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Chapter 1199: Pope? Prisoner? (Part One)


“Child, you should ditch your old opinions of the Holy Church and re-evaluate the church. After all, you are a member of the Holy Church. As the Bishop of the [Black-Cloth Shrine], are you going to look at the representative of the G.o.ds with judgment and hatred forever?” The Pope started to try to reason with the Human Emperor of the North with rare patience.

To many people, the Holy Church was admitting defeat to the Human Emperor of the North.

Of course, Fei’s mind wasn’t that simple. He clearly sensed that there was a hidden meaning to the Pope’s words.

“Alright, enough talking. Tell me everything that you want to say.” Fei didn’t want to play word games, so he stood up again abruptly after sitting down and stared at the Pope with his sharp eyes. “You invited me to come here and attracted many people’s attention. You didn’t do it just to say these things to me, right?

Seeing Fei’s aggressive eyes, the Pope sighed and paused for a second, Then, he said, “Let’s do it like this. I will let you meet a person first.”

Then, the Pope lightly waved his hand.

A series of crisp bells sounded in the flying G.o.dly palace of the Holy Church, and the rune-engraved bronze gate slowly opened. Three figures slowly walked out.

The two people on the two sides were G.o.dly knights. They were wearing silver armor and had white cross robes over their bodies. Although they were handsome, they looked determined and valiant.

The person in the middle was wearing a big white prisoner’s uniform. He wasn’t young, and his face looked quite old. Many wrinkles could be seen, and his muscles were loose, looking like a dispirited shar-pei. His grey long hair was messy like a bird’s nest, and his eyes were turbid and yellow, full of red veins. Right now, a streak of faint-silver flames coiled around his wrists, looking like a rope.

[TL Note: Shar-Pei is a breed of dog known for the deep wrinkles and blue-black tongue. The breed originates from southern China.]

This person looked like a weak and ordinary old man. It felt like even wind could blow him onto the ground.

However, when this old man walked out of the flying G.o.dly palace, it was clear that all members of the Holy Church tensed up. As if they were facing a powerful enemy, their guards went up and didn’t even dare to breathe.

“Who is this old man?”

“Why does it feel strange? How come the Holy Church is afraid of this old man? Why is he so important?”

“Don’t underestimate him! The Holy Church is so concerned about him, and he is imprisoned inside the flying G.o.dly palace. He must be a significant figure! Perhaps he is a terrifying devil!”

“Eh, we shouldn’t be fooled by his appearance… but… how come this old man feel a little familiar?”

The masters in the area talked among themselves and didn’t know what the Holy Church was up to.

“Why did they escort out an arrested old man? Is he a key figure?” Some people stared at this old man and started to ponder as if they thought of something.

Fei’s eyes also landed on this old man in a white prisoner’s uniform.

Different from others, Fei clearly sensed an amount of terrifying energy inside this old man who looked weak and powerless. This old man was at least a G.o.dly king!

If this old man were anywhere else in the world, he would be a dominating ruler! Now, he was imprisoned by a magic method, and all his strength was sealed. The streak of silver flames around his wrists was a G.o.d-tier imprisonment device.

However, Fei couldn’t recognize who this old man was.

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Chapter 1199: Pope? Prisoner? (Part Two)


At this moment, a streak of light shot up from the troops of the Northern Region Empire, instantly arriving beside Fei. It was Batistuta, one of the senior elders of the [Black-Cloth Shrine].

This master who had also reached the G.o.d-level couldn’t hide the shock on his face, and he got close to Fei and whispered something into the latter’s ear.

“What?” Fei had been calm and casual, but his face suddenly changed color when he heard what Batistuta said. Sharp glints flashed in his eyes, and he stared at this white-haired old man who was escorted out of the flying G.o.dly palace.

The masters in the area noticed Fei’s sudden change of expression, and they became even more curious.

“What is it? What can make the Human Emperor of the North this shocked?”

“Could it be…”

-At this moment-

“Ah! I got it! Blatter… Pope Blatter! This old man is Pope Blatter!” At this moment, one of the masters who had been thinking hard further away in the sky suddenly thought of something and screamed, “I remember now! I had once seen him from afar. He is Pope Blatter… what is this?”


“This weak old man who can be blown down by the wind is Pope Blatter of the Holy Church?”

“The Pope is now a prisoner?”

“What joke is this?”

“Then, who is the person standing before the Human Emperor of the North? He is wearing a golden mask and holding the Scepter of Ragnarok…”

The people in the area were stunned, and they couldn’t believe what they just heard.

“Blatter… it has been many years since I last saw you. Hahaha! But now seeing you again, how come you became a prisoner? So, it means that the rumors about the internal conflicts in the Holy Church aren’t false? You got pushed down by someone? I’m curious as to who pushed you off the Throne of the Pope?”

Continental Martial Saint Maradona, one of the three magnates here, suddenly opened his mouth and spoke. His voice sounded like thunder, and the heroic laughter resonated by everyone’s ears.

What Maradona said proved the statement made by that no-name master. This old man was indeed Pope Blatter of the Holy Church.

Everyone turned their eyes to this old man in the prisoner’s uniform.

After Maradona mocked him without mercy, this dispirited old man finally raised his head that had been lowered all this time, and a streak of sharp light flashed in his turbid eyes. It felt like a sleeping dragon released a tiny bit of its dragon breath, making all the people in the area detect an enormous amount of pressure.

At this moment, people finally saw a trace of the presence of the former Pope of the Holy Church.

In rumors, the Holy Church was only acting low-key these couple of days since internal conflicts broke out. Now, it seemed like these rumors were true. Pope Blatter who had ruled the Holy Church for many years got pushed off the throne by someone after the hidden threat, Platini, got killed by Fei. It was truly unthinkable.

Fei looked a bit puzzled. He still remembered that Platini died in the Goblin Realm about half a year ago due to the strangeness that had happened to the Scepter of Ragnarok. This scepter suddenly flew away on its own and led to Platini’s demise.

At that moment, Platini shouted, “d.a.m.n it! Blatter! You old fart! You demon… it is you who have been scheming behind my back! I got tricked!”

It meant at that time, Blatter was still controlling everything.

“What kind of an opponent did he have? In only about six months, Blatter’s hundreds of years of advantage got wiped out, and this mysterious person obtained the full control of the Holy Church.”

Fei’s gaze turned toward the figure before him who was wearing a golden mask and holding the scepter.

All the mysteries originated from this man.

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