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Read Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1456 – Turning Around and Vomit

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Chapter 1456: Turning Around and Vomit

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You…” Yan Lv pointed at her with his finger shaking with anger.

The Yan family had been educators and scholars for generations. Everyone had followed suit and held the family name in high esteem. He too had groomed his daughter to be sophisticated, prudent, and dignified from a very young age.

But looking at her then, it seemed like everything was for naught. Not only did she elope, but she also had a baby out of wedlock—even daring to pounce on a man.

He couldn’t understand how he had managed to produce such an offspring.

Was she really his flesh and blood?

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Yan Su hated Mo Liuxi to the core now. He had just thrown her under the bus. She was so ashamed of making such a rash mistake in the first place. “We do love each other now…”

“Do you like his personality or just his looks?” Yan Lu couldn’t help but interrupt, “He’s younger than you, it won’t be easy.”

“Uncle, I’m willing to be with her even if she only likes me for my looks,” Mo Liuxi answered quickly.

“I’m thankful for my good looks. They say that women dress up to look good for their men, but I believe it’s the same the other way round. I love Yan Su—she’s brave, loyal, and an all ’round wonderful girl. She once said that she was going to wait for s.h.i.+ Xiang, and even though he was cold and distant to her, she still waited for him with devotion. Other girls would’ve given up a long time ago. Although her heart was in pain when s.h.i.+ Xiang abandoned her, she somehow found the strength to pull herself together, showing her strong and tenacious nature. Besides, she’s extremely talented too—I’ve never met another girl who takes her learning so seriously. Even though she’s popular and successful now, she’s still trying her best to learn and improve. She’s friendly and easy to get along with as well. She’s pretty but humble, and she’s able to be true to herself in this entertainment industry that is full of temptations. It’s not easy to come across a girl like her.”

He said all of that in a single breath.

The Yan family was stunned as Yan Su looked on at him, puzzled. It was no wonder he was good at scriptwriting—his skills were comparable to the famed novelist, Miss Qiong Yao.

Her parents were moved by what he just said.

“You… you are right about that,” Jiang Peiying nodded her head, knowing very well about her daughter’s flaws.

Given the history of her relations.h.i.+ps, there wouldn’t have been any man who would accept her, but all of her flaws seemed like strengths in his eyes.

She was relieved and grateful to hear that as a mother.

Yan Lv’s wasn’t as fierce as before, but he still said, “This fella is good at talking, isn’t he? Although you say these wonderful things now, how I can be sure that you won’t change your mind about my daughter a few years down the line? Besides, you are too young to be a father—you are practically a child yourself. Men mature much later anyway…”

“I won’t.”

Mo Liuxi said confidently, “I was raised by a single parent. My mother was the one who brought me up all by herself. She poured her blood, sweat, and tears into raising me and I started doing and earning money from a young age. I feel for those kids raised by single parents. I made a promise that if I ever had a wife or child in the future, I would never let them suffer… not even for a single day. I want to give my child a complete family. I don’t want her to grow up like me.”

Yan Su couldn’t believe what he was saying. She was so close to turning around and vomit.

Was this the same man that she knew? The cold and venomous Mo Liuxi?

He really should have gone into acting instead.

“Oh, really?” Jiang Peiying looked at him sympathetically. “You don’t have a father then?”


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