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Read Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1225 – I Can Be in a Daze

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian is a Webnovel completed by Ye Xue, 葉雪, Leaf Snow.
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Chapter 1225: I Can Be in a Daze

“So… who was better at studying?” Luosang said as she curved her lips downward.

“I joined the army, so he became the top student of our year. I gave him that chance,” said Nian Junting proudly.

Luosang tried hard not to laugh. “You said that he was transferred to another town. Does he work for the government?”

“He’s a judge,” said Nian Junting with a serious face.

Luosang was stunned for a moment, then admiration grew in her heart. “Impressive. I didn’t know a judge could be so young and handsome.”

“Handsome?” Nian Junting raised his brows. “Didn’t you say that he looks ugly? How come he’s handsome now?”

Luosang coughed slightly and said, “He can’t be compared to you of course. I never heard about your judge friend before. I am impressed. I guess he was really a top-scored student, just like you.”

Nian Junting proudly raised his chin. He liked to hear that. “There’s nothing to talk about. I know a judge, no big deal. Could I ask the judge for help if I broke the law? Besides, he only became a judge last year. I’m a businessman, while he’s working in politics. Sometimes, what we know can be quite sensitive. Xu Bohan is especially cautious. As his name states, he is cold and heartless. Don’t you doubt me. Before, when he was doing judicial work, he once met his uncle in court. He put his uncle in prison for ten years. Only afterward did people find out that the convict was related to him. Not long after that, his parents got a divorce.”

Luosang’s eyes widened in surprise. She really did admire people like that. Not everyone could be so impartial and incorruptible. “Eh…” she said. “Admirable. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I were him.”

“That’s why you can only be my wife.” Nian Junting smiled and put an arm around her waist.

“Oh.” Luosang raised her head and said, “Have you been having some health problems lately? Why wouldn’t you try on that watch?”

Jiang Junting’s handsome face froze for a moment. “Eh-hem.” He responded with, “I’m fine. But there might be some unknown problems. It was better I didn’t try it on, so I wouldn’t be embarra.s.sed.”

“Really?” Luosang didn’t believe him.

“Believe it or not,” said Nian Junting. “Let’s go and get Apple. Nian Xi is probably getting tired of holding him.”

After saying that, he quickly walked away.

Luosang looked at his back and narrowed her eyes.

Everyone headed to Tianhu Villa; all the guests had brought their cars. Jiang Yuning and Nian Xi were still in the same car.

On the way, Nian Xi said to him, “You shouldn’t have accepted my sister-in-law’s invitation. The guys are going to play cards and you don’t know how to play.”

Jiang Yuning fell into deep thought. A short while later, he said, “I don’t know how to play cards. I hate playing cards.”

“Me too.” Nian xi sighed. “But that’s how you spend time with your elders. We used to go to clubs and bars, play sports, or fis.h.i.+ng together. Now, everybody is too busy. We don’t hang out together as often as before.”

“It’s okay. I can be in a daze. You can play cards with them and ignore me,” said Jiang Yuning honestly.

Nian Xi did not know what to say.

She had heard about killing time by watching TV or playing on a cellphone. Being in a daze? That was new.

After arriving at the villa, Xiao Si insisted on inviting Jiang Yuning for the card game. “You’re a man. You have to learn to play cards, or there will be no fun. After you and Nian Xi get married, you’ll certainly need to join our games on New Year and other festivals. Come on, I’ll teach you. Don’t worry, we’re all young people. I’ll let you win.”

Nian Xi looked at Jiang Yuning who seemed to be reluctant. She didn’t have the heart to make him play cards against his own will.

“He doesn’t like playing cards. Why are you forcing him?”


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