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Read Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 286 – Luo Sang would never do that

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Read WebNovel Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 286 – Luo Sang would never do that

Chapter 286: Luo Sang would never do that

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Luo Sang, I have never met anyone as ill-mannered as you are. No wonder you are the daughter of your father, Yu Wen said angrily as she looked at Kang Yi’s red and swollen foot.

Kang Ying was her niece after all, Xu Luosang was disregarding her in front of herself.

“I’m telling you, as long as I am Junting’s grandmother, I would never allow you into the Nian family, she huffed as she helped Kang Ying up with Ye Chuen.

“I didn’t push her, she fell down herself, Luo Sang said anxiously, she was shocked that Kang Ying would do such a thing at her age.

“I fell down myself? Kang Ying pointed a finger at her and laughed, “You think I would do such a thing at my age? You don’t dare to admit to what you’ve done?


Yan Su laughed coldly, “Auntie, I have to ask you, aren’t you ashamed trying to frame someone so much younger than you are?

“Grandauntie, she is my roommate, Ye Chuen pointed at Yan Su, “She stole my resources from the recording company, she even stole the lead role in the school musical from me.

“This is too much, Junting must be blind. I won’t let you off so easily, Yu Wen glared nastily at Luo Sang and Yan Su, “Chuen, hold on to your mother, let’s go to the hospital.

Yu Wen walked away angrily with them.

Luo Sang picked up her pace and ran after them, after a while, she stopped in her tracks. Yu Wen didn’t believe a word she said, there was no point explaining herself.

“You’re going to have trouble now, Mr. Nian’s grandma seems to be very upset, Yan Su frowned and said worriedly, “If the old people make a fuss about it, there’s no way Mr. Nian can completely ignore their protests.

Luo Sang was having a headache, “Do you think Junting would misunderstand me as well?n

“I don’t think so, Yan Su winked, “He would just be angry that the Ye family had put on a better show than he did.


Yan Su made perfect sense.

At the Shengting office, Nian Junting sat with his foot across his other leg as he discussed matters with his financial officer. When he picked up Yu Wen’s call, he could hear the anger in her voice, “Come to the hospital immediately, your girlfriend is so disrespectful. She pushed your Ye Auntie onto the ground and she sprained her ankle. I’ve never met someone as ill-mannered as her in my life.

Nian Junting frowned, “Is there some sort of misunderstanding? Luo Sang would never do that.

“I saw it for my own eyes, why would I frame a twenty-year-old girl?

“Ye Auntie must have done something nasty to her then.

“No one did anything, we were just sending Chuen to school. Your auntie wanted to hit her for all misery Chuen was put through, good for her, striking first. She could have just s.h.i.+elded herself, why did she have to push her to the ground?

Nian Junting was quiet on the line, “Ye family was the cause of the trouble in the first place, I give it to you guys shutting things down with three million dollars, but I thought they knew their mistakes. Seems like they are completely unremorseful.

“I’m telling you that Luo Sang was being disrespectful to her elders, are you brainwashed by her?

Yu Wen was so angry that she almost fainted, “She hit my niece in front of me!

“Grandma, you should tolerate Ye family’s nonsense any further.


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