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Read Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!? Volume 6 Chapter 99

Gun-ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!? is a web novel produced by MEIKYOU Shisui.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 99 – Return to the Dragon Continent

Past noon the next day, we quickly departed after deciding that it’s not good to overstay and cause trouble for the orphanage.

On the side of the airship, Eru-sensei and the orphanage’s kids are all gathered.

There were some faces I know, some I don’t.

Overall, I have a feeling that the number has increased, but with Eru-sensei’s resourcefulness, she can probably support them all without a problem.

Furthermore, on the homecoming this time, I’ve donated a part of the reward for resolving the High Elf Kingdom incident to the orphanage.

Eru-sensei was round-eyed at the amount of money, she tried to refuse saying ‘it’s too much’, but since it wasn’t that large of an amount, I forced it into her hands.

It’s not a problem to have money.

Then came parting time, we alternately exchanged farewells.

The scene where Snow hugged Eru-sensei acted like a kid and didn’t let go for a while was impressive.

When it was my turn, we exchanged handshakes.

“Well then, I will be going. No matter what kind of quest I might be undertaking, I will drop it and come running for you.”

“Yes, be careful wherever you may go. I appreciate the thought, but Lute-kun, you’re a husband with 3 wives, so you better prioritize and take good care of them, okay?”

“Of course.”

The last to say farewell was Lyss.

She called out to Eru-sensei with a serious face.

“Thank you for yesterday.”

“No no, I wasn’t able to give you great hospitality. Please take care of Lute-kun and Snow-chan.”

“I should be saying the same, I was helped a lot by Lute-san and everyone…. Erm, sorry to be rude but is it ok if I ask one last question?”

Lyss inquired with a meek face.

“Have we, met somewhere before?”

“N, no, this is our first time. Fufufufufufu…”

“I… see. It’s our first time. I’m sorry, for being rude to the person Lute-san and Snow-san respect.”

“No no, please don’t mind it.”

Being asked by Lyss, Eru-sensei’s voice sounded shrill and nervous, which it rarely does.

Was it such a disturbing question?

I tilted my head as I boarded the airship.

The magic stones laid out under the floor reacted, the airship’s gigantic hull started floating.

Eru-sensei and the kids just kept waving their hands in the cold weather until we couldn’t be seen anymore.

After about over a month, we returned to the Dragon continent.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

After the airship landed, we asked the specialists to bring it to the warehouse that we were hiring.

We left the personal effects and cargos on the airship, but we will unload them tomorrow.

For now we just want to rest.

We galloped the horses toward the Meiya residence.

We won’t go home but rested at Meiya’s house for today.

Because if we go home we will have to prepare the bath and food etc., it’s a pain.

First we will take a bath.

The girls head to the bath house together.

And I soak in a bathtub alone like usual.

I-it’s not like I’m lonely or anything, okay!

But yea, baths are nice.

I want a bathtub in our house too.

There’s no point in just wiping with a towel.

Furthermore, if we have a bath at home, I can enter together with my 3 wives.

(Uhaa! Just thinking about it and I’m super excited already! This is seriously bad!)

I get out of the bath.

As expected the girls take a very long bath.

The girls who got out of the bath all wore the traditional clothes of the Dragon continent, the dragon dress.

The design is the same as Chinese clothes.

“The legs are so revealed…….also it feels breezy, I can’t calm down.”

“Is that so? Luna doesn’t really mind. Anyway, I’m wearing matching clothes with Chrisse-chan, this is the best!”

Lyss and Luna displayed themselves in their first dragon dress.

They look very good in it.

Everyone gathered at the table and started eating.

It’s been a while since I last had food from the Dragon continent’s.

Dragon continent’s foods taste similar to Chinese food, delicious.

After eating, we slept there one night as planned.

As expected, there’s no way I could sleep with my wives in Meiya’s house, so I slept alone in another room.

The next morning, waking up without problem, I was at the breakfast table.

“Why is it okay for oneechan to live together with you, but not Luna!?”

Luna strongly hit the revolving table to the point of shaking, while raising her voice of objection.

She’s angry that she can’t live at my house.

I explain to her as the head of the house.

“It can’t be helped since there’s no room, you know? And it’s better to live in Meiya’s wide house than a small room right?”

“No! Luna is fine being together with Chrisse-chan.”

“Me too, if possible, together with Lute-sama……. no, never mind.”

I gave Meiya a glare to shut her up.

If even you say that then it’s gonna be hard to persuade Luna, you know.

It’s okay to push it and let Luna live together with us, it’s also fine to move to a bigger house. But it’s my long-awaited newlywed life.

Let me enjoy it for a while.

If Luna isn’t there, I can do a lot of hustle hustle, right?

Shia, my slave and Lyss’ guard maid, who accompanied us did some follow up.

“Luna-sama, you can’t say selfish things and cause trouble for the young master. You say some unreasonable things and still get to come with us, you’re already very lucky you know? If you become more selfish you will get sent back you know.”

“Uguu, I don’t want that…….”

With just that, Luna became obedient.

Nice one, Shia.

“Well then, let’s live with me in Meiya-sama’s mansion. Of course, you can’t neglect your study either, okay?”


Luna raised a dissatisfied voice, but as I was entrusted an important daughter, the princess of a country, by the king, I can’t have her ditching her study.

After we finished the talk and breakfast, we head out to the town.

It’s for buying necessities for Lyss and Luna.

I leave the actual buying to Snow, Chrisse, Luna, and Shia.

As for Meiya, I asked her to supervise the unloading of our luggages on the airship.

Lyss and I went to the adventurer guild to inform them about my home coming, the creation of the PEACEMAKER legion, and the newly added member, Lyss.

The adventurer guild is a 3 story wooden building as big as a gymnasium, adventurer looking people continuously go in and out of it.

We pa.s.sed through the entrance, took the wooden tag with waiting number on it.

After waiting for a while, the receptionist girl called us.

On the counter there are boards to separate them into something like a booth, I took a seat and faced the reception girl.

Of course it’s that demon race girl.

TL Note : She really needs a name author-san. – rei_hunter

Her appearance is like that of a girl in her early 20s, on her head are 2 goat-like horns, bat-like wings on her back, she looks very good wearing the adventurer guild’s uniform.

She’s a beautiful girl as long as she doesn’t complain.

A smile floated on her face when she saw me.

“Good work, Lute-san. Looks like you’ve returned to Dragon continent, haven’t you?”

“Yes, just yesterday. Come to think of it, I’ve met your little sister in the adventurer’s guild in High Elf kingdom Enol, you know.”

“Eeeh! Little sister, you say!?”

Like that, we enjoyed our talk after a long time.

We exchanged recent news, then enter the main topic.

“In the end, how much was the price of the twin dragon?”

“The state of the corpse was good so it was 1100 gold.”

About 110 million huh.

She also showed me money subtracted from that, including the labor, transportation fee, also the money we used in advance in High Elf kingdom. Furthermore, the necessary expense we received from Enol’s king before we left by the airship, the reward money, plus the money from the giant scorpion extermination and their material that was transferred to the adventurer guild in High Elf kingdom.

All that money moving around were recorded in my tag.

I gave the tag to the reception girl and heard the final number.

I donated to the orphanage but there’s still quite a considerable amount left.

“Even though it was a youngling, we defeated a twin dragon, so maybe we can get to level 5… or so I thought but never could I imagined that we even created a legion and came back. And even though it’s the lowest rank, we became n.o.bles…We did a lot of amazing feats over there huh.”

“Feat you say, it was just that we had good luck.”

I showed the characteristics of an ex-j.a.panese by being modest.

The talk came to a pause, the reception girl stared at Lyss who was sitting next to me.

She wore the business smile while taking a stab at us.

“I’ve been curious, but… this person here is?”

“Yes, I’m the third wife!”

“……In other words, you created your dream legion, became a n.o.ble, and received a third wife who is cute and has big”

“That’s right. That’s how it is.”

“Is that so, I see! Ahahahhahhahaha…………Please watch your back when you walk the street at night~”

TN: ayyyy lmao the salt – yuushin

Holys.h.i.t, scary!

Suddenly, like a switch, her bright smile turned into dark face emitting dark aura.

Lyss went “Eeek!” at the sudden change and clung to my arm.

I didn’t even have the leisure to enjoy the feeling of her big which doesn’t match her height being squished against me.

“That guy also married a girl younger than me just recently…… moreover it’s because they’ve had a kid, they said. Making kid before marrying…… even though she’s younger than me…… unforgivable unforgivable UNFORGIVABLE!!!”

Her facial expression became so scary that would make you want to yell “Is that a demon!?”.

Please someone please take her already!

With this and that, we finished our report at the adventurer’s guild and left the building.

We told her that since we’ve been working non-stop recently, we’re taking a break for the time being.

But if there are quest for us, PEACEMAKER, then we will take it.

But I’m not sure if my words got through to the reception girl who was transforming into something resemble a real demon.

While our hands still clung to each other, Lyss and I returned to Meiya’s estate.

Snow’s group already returned but the master of the house, Meiya, still hadn’t.

She probably was still doing various things with the airship and the luggages.

And we stayed at Meiya’s estate for another night.

It wasn’t until the next day that we returned home.

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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