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Read Hail the King Chapter 1216: The First Intimate Contact Part One

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The young officer was shocked to find that the many giant dragonfly-like monsters suddenly froze in mid-air; they couldn’t get any closer to the defense line. Then, they all started to explode like fireworks. Their flesh and blood spilled in all directions, turning into streaks of blood mist and falling from the sky.

“What is going on?” the young military officer and all the soldiers on the wall gasped.

In the next moment, a ma.s.s of golden light slowly descended from the sky, and a few human figures could be seen inside. As the golden light got closer, the human figures turned clearer. The young man in the front was wearing Li-Ning sportswear, and a few other people stood behind him. Also, about four giant dragonfly-like monsters stayed beside the golden light without moving.

“This…” the young military officer swallowed his saliva and couldn’t process the scene before him.

“A human who can fly? Is he a friend or a foe?”

“No one knows!”

Everyone held onto their breath, and they were so nervous that sweat appeared all over their palms.

Bam! Bam!

Suddenly, a few bullets flew out of the wall. A few soldiers were too nervous and pulled the triggers.

“Don’t shoot!” the young military officer instantly shouted to stop them.

-On the other side-

“Oh, this isn’t a friendly welcome ceremony,” a friendly and jokingly voice sounded from the young man in the black sportswear who was engulfed in energy flames.

Those bullets that flew out suddenly stopped in mid-air like snails that fell into a swamp when they were about ten meters away from this young man’s body.

“Captain, don’t shoot. It is me… haha, alright, I’m just joking. Don’t worry; I’m not an enemy. My name is Fei, and I’m Chinese.”

As soon as this voice appeared, the young man in black landed on the defense wall with those other people.

Whoosh!The soldiers on the wall all moved away in unison and surrounded these strangers while pointing their guns at them.

“Don’t shoot. It is me, the Deputy Mayor of Beijing…” the middle-aged man who had a big belly was the first one to panic. He almost peed his pants when the guns pointed at him. Instead, Beauty Jian Jie and the muscular w.a.n.g Jian had been around Fei longer and had seen many unthinkable things. Therefore, they weren’t afraid of guns anymore.

“Don’t worry. I’m really Chinese, and I don’t have any ill-intentions,” Fei explained with a smile.

Perhaps Fei’s smooth Mandarin made the young military officer drop his guard; the latter ordered the soldiers to put away their guns.

“Did you kill those bugs?” the young military officer tried to make his tone sound as natural and gentle as possible. After all, it was shocking for anyone to see others descending from the sky in golden light.

“That is right.” Fei nodded and reached out his hand, calling over the four dragonfly-like monsters and sealing them in a scroll.

This series of actions almost made others’ eyes drop out of their eye sockets.

“A golden light flashed by, and those four giant monsters disappeared. Also, that roll of cloth-like material engulfed in the light… what was that thing?”

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After about half an hour, Fei was invited into a meeting room in the most monitored and secure military building. The walls were all made of high-density bulletproof cement, and they were extremely firm with a layer of steel plate that was about an inch thick added on top. There were also four cameras in the four corners of the room, monitoring the room every second.


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