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Read Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1356 – I Wonder if Director Mo Will Be Able to Control Himself

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian is a web novel completed by Ye Xue, 葉雪, Leaf Snow.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 1356: I Wonder if Director Mo Will Be Able to Control Himself

Ji Nuanyi proudly raised her brows and said, “Of course. Do you think G.o.d did that for you? How can you be that lucky?”

Mo Liuxi gave her a glance with praise. “Well done. Be patient. One day, I’ll make you the best actress in the world.”

Ji Nuanyi felt speechless. If those words came out of someone else’s mouth, she would consider that as a boast. However, it was Mo Liuxi. After all, even Li Ming had complimented the young man. He was currently the most promising young director in the country. He wasn’t as experienced as some directors from the older generation, but he would become famous sooner or later.

“What? Don’t you believe me?” Mo Liuxi raised his eyebrows and said, “You don’t think that you’re gonna win the Best Actress award this time in Venice, do you? Of course, I’m not saying that you didn’t do a good job. You are pretty good among all the young actresses.”

“All right, I get it. But I’m not really happy talking to you. No wonder the things between you and Yan Su have been weird all the time. I finally understand why.” Ji Nuanyi took a big bite of her ice-cream.

“You girls just can’t bear to hear anything nice.” Mo Liuxi snorted.

“Do you think Cheng Sheng can win the award this time?” Ji Nuanyi asked him with a small voice.

“I don’t know…” Mo Liuxi responded to her blandly. “But our work might win the Golden Lion Award or something like that…”

“That’s not bad,” Ji Nuanyi murmured.

After winning an award like that, the status of the artists who had taken part in making the film would raise to a new level.

The group of people returned to the hotel. In the lobby, they saw Tang Yueqi. She waved at the others and then said to Mo Liuxi, “Director Ji Ge invited us to have a drink at the bar…”

Mo Liuxi furrowed his brows. Director Ji Ge was a good friend of his tutor, so he couldn’t say no to his invitation. “All right, let’s go,” he said.

Ji Nuanyi smiled and said, “Director Mo is really popular, and is always surrounded by pretty girls. Right, Su?”

Yan Su felt a little uncomfortable.

He just kissed her on the boat, but now, he was going to the bar together with Tang Yueqi. What a playboy. He was probably attracted to all kinds of places where pretty girls could be found. He was like an eel that was so good at drilling into the mud.

“Of course. After all, Director Mo is such a funny and capable person.” Yan Su gave a fake smile.

“I’m just going to meet with a director. Can you girls stop talking with that sour tone?” Mo Liuxi gave Yan Su a meaningful glance, then left with Tang Yueqi.

Looking at their backs, Yang Ziqian sighed. “Tang Yueqi is so s.e.xy. I wonder if Director Mo will be able to control himself.”

Yan Su felt agitated.

She had no idea why Mo Liuxi kissed her earlier tonight. If he had just accidentally touched her lips, he could have just moved away. However, his tongue invaded her mouth and crazily kissed her.

Was he not over her yet? Or, was that only a man’s instinct?

After all, he had slept with An Ning.

Could he believe him?

Back in her room, Yan Su spent a short while staring at the breast pump on the table.

She couldn’t sleep at night. She kept thinking of the kiss which happened under the bridge in the dim light, and some things that happened between them in the past. She had also been wondering if he had come back to the hotel or not and if he was drunk and in bed with Tang Yueqi.

About midnight, Ji Nuanyi messaged Mo Liuxi in the group chat —’Are you back yet? Let me know when you come back. I want to ask you something.’

Mo Liuxi replied to her at 12:30 a.m. —’I’m back.’


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