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Great Doctor Ling Ran is a web novel completed by Village Of Ambitious Birds.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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After it was serviced, the Volkswagen Jetta looked clean and felt smooth to the touch. It was just like new.

He sat in the driver’s seat. The interior did not feel as if it possessed much texture, the seat had to be manually adjusted, the backrest was made of fabric, the gears had to be manually adjusted, the s.p.a.ce was relatively small for Ling Ran’s height, the model was relatively old for Ling Ran’s age, and the style was relatively old-fas.h.i.+oned for Ling Ran looks… Despite all that, it could still move.

Ling Ran checked his surroundings attentively and carefully drove the car out of the back alley.

After he closed the shed’s shutter gate, he greeted Sister Juan Zi, who was chewing on a pork knuckle. Ling Ran then drove happily on the road.

He obtained his driver’s license when he was still in school. After he got his driver’s license, there were several female students, female cla.s.smates of those female students, or female cla.s.smates of his female friends who would lend him their car so that he could drive. He may not have had a lot of driving experience, but Ling Ran was still able to cope with the city’s traffic.

The Volkswagen Jetta had been washed to the point that it had a s.h.i.+ny, black sheen. As he wound down the car’s window, he felt the slightly hazy breeze. He looked at the bustling city and suddenly had an idea. ‘If I had a personal ambulance with its own operating theater, I could drive it through one city after another. I can travel while I perform surgery. That sounds like a pretty good idea.’

Perhaps, he could even find a partner for it.

Ling Ran thought that Boss Shao seemed like a good candidate. When Boss Shao drove, he could meet his patients one by one and perform surgery on them in the rear compartment. He would simply charge a little to maintain his livelihood and cover traveling expenses. Once he was tired of performing surgeries, he could take over driving and enjoy the scenery in his entire motherland…

After he thought of that, Ling Ran suddenly felt hungry. When he found that office hours were about to end, Ling Ran simply drove the car to Yun Hua Hospital’s bas.e.m.e.nt and called out to Chen Wanhao, “Hey, do the both of you want to eat some beef tripes? “

“I’m rus.h.i.+ng to complete my medical records. What beef tripes are you referring to?” Chen Wanhao said weakly.

“The Shao Family restaurant at the street food alley. They sell beef tripes and barbecue, which taste really good.” Ling Ran paused and said, “You don’t need to pay for the car and food.”

Chen Wanhao did not seem to feel tired anymore. He got up and said, “Wait for me. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Let w.a.n.g Zhuangyong know, will you.”

The two of them ran down the stairs one after the other, and they were surprised to see Ling Ran come out from the driver’s side of a car.

“Where did the car come from?”

“Which girl lent you the car?”

Ling Ran waved his hand. “My old man bought it for me. Let’s go.”


Shao family’s restaurant.

There was a steady stream of people going in and out of the restaurant. They filled the small restaurant until it was overcrowded.

The people who did not have a place to sit did not seem to care. They just stood at the entrance and surrounded a smoking hot barbecue rack.

Mister Shao Jian stood next to the barbecue grill. There was a huge range hood above his head. He had his feet on an air blower, and nearly one hundred barbecue skewers in his hands. He was covered in sweat while he sprinkled spices on the food and barbecued them.

The gus.h.i.+ng flames grilled the delicate, tender meat. The fragrant aroma of c.u.min as well as chilli peppers was brought out, and it had a burnt smell to it. It drifted far away and attracted more customers.

“Okay, here’re your fifteen skewers.”

“Here’re your forty skewers.”

“Your ten strings are ready.”

Shao Jian smiled and distributed all the skewers. Then, he took a hundred more skewers from the shop a.s.sistant and stuck the sharp tip of the skewers on the barbecue rack, making sure that they were all neatly placed.

Then, he arranged the skewered meat on the barbecue rack. Shao Jian stepped down, swung his arm, and the flames brose above the thin slices of meat, spreading across the rack. Shao Jian’s flushed, red cheeks were illuminated.

“Small meat skewers… We’re selling freshly cut lamb slices today; a skewer only for two RMB. QR code scanners, please proceed to the right. Those who want to pay by cash, please proceed to the left. Please get your change yourself,” Shao Jian mumbled a few sentences before he bowed his head and focused on barbecuing the meat.

His cooking skills were excellent. It was more than enough to deal with the most primitive and basic cooking style—barbecuing.

Although his body was not strong, he used his skills to easily navigate a hundred skewers of barbecued meat between his two hands. The guests were amused. The food smelled wonderful and tasted great as well…

Above his head were two LCD TVs broadcasting the news from Yun Hua TV’s news channel.

A beautiful, fair-skinned host was heard shouting enthusiastically, “We’re here at the famous Shao’s family restaurant in the city. Thanks to the founder of the restaurant, Mister Shao Jian’s quick reaction, a flatbed cart normally used for grocery shopping was used to transport the patient and doctor. Otherwise, the two injured people would have had their treatment delayed…

“Mister Shao Jian gave up on the operation of his store during peak business hours and spared no effort in rescuing the wounded…

“Mister Shao, I’ve heard that your body’s very weak. You had congenital heart disease when you were a child. Your family members were in debt because they had to pay for your medical expenses. May I know how you felt when you had to stop your business during peak hours and instead move to rescue the injured?”

Ling Ran and the others who walked in after they parked their car looked up curiously at the news loop, just like the other pedestrians.

The news version of Boss Shao was dressed in a white chef uniform, and he had a chef’s hat on his head. His voice was loud and clear. “I have no thoughts about it. After I saw the injured police fall before me, I immediately called the doctor and went up to help…”

The camera swept over the scene of the incident, and the news report even included a few videos recorded by onlookers.

In the videos, Ling Ran had his head lowered to administer treatment. Shao Jian squared his shoulders and looked up as he handed Ling Ran iodophor as well as alcohol for disinfection purposes. Around them were a large amount of mosaics used to cover up Oyster Sensation’s flag and shop name completely. Naturally, the mosaics were unavoidable, since they were there for privacy purposes.

Boss Shao obviously knew that the cameras would only film one interesting restaurant.

Everyone looked at the Boss Shao on the screen, and then at the Boss Shao before the rack. He was drenched in sweat, as though he had gone under the rain. They could not help but generously open their wallets.

Some diners only bought a few skewers of meat but threw 100 RMB or 200 RMB worth of cash into the cash box.

Shao Jian pretended not to see.

He just concentrated on barbecuing and giving out the meat skewers. He worked hard to pay his bills.

The Shao’s family restaurant, which usually went unnoticed on the street, suddenly had an increase in its volume of visitors. It was almost comparable to the usual volume of visitors in the street food alley.

Not only did people go to see Shao Jian out of admiration after they watched the news, but there were some who just wanted to try some good food. There were also people who went to find the young handsome doctor in the news.

Shao Jian managed everything around him well.

There may have been a large number of people, so much so that they could not fit into the store. However, Shao Jian had pulled out the barbecue rack in advance, and immediately attracted the people with the delicious smell of barbecue.

Even if one did not have a seat, one could still stand and eat a skewer of four to five small pieces of meat.

Regardless of everyone’s motive, everyone had a certain degree of satisfaction at the door of Shao Jian’s shop.

“Boss Shao, give us fifty skewers,” Ling Ran greeted him with a smile.

“Oh? Ling Ran, you’re here.” Boss Shao’s eyes lit up, and he immediately yelled, “Everyone, Doctor Ling is the one who saved the person yesterday. He’s from Yun Hua Hospital, and his techniques are amazing.”

The carnivorous predictably pulled out their mobile phones.

Ling Ran had long gotten used to being surrounded by onlookers. He waited for his meat skewers and ate them quietly, feeling very much at ease.

Since his appearance, the business of the Shao Family Restaurant became even better.

w.a.n.g Zhuangyong and Chen Wanhao also ate till their mouths were covered in grease.

“It’s really satisfying to have a belly full of meat after work,” Chen Wanhao expressed his feelings.

“No, no. Not having to go to work and still have a belly of meat is the best, just like Ling Ran here,” w.a.n.g Zhuangyong corrected him.

Ling Ran threw an emptied metal skewer into a plastic bin in front of him and said, “Just resting isn’t comfortable at all. It’d be nice to do an operation or two every day.”

While they were talking, a yelp of pain came from the area near the barbecue rack.

As Shao Jian mounted up the metal skewers, a thin and round metal skewer was placed in reverse. It poked into the back of his hand by accident.

Boss Shao did not hesitate to put the skewer back on the right side of the chopping board. He lifted his right foot from the blower, and he turned off the range hood with his left hand.

“Young Hei, get over here and help!” Boss Shao shouted.

He completed that course of action in a few seconds, and fresh blood started to gradually drip down the back of his hand, which had been pierced through by the metal skewer.

“Umm… Doctor Ling, I’ll have to trouble you.” Shao Jian slowly took two steps forward and showed Ling Ran his punctured hand.

“Hmm… All right, let’s go inside and get it treated. Your first aid kit’s still there. Have you replenished your medication supply?” Ling Ran put down his barbecued meat.

“It’s been replenished. I bought two bottles of iodophor,” Shao Jian replied.

“It’s enough. It’s not too serious. Do you have absorbable sutures? I can help you perform a intradermal suture, and the scar will be smaller. Unless, you want to have a big scar, in which case we’ll use a thicker thread.”

Ling Ran calmly chatted with Shao Jian. The onlookers were stunned.

“Nowadays, normal people are no longer qualified to be on TV, eh?” w.a.n.g Zhuangyong threw an emptied metal skewer into the bin. His desire to continue eating was completely lost.


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