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Chapter 436: Understanding

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the next day, before nine o’clock in the morning, Academician Di brought along Wei Jiayou to Yun Hua Hospital and went directly toward the ICU.

“Where is the patient who went through a prolonged CPR yesterday?” Academician Di asked as soon as he arrived. There was nothing for him to hide. After all, due to his popularity, whenever he stepped into Yun Hua Hospital, there would be people who will quickly report what he did and where he went to the higher ups.

Academician Di was also used to this kind of working mode, so he just did whatever he wanted to do openly and in a straightforward manner.

The ICU in Yun Hua Hospital was a small independent department, so the doctor on-duty could only obediently point out the location.

Academician Di nodded. Then, he brought Wei Jiayou over without saying another word.

Academician Di did not need to say much, Wei Jiayou immediately lowered his head to look at the patient’s urine bag.

“It’s clear.” No one could tell whether the patient was in a good condition based on Wei Jiayou’s expression.

Academician Di frowned before he lowered his head to take a look at the patient’s urine bag. He saw that the urine was indeed really clear in the urine bag.

“There is an 80% chance he will survive.” Academician Di lifted the urine bag and cast a glance at it again before he boldly gave his judgment. Academician Di then turned around and asked, “Where is Ling Ran?”

The doctor in the ICU answered, “Doctor Ling came during his ward round this morning, then he went for a surgery.”

Academician Di lowered his head and looked at his watch. They came for work according to the working hours set for doctors. He could not help but ask, “How early?”

“Before 6 in the morning?” the doctor in the ICU answered softly.

“Hmm.” Academician Di asked after a few seconds, “What did he say?”

“Doctor Ling did not say anything.”

“Did he not request anything regarding nursing?”

“No.” When the doctor in the ICU mentioned this, his tone became slightly firm. “Academician Di, there’s no problem with the standard of nursing we provide in the ICU. Besides, regardless of whether Doctor Ling requests anything or not, we will surely work according…”

“Say that again when you want to be promoted to chief physician.” Academician Di’s words made the young doctor humble again, and his mind was finally working properly.

For attending physicians in the ICU, their promotion path was also the same as the other doctors, they would become a.s.sociate chief physicians, then chief physicians, before they opened a new department for themselves. It was already considered quite good if a normal young doctor could get promoted to chief physician in the end.

However, when they needed to receive their professional evaluation, someone will need to a.s.sess them, and the examiners were usually the lower-ranked committee members like Academician Di…

The young attending physician hunched his shoulders. He did not have the courage to challenge an academician’s might.

“Let’s go to the office and take a look,” Academician Di said, but he went back to the ICU and read through the patient’s record in detail.

A case of a successful prolonged CPR was really rare, and doctors will only run into them through luck.

Forget about it only having a success rate of 0.5% or even lower, even if a doctor was willing to spend a lot of time performing CPR on the patient, the hospital will need to provide a patient who had succ.u.mbed to myocardial infarction for a long time…

A stubborn patient who decided to not be resuscitated for an hour after receiving high quality CPR but decided to be resuscitated at the end was also a very rare existence.

“You can also take a look.” Academician Di pa.s.sed the medical record to Wei Jiayou before he looked at the patient and said, “Based on his current condition, this data is acceptable.”

“I can read from his electronic medical record,” Wei Jiayou said.

Academician Di still pa.s.sed the medical record over and said, “Don’t trust these electronic medical records too much. Sometimes, doctors will randomly write some notes in the hard copies, and these notes will not make it into the electronic medical record.”

Wei Jiayou was stunned. He picked up the hard copy and started to read it.

After flipping through a few pages of the medical record, Wei Jiayou felt curious, and he flipped through it again from the back to the front. He then frowned, “I don’t see any casual remarks notes from the doctor being written here…”

“It’s not found here,” Academician Di said.

Wei Jiayou lowered his head and silently put down the hard copy. However, he did so with slightly more strength than necessary, and a loud bang was heard.

At noon, Academician Di showed up in another ceremony before he went back to the office. He saw Wei Jiayou sitting in front of the office desk while he seriously read a journal from a computer screen.

Wei Jiayou did not look so gloomy under the sunlight. His seriousness made him look like those doctors who acted in TV series…

In fact, the reason Academician Di chose Wei Jiayou as his disciple was because of Wei Jiayou’s appearance.

Although Wei Jiayou was not friendly in face-to-face communication, he was still very photogenic regardless of whether he was recorded on camera for TV shows or in photos taken and shared in WeChat moments. He was very elegant during those times.

For a normal doctor, it did not really matter whether he was elegant or not. Academician Di himself never gained any benefits from his looks.

However, Academician Di knew that being good looking would definitely be an advantage for a first-cla.s.s doctor.

In an era where good looks brought money, everyone preferred a more good-looking doctor, except when they were patients in need of ophthalmologists.

Celebrity doctors was not something new since twenty years ago, and they were becoming more and more popular over the past few years.

Since Academician Di could not become a celebrity doctor, he had set a higher standard for his disciples.

Academician Di was satisfied with Wei Jiayou’s current appearance.

“What are you looking at?” Academician Di asked in an amiable tone as he walked closer.

Wei Jiayou’s hand trembled a little over the mouse. “Has the meeting ended?”

“It’s just a meeting. I can leave whenever I want whether it has ended or not,” Academician said and bent his back to look at Wei Jiayou’s screen.

“Barehanded Bleeding Control Without Setting Up a Surgical Field by Applying Localized Pressure During Suturing of Glisson’s Capsule…” Academician Di looked at the research paper while he read the t.i.tle out loud.

When Wei Jiayou saw that the academician saw the research paper, he gave away his spot in a generous manner.

“Is this Ling Ran’s research paper?” Academician Di finally understood after he read it.

Wei Jiayou nodded. “It’s quite well written…”

His voice was not really firm, but only those who knew him could tell.

“Aren’t you forcing yourself to say that?” Academician Di laughed when he heard that. He said, “Ling Ran graduated with an undergraduate degree, and it’s only normal that he does not know how to write his research paper and wrote only a few research papers.”

Wei Jiayou chuckled. “He can already be considered to have surpa.s.sed normal standards.”


“He managed to handle a patient with a liver injury with a barehanded bleeding control in the past.” Although Wei Jiayou had read through the research paper a few times, he still felt that he could not master the skill.

At the same time, Ling Ran also sat in his office. There was a stack of doc.u.ments in front of him, and he was reading them quietly.

He was reading Wei Jiayou’s research articles.

Wei Jiayou’s research articles were mainly focused on cardiovascular surgeries and endoscopies. Cardiovascular surgeries were not within the field of surgeries Ling Ran mastered, but he knew endoscopies relatively well.

Ling Ran could see Wei Jiayou’s confidence from the words in every line in his research articles.

It could be said that after Ling Ran read two of his published research articles, he knew Wei Jiayou much better than the knowledge he gained of him during the few times he met him yesterday.

After reading another research article, Ling Ran took out his phone. He snapped a photo and sent it to Zuo Cidian.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran flipped opened his laptop and started to write his own research paper.


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