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Chapter 1240: A Forceful Unity (Part Two)

Then, the entire continent gradually realized that being conquered by the Human Emperor of the North was different from being conquered by other forces in history. There were no ma.s.sacres, barbaric robberies, or violent domination. Not much blood was spilled during this process, and there was no large-scale subversion.

The arrival of the troops of the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church meant a lot more for the civilians living at the bottom of the society, and their tragic lives got much better.

Wherever the troops of the Northern Region Empire went, they would place 12 giant bronze statues in the center of a region, and the Law of the Twelve Tables that the Human Emperor of the North created when he was only the King of Chambord would be implemented.

The Law of the Twelve Tables soon became the law of the sage that many people praised.

The instructors of the Northern Region Empire were great at mobilizing the people at the bottom of society. Those high-level n.o.bles who were agreeing on the surface but trying to resist in the dark soon realized that they were crabs that were stuck in shallow water. With most of their civilians supporting the Human Emperor of the North like maniacs, they couldn’t do much.

The situations were different in various places, and the Northern Region Empire didn’t only use soft and friendly tactics.

In the Bilbao Empire at the Western Region, high-level n.o.bles conspired and killed the instructors and low-level soldiers of the Northern Region Empire. This incident enraged the Human Emperor of the North, and Golden Lion Lampard, one of the 12 gold saints, went there in person. In half a day, all the high-level n.o.bles of Bilbao were killed, and corpses formed mountains while blood stained the land.

This incident shocked the continent again, and people saw the cold-blooded and merciless side of the Human Emperor of the North.

In the end, those ambitious schemers who tried to use the Human Emperor of the North’s kindness and friendly tactics and resist in the dark got stunned, and they all put their tails between their legs and did everything as the Northern Region Empire demanded.

Then, a series of confusing policies were issued from Sky City and affected the entire continent.

The strangest thing was that the Northern Region Empire distributed its unique and terrifying magic weapons to all the military districts under some conditions. Such a large quant.i.ty of horrifying magic weapons stunned everyone. Such weapons could instantly turn a weak empire into a level 9 super empire!

Now, people finally realized how powerful the Northern Region Empire really was.

Some people already realized that it seemed like the Human Emperor of the North was trying his best to increase the military power of the entire continent, and it felt like he was preparing for a war with a terrifying force.

“But what kind of power can threaten the Human Emperor of the North in this world?”

People weren’t sure when, but some rumors started to flow around.

“The Polluters that destroyed the G.o.d Clan and Demon Clan are still around! They are about to arrive!”

“This is the reason why the Human Emperor of the North is doing this.”

“Using dominating force and friendly tactics, militarizing everyone on the continent, and releasing the news about the Polluters for the continent to get ready…” Fei stood in the sky and sighed, “I did everything that I can. I hope the continent can survive this. Time is too short. We had ten days, but now less than eight days remain.”

There was a vast ocean below Fei, and no one knew an island that could change the fate of the continent hid in here.

Beside Fei, there was [G.o.d’s Son] Messi.


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