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Gu Daoist Master is a web novel completed by Immortal Gu, 蛊真人.
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Bang, bang bang, bang, bang bang.

The patrolling night watchman knocked on the clapper with such hysterical rhythm.

The sounds were transmitted through the insides of the high pillar houses. Fang Yuan opened his dry eyes, and silently thought, “It’s the fifth watch of the night.” [1]

Last night, he was emerged in his thoughts while lying on his bed. After organizing a pile of plans, he ended up sleeping for only more than two hours.

This body had not even started cultivating yet; so his energy was not yet exuberant. Therefore, waves after waves of tiredness had been shrouding his entire body and mind.

However, five hundred years of suffering had soon refined Fang Yuan’s determinative will of steel. The thought of being addicted to sleep was basically nothing.

Currently, he was pushing the thin silk blanket which was covering his body, neatly standing up.

The spring rain had stopped when he opened the window.

A mixture of fragrance coming from the ground, the trees and wildflowers suddenly rushed into his nostrils. Fang Yuan’s mind was clear, the sleepiness inside him was totally washed away.

Concurrently, the sun still had not risen up yet. The blue sky was dull, a little bit gloomy yet still bright.

Spreading his vision, the pillar huts, which were made from green bamboo and trees, along with the mountain ranges had slowly appeared, showing off a layer of secluded green color.

A pillar house had at least two stories. These were the special house structures for people dwelling on mountains. Because of the unbalanced and rugged mountain, the first floor was a giant wooden pillar, while the second floor was the living quarters.

Fang Yuan and his didi Fang Zheng stayed on the second floor.

“Fang Yuan young master, you’ve waken up. I have come up here to serve you to wash up.” Right then, from the floor below, resounded the voice of a girl.

Fang Yuan lowered his head only to see his personal maid, Shen Cui.

Her appearance could only be considered as above average, but she was dressed up nicely. She was wearing a green outfit, with long sleeves shirt and pants. Below her foot was a pair of embroidered shoes; a pearl hairpin laid upon her black hair. A scent of youthful vitality was emanating from her entire body.

He happily glanced at Fang Yuan. Holding a basin that was filled with water, she gradually went upstairs.

The water was lukewarm, used to wash the face. A willow branch which was moistened with snow salt to rinse one’s mouth. This could clean and whiten the tooth.

Shen Cui gently served him, smiles were flashing on her face. Her countenance was lively as spring. After that, she helped Fang Yuan to wear his clothes, and b.u.t.toned up his shirt. While she was doing it, she sometimes deliberately rubbed her plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s against his arm or behind his back.

Fang Yuan remained in his expressionless countenances, his heart was as calm as water.

This maid was nothing but being the eyes of his uncle and aunt to watch over him. Moreover, she only admired vanity, and was a heartless girl. He had been deceived by her in his previous life. After the Sacrificial Ceremony, when he had suffered a great fall, she immediately turned away, giving him a scornful look several times.

Fang Zheng came in when Shen Cui was smoothing the creases on the clothes on Fang Yuan’s chest. A gleam of admiration and jealousy could not then be hidden from his eyes.

Living together with gege all these years, being looked after by Fang Yuan, he also had his own servant. However, it was not a young maid like Shen Cui, but a fat old woman.

“If someday, Shen Cui could serve me like that, how would that feel like?” Fang Zheng silently thought, yet still didn’t dare to think about such lewd acts.

The fact that uncle and aunt had specially favored Fang Yuan was something that everyone in this mansion had soon known about.

Initially, he did not even have a servant. This was something that Fang Yuan had demanded for Fang Zheng.

Even though there was a huge difference in status between a master and his servant, normally, Fang Zheng didn’t dare to disdain this girl, Shen Cui. The reason was because Shen Cui’s mother was Shen Mama who currently stayed besides his aunt. She was also the housekeeper of the entire mansion, and was totally trusted by his aunt. She held quite a lot of authoritative power in her hands.

“It’s good, you don’t need to keep on fixing it.” Fang Yuan impatiently brushed away Shen Cui’s soft and small hands. His clothes had soon been smooth, Shen Cui was just seducing him.

As for her, Fang Yuan’s prospects were radiating. There was a huge possibility that he would have a grade A in his apt.i.tude. If she could become Fang Yuan’s concubine, she could turn from being a servant to that of being a master. It could be viewed as one step closer towards heaven.

Fang Yuan who had been deceived in his previous life, had even liked this maid. But after being reborn, his heart was as cold as frost.

“You can leave.” Fang Yuan had not even spared Shen Cui a glance as he tidied up his own cuff.

Shen Cui slightly pouted. She felt weird and upset that Fang Yuan could not read her mood today. She was about to say something fanciful, but was scared by Fang Yuan’s intangible temper, wanted to open her mouth for several times, but could only have said, “Yes”, then obediently left.

“You’re good to go?” Fang Yuan looked at Fang Zheng.

His didi was dumbstruck. Standing at the door, he lowered his head looking at his feet, then gently answered with a yes.

In fact, he woke up at the fourth watch of the night; he was too anxious that he could not possibly sleep. After secretly waking up early, he went to get himself prepared, although his eye sockets were all dark.

Fang Yuan nodded. He could not understand his didi’s thoughts in his previous life, but how could he not know of it in this life?

However, exposing him was meaningless right now. He casually said, “Then let’s go.”

The two brothers left their house. Along the way, they b.u.mped into several same-aged youths. In groups of two to three, they were all obviously heading towards the same destination.

“Look, they are the two brothers of the Fang family.” Whisperings could be heard from all around them.

“The one that is coming is Fang Yuan, the writing poem Fang Yuan.” Someone emphasized.

“So it’s him. Expressionless face with an ignorant att.i.tude, I guess the rumors really are true then.” Someone said with a sour tone, full of jealousy, and pitiful admiration.

“Huh, if you were like him you can also act like that!” One coldly snorted and answered, hiding his discontentedness inside.

Fang Zheng listened to these whispers without changing his expressions he had soon been familiar with such discussions.

He lowered his head and silently followed behind his gege.

Right now, the sun had already risen with the sunlight shining, casting Fang Yuan’s shadow on his head.

The sun was rising slowly, but Fang Zheng suddenly felt that he was only heading towards the darkness.

The darkness came from his gege’s shadow which might be something that he could never have gotten out of, for his entire life.

Waves and waves of pressure were hitting on his chest, even interrupting his breathing. This d.a.m.n feeling made him thought of the word ‘suffocated’!

“Huh, such discussions, really if even woods are gathering like a forest, the wind will still destroy them.” [2] Hearing the whisperings from around, Fang Yuan could not help but coldly laugh inside.

After he had been found out to be a grade C in apt.i.tude, no wonder his enemies were all surrounding him? For a long while, all the things he was suffering from were harshness, disdain, and cold-shoulders.

Feng Zheng who was following behind him had deeply exhaled, he had picked up every single word.

In his previous life, he could not see it, but he was now well aware of everything.

This was the sensitivity he had gained after having lived for five hundred years.

He suddenly thought of his aunt and uncle. They had all planned it well. Letting Shen Cui to be by his side for a closer observation, then sending an old woman for his didi. In fact, there were still lots of differences in treatments which the two of them had received.

This was deliberate. They wanted to stir up the grievances inside of his didi’s heart, inciting the disharmony with his own blood brother.

Calamity in this world was rather unequally distributed rather than being scarce.

He was too inexperienced in his previous life, and his didi was too naive. Thus, they were successfully deceived by their aunt and uncle.

From when he was reborn until now, although seeing the situation with the Sacrificial Ceremony was like a bad old practices that died hard, it did not mean that it was totally impossible to change with Fang Yue’s comprehension of the Demon Way’s schemes and wisdom.

He could totally have oppressed this didi. Shen Cui was only a young girl; she could be taken care of later. Ha? Even his aunt and uncle, the elders and the clan’s head, he had several methods to strike against them.

“But I don’t want to do it. . . . . .” Fang Yuan casually sighed inside.

Even if it was his didi, so what? Their affections were nothing significant. Outsiders were just outsiders, if he could let them go, he would.

So what if Shen Cui was beautiful, without love and loyalty, she was only flesh and bones. Taking care of later on. Ha? She was simply not worthy.

Even if they were his aunt and uncle, clan’s head and elders, they were just pa.s.serbys. Why should he be wasting his efforts and energy to deal with pa.s.serbys?

Ha ha

So long as they don’t hinder my path, then take a hike and scram. I wouldn’t even bother to stomp on you.

[1] In old China, the night was divided into five 2-hour periods, with the middle of the third watch being at midnight. Fifth watch = 3.00 to 5.00 AM. Fourth watch = 1.00 to 3.00 AM

[2]”Even woods are gathering like a forest, the wind will still destroy them” = A line from a Chinese poem. The author is emphasizing on the fact that genius or talented people will be the one who suffering the harshness of word of mouth, also stressing on the negative influence that word of mouth could bring.


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