lot.”

Ning Fan put his finger at the vambrace, commanding it to turn into a ray of white light and fly back to the brocade box. Then, he kept the box in his storage pouch.

“It’s good that you like it… I’ll take my leave first. My master is going to scold me again as he couldn’t find me for the past one month…”

Riding on her five-marked cloud, Yu Chong Er stuck out her tongue at Ning Fan and left reluctantly.

Logically, she had already finished repaying Ning Fan all the favor she owed him by giving him the Heaven Deceiving Cloak, Insect Sovereign’s Blood and the White Tiger Vambrace…

However, why would she still feel slightly unwilling to leave Ning Fan, as if the fibers are still clinging together even after the lotus root has broken.

“d.a.m.n it… Yu Chong Er, you must be sick. That’s why you aren’t willing to leave the Scarlet Heaven Palace…” Yu Chong Er muttered to herself.

“Miss Yu, please stay for a moment.” Ning Fan suddenly called.

“I-Is there anything else…?” Yu Chong Er turned over shyly.

“These body refinement pills are pills of the devil race. They can raise the cultivation level of a Jade Life Body Refinement Realm cultivator. I concocted them in the past and the Rain Palace does not have any of it. If you don’t mind, please take these pills. I suppose they will be greatly beneficial to you in breaking through to the Second Level of the Jade Life Body Refinement Realm.”

Ning Fan smiled gently and took out an exquisite storage pouch. With a flick of his finger, he sent a pouch to Yu Chong Er.

Since she had given him a gift, he naturally needed to give her something in return. Even though these pills were not as precious as the Profound Divinity Grade spiritual equipment, they showed his appreciation to her.

“T-This…” As Yu Chong Er caught Ning Fan’s storage pouch, her face had already become as red as a tomato.

She never expected that Ning Fan would give her something in return and was not mentally prepared for this at all. Thus, she did not know how she should reply to Ning Fan.

Her heart was fluttering wildly. She kept the pouch and went away hurriedly like a hare.

This time, she was very certain that she really was sick…

She actually did not dare to speak a word to Ning Fan. It was too embarra.s.sing…

Right after Yu Chong Er had left, Ning Fan received a golden message-transmitting flying sword. It was a message that the Rain Sovereign had personally sent to him.

“Ten days later, head to the Temple of Rain.”

The Temple of Rain was the main palace of the Rain Palace. It was located at the tenth realm of the Heavenly Cloud Country and the Rain Sovereign guarded it in person.

After hesitating for a while, he returned to the inner part of the cloud mountain for seclusion again.

Ten days later, he would be going to the Temple of Rain to see the Rain Sovereign.

Before that, he planned to refine the White Tiger Vambrace.

That piece of armor had immense baleful qi. Even some common Void Fragmentation Realm experts would not be able to restrain the baleful qi and refine the spiritual equipment.

With Ning Fan’s baleful qi and the aura force from his Fu Li Ancestral Blood, however, it was an easy task for him to subdue this spiritual equipment.

In terms of the effect of this spiritual equipment, its defense power was in fact secondary. Its main effect was improving the power of one’s body techniques.

In just three days, Ning Fan successfully refined the spiritual equipment into his right arm. For the remaining days, he sat below the rain stele to comprehend the rain intent.

On the seventh day, another message-transmitting flying sword flew into the Scarlet Heaven Realm from the Profound Heaven realm. It was a message from Yun Bushu.

There was only a sentence in that message.

“Hide your sovereign qi properly. Beware of Revered Sage.”

After receiving Yun Bushu’s reminder, Ning Fan’s expression turned grim and started to suspect that it was an exploratory message from Yun Bushu.

However, he shook his head after that and denied that idea as he thought that Yun Bushu might have really noticed that he possessed the sovereign qi.

He still recalled that after he condensed his sovereign qi, he was once tracked by a gigantic eye in the Profound Yin World.

Revered Sage was the Rain Sovereign’s trusted subordinate and that large eye was his heavenly eye.

When Ning Fan condensed his sovereign qi in that year, the phenomenon that signified that birth of a sovereign being had shaken the entire Rain World. Countless people were searching for the second sovereign being in the Rain World… Even the Rain Sovereign was frantically looking for those who shared a resemblance with that person’s back view and murdered every last one of them. He rather killed the wrong person than let his target run loose.

What made the Rain Sovereign fear Ning Fan today was just his innate talent in cultivation. To the mysterious person who condensed the sovereign qi, however, the Rain Sovereign had the absolute determination to wipe out his existence.

No one knew that Ning Fan was that person, including Revered Sage.

Ning Fan had been hiding his sovereign qi very deeply. Even though he had met several Void Fragmentation Realm experts such as Chu Chang An, Yun Tianjue, Yun Jinghong and Yun Daoku, none of them could notice that Ning Fan possessed the sovereign qi.

Yun Bushu was the only one who managed to see the sovereign qi in him and reminded him to hide it…

This Yun Bushu really has something on the ball.

“If Yun Bushu truly noticed that I possess the sovereign qi, the Rain Sovereign must also be able to notice it… I’ll be seeing the Rain Sovereign in another three days. I should completely conceal it just in case…”

Ning Fan stored his sovereign qi into his Yin Yang Locket. The locket was an immortal emperor’s treasure that could s.h.i.+eld everything inside from other’s discovery. No matter how capable the Rain Sovereign is, it would be impossible for him to find out the sovereign qi.

He did not reply to Yun Bushu’s message. If he gives a response, he would be admitting the fact that he possessed the sovereign qi.

Deep inside, he believed that Yun Bushu had been through thick and thin with his father and he was someone trustworthy.

Inside his bones, however, he still kept some distances from him…

After all, completely trusting a person was not something that can be achieved overnight.

On the tenth day, a group of revered elders from the Temple of Rain came to lead Ning Fan to see the Rain Sovereign.

All of the revered elders emanated Divine Transformation Realm qi. However, their expressions looked sluggish and lifeless. When he studied them carefully, he found that each and every one of them was actually a puppet that was made out of a devil cultivator.

Ning Fan followed these puppets to the tenth ream of the Heavenly Cloud Country. Along the way, he was deep in thought.

The Rain Sovereign deliberately sent these puppets which were originally devil cultivators to receive Ning Fan. Was he trying to show Ning Fan his authority…?

Was the Rain Sovereign trying to tell him that if he goes against the Rain Palace, he would end up being turned into a puppet…?

“If one doesn’t let me down, I won’t let them down… This display of power is useless to me.”

The tenth realm of the Heavenly Cloud Country – Heaven Controlling Realm!

The Heavenly Controlling Realm was located at the center of the Heavenly Cloud Country with the other nine realms surrounding it in a circle.

Along the way, endless rays of travelling light were das.h.i.+ng toward the tenth realm. All of them were trying to watch the scene of bustle.

When Ning Fan was in his seclusion in the past half a year, the news of him defeating the eight palace lords and becoming the strongest lord of the nine palaces spread throughout the entire Rain World.

Ning Fan had now truly become a mighty figure in the Rai World. Among the cultivators below the Void Fragmentation Realm, there was barely anyone who dared to approach him and make him their enemy.

Even those Absolute Void Stage experts who had achieved the yuan magic power might also need to show some respect to him.

There were a few hundred cultivation cities at the center of the Heaven Controlling Realm. The one that was located at the middlemost was called Heaven Controlling City.

Heaven Controlling City was built on ninety thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) above the sea of clouds. One million li* (500m per li) around the place was guarded by the divine messengers of the Rain Palace.

Upon reaching this place, those Divine Transformation Realm puppets that guided him here had accomplished their mission and they all retreated in silence.

Ning Fan left them behind and flew ninety thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) above the sky by himself and descended outside the Heaven Controlling City.

The moment he arrived, a group of cultivators with sharp and fearsome aura force immediately stood before him, blocking his path. They were the guards of the city.

Even though the group only consisted of nine individuals, eight of them were at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm while the leader of the group was a Void Glimpse Stage cultivator!

As soon as they saw Ning Fan’s appearance, they instantly changed their behavior and said with a respectful tone.

“The Rain Sovereign has informed us that if the White-Robed Marquis arrives, he can enter the Heaven Controlling City to see the Rain Sovereign.”

“I understand.”

Ning Fan walked into the city all by himself. It was a huge city that had the shape of a turtle. There were not too many cultivators garrisoned within the city. Each of the guards that patrolled occasionally were at the Divine Transformation Realm.

After entering the city, Ning Fan could vaguely feel a ma.s.sive demon qi from the cloud floor that he was stepping on.

There was the soul of a demon turtle which was at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm residing in the entire Heaven Controlling City!

The demon turtle probably existed here as a guard for the Heaven Controlling City…

The Rain Sovereign really invested a lot in this place to actually get a Void Fragmentation Realm demon turtle to guard the city…

There was a gigantic door at the central region of the Heaven Controlling City that was carved with three words – Heaven Controlling Gate.

The guardian of the gate was an old man in brocade garments who possessed a cultivation base at the Absolute Void Stage. He sat on the cloud tree located beside the gate with his eyes closed. His expression looked extremely proud and arrogant.

Just as he sensed Ning Fan’s arrival, he immediately stood up and said with a forced smile.

“I am Han Songzi, the lord of the Temple of Rain. Greetings to the White-Robed Marquis. Please wait for a moment. I’ll now open the Heaven Controlling Gate… The Rain Sovereign and the Great Four Void Fragmentation Realm experts have already been waiting for you for quite some time.”

“Do I still need to get through this huge gate in order to enter the Temple of Rain…?”

Ning Fan scanned the huge gate with his eyes. After taking a quick look at it, he noticed that it was an entrance to a small chiliocosm.

The defense of the ten realms in the Heavenly Cloud Country were impenetrable. The Heaven Controlling City was so heavily guarded. Even so, the Rain Sovereign still hid the Temple of Rain within a small chiliocosm. It was evident to show the cautious and oversensitive personality of the Rain Sovereign.

Upon hearing Ning Fan’s question, Han Songzi just gave him a smile without giving him an answer. As he activated a golden token, the huge gate rumbled and opened.

It was a vast and boundless world of void on the other side of the gate.

A large majestic palace that shone in dazzling golden light was floating in the void s.p.a.ce. It was none other than the Temple of Rain!

“White-Robed Marquis, please follow me.”

Han Songzi took the lead and went inside the huge gate.

After hesitating for a while, Ning Fan’s eyes glistened with determination and he also crossed the gate. Right after that, the huge gate closed.

With a pensive look, Ning Fan stared at the crack of the door that was gradually vanis.h.i.+ng in the void s.p.a.ce and secretly marked down its location.

If something goes wrong, he should be able to tear the door crack in the void s.p.a.ce apart using his Wind Mist Finger and leave with ease.

Along the way, he had been thinking about every possible scenario that might happen when he meets the Rain Sovereign.

Even though he was certain that he was still useful to the Rain Sovereign and would not be in danger, nothing in the world was absolute and staying cautious would never go wrong.

If he really faces danger, he could still hide inside the Yuan Yao World and n.o.body would be able to capture him.

The void s.p.a.ce in front of him was filled with a repelling force that made it difficult for cultivators to move across the s.p.a.ce.

Han Songzi chuckled and took out the golden token. As he waved it in his hand, a golden bridge suddenly appeared in the void s.p.a.ce which directly led to the main entrance of the Temple of Rain.

When they set foot on the golden bridge, there was no longer any resistance force that prevented them from advancing.

Without saying a single word, Ning Fan followed Han Songzi to cross the golden bridge and entered the temple.

Inside the main hall of the temple, an old man in silver dragon robes was sitting on the throne with a cold expression.

Below him, there were the Great Four Void Fragmentation Realm experts, a few princes, the lord and vice lord of the eight strongest palaces and the masters of all the prestigious and righteous sects in the Central State!

Those who did not have a significant ident.i.ty would not have the chance to come to the Temple of Rain at all!

The moment Ning Fan entered the temple, countless traces of spirit sense immediately s.h.i.+fted toward him, probing him from top to bottom. They wanted to see how capable the White-Robed Marquis whose name shook the entire Rain World was.

Ning Fan smiled gently. He did not stop them nor reveal his aura force.

Other than discovering his cultivation base at the Void Inquiry Stage, everyone in the hall could not sense anything else. Each of them then showed a look of surprise.

“The White-Robed Marquis’ qi is very well-reserved! He actually can conceal it from our senses!”

Ning Fan’s eyes scanned across the masters of the prestigious sects in the Central State. When he noticed that there was not an Absolute Void Stage expert among them, he no longer paid attention to them.

Then, he indifferently s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the lords of the eight palaces. The way the eight of them looked at Ning Fan was mostly filled with respect and awe.

Ning Fan then averted his eyes and turned to look at the few Void Fragmentation Realm princes.

Yun Tianjue was absent among them.

As the seventh prince, Yun Jinghong, looked at Ning Fan, his eyes contained a hint of fear that came straight from the depth of his heart.

The sixth prince, Yun Youmu, on the other hand, was still keeping his eyes narrowed in slits while wearing an inscrutable smile.

When the fifth prince, Yun Zhongyan, saw Ning Fan arrive, he just let out a faint snort.

The second prince, Yun Xiaoxiang, however, frowned slightly and his eyes were as deep as the ocean. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Only the third prince, Yun Bushu, grinned at him and gave him a meaningful look. When he saw there was no longer a hint of sovereign qi in Ning Fan when he came, he felt less worried.

Secretly, he pa.s.sed a message to Ning Fan via telepathy.

“Be careful of Revered Sage.”

“Thank you.”

Ning Fan replied to Yun Bushu and moved his eyes to the Great Four Void Fragmentation Realm experts.

Among the four of them the way Yun Daoku looked at him was filled with worries and fear.

The lord of the Dragon Determining Valley, Chu Chang An, had his brows tightly drawn together. His face was filled with doubts as he stared at Ning Fan. No one knew what he was pondering in his mind.

The Pill Sovereign who had returned from his travel was also here. He released a little of his medicine soul upon Ning Fan’s arrival. When he sensed his Mid Sixth Revolution medicine soul, he put on a satisfied smile.

The last person was Yu Chong Er’s master, the master of the Thousand Fantasies Sect –Yun Qingge.

This woman’s magic power was at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm. At the same time, she also possessed the First Heavenly Layer of the Nirvana Body Refinement Realm.

She wore a large cloak that tightly enveloped her body. The cloak was green and it had the pattern of cloud and mist.

After just taking a single glance at the cloak, Ning Fan was extremely sure that the cloak was a Profound Divinity Grade spiritual equipment that was similar to the Heaven Deceiving Cloak.

With the cloak enveloping her body, it was impossible for one to see what Yun Qingge’s attire was.

Her hair was tied backward and fastened with a green jade hairpin. She was gorgeous and her presence was as light and ethereal as cloud and mist.

However, her eyes when she looked at Ning Fan contained an unusual hostility.

“Have I messed with this woman before…?” Ning Fan pondered inwardly.

However, even though he had reviewed all his past memories, he also did not remember anything that involved Yun Qingge.

The enmity she had for him seemed to be rather odd and baffling.

Ning Fan’s eyes eventually fell upon the Rain Sovereign.

The Rain Sovereign wore a set of silver dragon robes that were embroidered with the pattern of clouds. His white hair was bound up on the top of his head and decorated with a crown that made him look rather majestic.

Before Ning Fan’s arrival, the Rain Sovereign’s face was as cold as ice. Now, however, his face was adorned with a smile and filled with gentleness as he looked at Ning Fan.

The way he looked at him was as benevolent as when he was looking at his own descendent.

A grim-looking old man in black robes was standing behind the Rain Sovereign.

His cultivation base was just at the Divine Transformation Realm. However, his presence exuded a strong power of heavenly secret. Obviously, he was extremely proficient in the Dao of Divination.

His left eye was gloomy and vicious like that of a serpent. His right eye, however, was blind and the eye socket was only left with a scary hollow.

He was none other than the person who once used the Heavenly Eye Technique to track Ning Fan down – Revered Sage…

“Hehe. So you are Ning Fan, huh? Excellent. Truly excellent. Despite being just at the age of 900 years old, you’ve already attained this level. In the future, you’ll certainly be able to break through to the Void Fragmentation Realm and become a pillar of my Rain Palace!”

The Rain Sovereign’s smile looked so sincere that there was nothing one could pick at.

Even so, Ning Fan remained unmoved. Following Han Songzi’s actions, he cupped his fists and politely said, “Scarlet Heaven Palace Lord, Ning Fan, greets the Rain Sovereign!”

“Hehe. There’s no need for such formalities. To cultivators like us, these acts of courtesy are meaningless…”

The Rain Sovereign suddenly changed the topic and asked.

“According to what I know, you’re born in a low-grade cultivation country called Yue Country. May I know who your master is?”

“Black Devil!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn and indifferently uttered two words.

All of a sudden, only the sounds of surprise gasps could be heard within the entire hall.

“I originally didn’t believe Revered Snow’s report… It turns out that this kid really is that person’s disciple!!!”

“Even though that person was grievously injured and came to the Lower Realm to live in seclusion, he is still the lord of the Black Devil no matter what. In the Upper Realm, he is also one of the powerful figures… If the White-Robed Marquis really is that man’s disciple, who would be daring enough to mess with him…?”

“Black Devil… Black Devil… *Sigh*… It’s beyond our power to mess with him…”

Ning Fan observed the expressions on everyone’s faces within the hall and let out a gentle sigh.

It was very difficult to hide the fact that he was Old Devil’s disciple. Many cultivators in Yue Country knew about it. However, only a handful of people knew about Old Devil’s background.

To the Rain Sovereign, finding out Ning Fan’s ident.i.ty and background was not a difficult task.

Thus, it would be pointless for Ning Fan to lie. Besides, he also did not have any reason to lie.

Be it to the cultivators in the Central State or the Rain Sovereign, this ident.i.ty had an extremely great intimidating effect…

No matter how much the Rain Sovereign hated Ning Fan, he would certainly fear for him after knowing his ident.i.ty.

Even when the Rain Sovereign plans to get rid of Ning Fan in the future, he also certainly would not dare to let anyone know it. Thus, he would most probably him in the dark…

The Rain Sovereign clenched his fists tightly. His heart was extremely restless.

During the ten years when Ning Fan went into seclusion to achieve the breakthrough to the Void Inquiry Stage, the Rain Sovereign had already sent someone to Yue Country to dig up information about Ning Fan’s background.

The result of their discovery made the Rain Sovereign dare not to disregard it.

Ning Fan was Old Devil Han’s disciple. Moreover, he was a disciple that Old Devil Han regarded like his own son!

With this ident.i.ty, even the Rain Sovereign also would not dare to take Ning Fan lightly…

After the Rain Sovereign had ended his seclusion, Yun Xiaoxiang reported to him about the incident of Ning Fan defeating the lords of the eight palaces. The Rain Sovereign just nodded his head with a cold expression to express his acknowledgement of the incident.

Even though he was not a magnanimous man, he was still a person who knew how to differentiate what was best for him.

Even though Old Devil was severely injured, he was not someone the Rain Sovereign could mess with even if his ident.i.ty as the lord of the Black Devil was just nominal.

“Unless I have proof that this kid will be the person who prevents me from becoming an immortal, I can’t take action against him rashly…”

This was the Rain Sovereign’s thought at this moment!

Now, it all depends on Revered Sage’s investigation… If Revered Sage discovers the slightest trace of sovereign qi in Ning Fan’s body…

The Rain Sovereign’s expression turned frosty. In that case, no matter how great or powerful Ning Fan’s background was, he would also get rid of him secretly!

No one could stop him from becoming an immortal!

The Rain Sovereign waved his hands to stop the commotion in the hall. Then, he said to Ning Fan with a courteous smile.

“I was just asking casually and I harbor no other intention. Your master has a unique ident.i.ty. Our earlier conversation will become a confidential information of our Rain Palace. Rest a.s.sured White-Robed Marquis, it won’t be leaked.”

“The reason why I summoned you today is naturally because I want to request your help on something. I plan to put your Indestructible Fire Body to use. However, before that, I want you to pa.s.s four tests. This is the tradition of my Rain Palace. The Great Four Void Fragmentation Realm experts will host the test for you personally. Are you ready for them?”

After determining Ning Fan’s master, the Rain Sovereign began to address him using his honorific t.i.tle. Clearly, he dreaded Old Devil a lot.

“Mm. I’m ready.” Ning Fan replied indifferently. He had no worries about the Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow Tests.

When he had declared his ident.i.ty, the enmity that the Rain Sovereign had for him had significantly reduced.

The tests were just a dispensable formal procedure.

However, the Rain Sovereign seemed to attach great importance to the tests this time. Could it be that there is another objective behind the four tests?

Ning Fan’s eyes drifted to Revered Sage behind the Rain Sovereign. Chills filled his heart when he noticed the latter secretly holding a square compa.s.s underneath his sleeves.

Ning Fan had already learned about the tests beforehand. The Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow Tests would be held in four different heavenly dwelling s.p.a.ces. People in the outside world would not know the exact process of the tests.

As for the compa.s.s in Revered Sage’s hands, it was labelled with four words – Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow. It seemed like that compa.s.s could monitor the entire process of the tests…

When Ning Fan thought of the several reminders which Yun Bushu gave him, he suddenly understood something.

The Rain Sovereign’s true intention was not to let Ning Fan go through the test but allow Revered Sage to find out whether there was sovereign qi in his body!

There must be a lot of danger in those four tests to force him to use all his means, including his sovereign qi…

Unfortunately, I’ve already concealed my sovereign qi. Your effort is bound to be fruitless!”

Ning Fan took a step forward. Meanwhile, Chu Chang An also moved one step forward.

“The first test is the Heaven Stage and I will host it personally!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chu Chang An’s Void Fragmentation Realm aura force spread across the hall. When he lifted his finger and pointed at the area in front of him, the s.p.a.ce before him dispersed, revealing a portal.

“The Instant Creation of Heavenly Dwelling s.p.a.ce!” The eyes of countless Void Refinement Realm experts in the hall were filled with pa.s.sion. It was a rare opportunity for them to personally witness a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster displaying this technique.

“White-Robed Marquis, please follow me to enter this Heavenly Dwelling s.p.a.ce and take your first test!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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