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Read Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1464 – Bully Her My Whole Life

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Chapter 1464: Bully Her My Whole Life

“I remember that time when Susu went up against Ye Yunyang… even Ji Nuanyi took to Weibo to support her, but what did you say back then? You’re always bullying our Susu,” Yan Mi said disappointedly.

Hearing that, Mo Liuxi’s facial expression grew even more affectionate. “That’s right—I intend to bully her my whole life.”

Despite his words, his eyes were practically dripping honey as he gazed at Yan Su. For one reason or another, the people present could feel that they were showing off their relations.h.i.+p, like a couple shamelessly in love.

Exasperated, Yan Su rolled her eyes and explained, “Actually, all those people who spoke up for me, including the foreign celebrities, did so because he asked them for favors. I don’t have a wide social network, so I don’t know many that people.”

Jiang Peiying and Yan Lv were stunned—this was their first time hearing about this. The two of them had been quite worried when scores of people were criticizing Yan Su on the Internet back then.

“No wonder.” Uncle had a sudden realization. “No wonder Mimi said that you even knew Hollywood celebrities. He really does know quite a lot of people.”

“When I was in Hollywood, I shot movies with a few directors there, so I know quite a few people,” Mo Liuxi said with a smile.

“Not bad, Susu. The boyfriend you found this time is young and already quite capable,” Auntie smiled.

Jiang Peiying and Yan Lv felt proud when they heard those words.

“Let’s eat.” After calling everyone, Yan Lv said to Mo Liuxi, “You’ve also been busy the whole afternoon—go take a seat.”

“It’s alright, I’ll feed Yan Yan first and come back later.” Mo Liuxi smiled and placed the dish before leaving to prepare milk.

Everyone looked at him as he was leaving, and Auntie exclaimed once again, “This young boy is very good looking. He looks much more sophisticated and reliable than your brutish cousins. In terms of his looks, even that s.h.i.+ Xiang is slightly lacking in comparison. I’m just worried if you can hold onto him. Good-looking men are difficult to keep nowadays.”

“That’s right,” Yan Mi nodded. “I once read an article about how despite his young age, he already has a movie that won a Golden Lion. Even Li Ming praised him on the international stage. Do you know how the local media describes him? They say that without a doubt, he is the director with the most potential for the country’s future. He is also a major shareholder of Luoxi Films. His family seems to be pretty powerful, so no one dares to mess with him. Susu, you either refuse or go all out when it comes to men, so I’m quite worried.”

Yan Lv and Jiang Peiying couldn’t help but nod as they listened. This was exactly what they worried about as well.

Yan Su thought for a bit, then laughed callously. “You can’t say that he isn’t dependable just because he is handsome and rich. Look at those celebrities who cheated on their partners—how many of them are good-looking? They are all men with distorted features who cannot hold themselves back when they see pretty women after they become popular. On the other hand, handsome men like him have seen more, and are better at controlling themselves. Look at the really good-looking men like Wu Yanzu and Zhang Zhilin—don’t they treat their wives well?”

Everyone was silenced for a moment. Jiang Peiyin nodded, “That does seem to be the case.”

“If men are all unreliable, then I definitely want to find a handsome one,” Yan Su said, grinning.

The ladies present all agreed that that made sense. Yan Mi winked, then turned around to say to her mother, “Mom, I don’t want to go on a blind date with that guy you introduced anymore—I think he’s kinda ugly. I’ve decided that I want to find a handsome boyfriend.”

“You ungrateful brat!” Auntie stomped her feet in anger. “If you can find someone as handsome and capable as Mo Liuxi, I’ll be at ease. The problem is, are you capable of doing that?”


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