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Hail the King is a Webnovel produced by Mad Blade During Troubled Times, 乱世狂刀.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 1253: Tragedy (Part Three)

A sea of bugs! This was literally a sea of bugs.

Fei’s heart lurched a little.

This was on the outside, yet so many bugs could be seen. Perhaps the number of bugs around the battleground in s.p.a.ce was unimaginable. The bugs had completed the initial teleportation of their military forces, and this was a nightmare for the united troops from the Azeroth Continent.

The bugs’ absolute advantage was their number. They could use their sheer number to fill any gap in strength.

The situation had reached a critical point that was far beyond Fei’s imagination.

When Fei and Akinfeev saw the bugs, the bugs saw them as well.

Like hungry locusts that saw food, the bugs turned into torrents and rushed toward the two.

Fei was anxious and didn’t hold back at all.

Golden flames burned around Fei, and he became a heated meteorite. With Akinfeev wrapped inside the flames, Fei directly dashed into the endless sea of bugs.

As if the golden flames around Fei were the kryptonite to the bugs, any bugs that came to contact with the flames lit up as if sparks dropped onto gasoline.

The golden flames were made of Fei’s G.o.dly power, and they spread in the sea of bugs like a virus. Wherever the flames burned, the low-level bugs were turned into smoke and disappeared in s.p.a.ce before they could even scream.

Fei had to create a path of slaughter in this endless sea of bugs using his dominating strength.

It was obvious that the bugs understood Fei’s intent, and their mission was to temporarily stop Fei from reinforcing the battleground in s.p.a.ce.

Under the command of some high-level bugs, countless low-level and middle-level bugs flew toward Fei fearlessly. Even though they couldn’t afflict injuries on Fei and couldn’t even get within 1,000 meters of Fei, they still charged over and created obstacles with their bodies. Even if they could delay Fei by a fraction of a second, they wouldn’t hesitate.

They were depleting Fei’s energy with their lives.

This was another terrifying fact about the bugs other than their sheer number.

The bugs had no sense of fear, and they were 100 percent obedient. Low-level bugs would follow all orders from high-level bugs without resisting, even if the consequence was meaningless death.

The bugs were chillier and more efficient that the coldest machine in the world.

Fei didn’t know how far he got and how many bugs he killed, but something suddenly happened.

A streak of lethal energy suddenly appeared in front of Fei, and it was mixed in with many low-level bugs and struck toward him. Like a sharp sword, this streak of energy instantly pierced through the golden flames.

A high-level bug finally appeared!

Fei became cautious and took a deep breath before punching out.

A golden energy fist instantly collided with the lethal energy that tried to sneak-attack.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]


A powerful shockwave expanded in all directions in the dark s.p.a.ce from the center of the collision.

The bugs in the area all collapsed and turned into dust when the shockwave went through them as if they were sand sculptures that were struck by a tornado.

Fei stopped moving and stood in s.p.a.ce.

On the opposite side, there stood a bug that was covered in small green scales.

The bug stood like a human, and it had six pairs of thin and agile antennas. Its lizard-like body wasn’t that big, but it was engulfed in green flames, emitting a terrifying presence. It was at least a supreme-G.o.d-level bug.

However, Fei didn’t stop because of this bug’s strength. It was because this bug’s presence and appearance were extremely similar to another bug – Dicanio!

This bug must be a clan member of Dicanio who was the most successful spy in the history of the bugs.


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