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Chapter 424: Ancient Bloodline (Part One)

Although Inle was good in water, no one expected him to be this amazing in it; it was unimaginable!

As a Four-Star Warrior, he was able to dive into the places that Fei couldn’t even get to!

The insane water pressure was greatly minimized on him. When he was experiencing the water pressure that could easily crush a Seven-Star Warrior, Inle suddenly felt like something strange occurred in his body; as if a blockage in his body opened up, he was now capable of a level of agility and coordination that was far beyond his imaginations.

At that moment, he felt like he was a water-elemental Demon Beast and was able to swim anywhere.

In addition, he realized that his eyesight significantly improved underwater; he could see anything that was within a few hundred meters from him.

Therefore, the mermaid-like creatures and the structures at the bottom of the ocean that Fei could only sense using his spiritual power were seen by Inle using his eyes.

After hearing the story, Prince Fairenton fell into a moment of silence; he was thinking about something.

After a while, he opened his mouth and said, “When we were in Big Snow Mountain, my master had discovered that there is a strange Ancient Mystic Bloodline inside your body. It seems like this hidden bloodline is activated by you accidentally. Perhaps it is a water-elemental Bloodline, and that was how you survived in the water. Even if this is the case, it is still too dangerous! Since you reached the limit, why did you still go deeper? If I didn’t go look for you, you would have died.”

“I…… I wanted to figure out what was at the bottom of the ocean for Your Highness……” Inle lowered his head and said with a guilty expression on his face.

“We would be able to figure it out sooner or later; you don’t have to risk your life. I would be really hurt if you died.”

Fairenton patted Inle’s shoulder. This man who grew up with him was just like his real brother; wait, compared with his real brothers who were cold to each other and saw each other as potential threats in the royal family, Inle was even closer to him. Therefore, Fairenton didn’t want anything bad to happen to Inle.

“I got it, Your Highness,” Inle scratched his head. After he thought for a while, he suddenly lowered his voice and whispered, “Your Highness, I suspect that the buildings at the bottom of the ocean are a part of a Mythical Ruin that hasn’t been discovered yet. It might even be a Six-Star Mythical Ruin.”

“I already thought about that,” Fairenton nodded as excitement flashed in his eyes. “This is an important matter! If this news got leaked, numerous powerful warriors and the powerful empires could rush to here. If that happened, even our empire couldn’t get any benefits from it. Therefore, we have to keep it a secret.” he said.

“Your Highness! Don’t worry! Even if I die, I won’t tell this to another person!” Inle patted his iron-like chest and swore.

A smiled appeared on Fairenton’s face, but he then shook his head and said, “I trust you, but I’m worried that another person also knows about this!”

“Another person?” Inle was confused.

“Since the water acted strangely in our campsite, then it must have happened in Dual-Flags City as well. How powerful is the King of Chambord? He must have noticed something. I think the situation is far more complicated than we expect,” Fairenton said as he shook his head with a concerned expression on his face.

This prince was born with talent, and he was taken in as a disciple by a Moon-Cla.s.s Elite from Cultivation Saint Land – Big Snow Mountain. He currently was less than 20 years old, and he was already an Eight-Star Warrior; that placed him in the top-tier of genius warriors in the region.

However, after he came to this war zone, he got defeated by Fei multiple times in terms of strength and intelligence; he got destroyed in battle, and most of the food supplies of his troops were burned…… as if the King of Chambord was his nemesis, Fairenton’s self-pride was completely shattered by this man.

He thought he would hate and would want to get rid of a person like that, but he felt like this genius King of Chambord gave him a strange feeling; he wasn’t that envious and didn’t hate this king that much.

“Maybe it is because that the King of Chambord isn’t one of my brothers, and we don’t need to compete for the throne? Who can be sure that the two genius warriors who belonged to two antagonizing empires won’t become friends? But is that really suitable?” Fairenton was in a dilemma, and he couldn’t make up his mind.

Chapter 424: Ancient Bloodline (Part Two)

At this moment, a series of footsteps sounded outside the tent. Then, a guard reported to him that the scouts brought in the newest information.

“Bring him in!” Fairenton ordered; he stopped thinking about that complicated question.

“Your Highness! 5,000 cavaliers of Zenit left the campsite of [Wolf Teeth Legion] and entered the desert while avoiding us. They were headed towards the Death Ancient City, and we followed them closely. However, we were discovered close to the Death Ancient City, and only I made it back alive……” the scouts who survived the ma.s.sacre reported to Fairenton. This scout was covered in blood, and there was still an arrow on his back.


After hearing the report, Fairenton clapped this scout’s back with his palm without saying anything.

Everyone was shocked.


The big arrow that had pierced into this scout’s body was forced out, and Fairenton quickly pressed onto a few main arteries and Warrior Energy channels on this scout with his fingers; he was so fast that his arms left a series of afterimages in the air. What the prince did immediately stopped the bleeding.

He was healing this scout.

Everyone inside the tent calmed down; they were scared for nothing.

“Thank you for your service! You, please take this warrior to the healing facility for the full recovery,” Prince Fairenton whipped his hand and ordered.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” the scout was very touched.

Fairenton was a prince, but he was willing to use his own Warrior Energy to heal this low-level soldier. This unexpected move touched this scout who was worried that he might be punished. No one knew that this low-level soldier swore to himself that he was willing to die serving Prince Fairenton.

This scout was moved to the healing facility quickly.

“Pa.s.s my order! Call over all commanders who are above the rank of battalion commander! A meeting is being called!”

“As you wish!”

After Fairenton thought about something, he walked towards the map that was hanging off of the wall. After he looked at the location of Dual-Flags City, Death Ancient City, campsites of Jax, and a few ancient trails, he was shocked.

“Could it be…… are the soldiers of Zenit planning to enter…… Impossible! Other than the powerful Moon-Cla.s.s Elites, no one was able to enter the Death Ancient City! The red quicksand moat and the numerous Berserk Metal-Eating Ants exists, and they are a barrier that no one could get through…… but why would a team of cavaliers from Zenit go there? Don’t they know about the dangers?”

Fairenton thought about it for a while and felt like that was possible.

After all, the Death Ancient City was located in the territory of Jax, and it made sense that the people of Zenit didn’t know about the dangers around it.

Soon, the commanders entered the central tent.

“Erdous, you lead 6,000 Sand Tiger Cavalier and inspect the Death Ancient City. If you encounter the cavaliers of Zenit, make the decision that is appropriate in the situation; if you think you could win, attack and kill those cavaliers!”

Fairenton gave out an order.

“As you wish!” the commander named Erdous accepted the order and walked out of the tent.

“Kendo, you lead 6,000 Sand Tiger Cavaliers and go towards the Death Ancient City as well after 30 minutes. If Erdous is successful, you don’t need to reveal yourself. But if he is trapped by the soldiers of Zenit and is in danger, charge in and combine forces. Make sure that the cavaliers of Zenit are all killed around the Death Ancient City!”

Another order was given.

This was an intelligent move.

There would be 12,000 soldiers of Jax around the Death Ancient City. Even if they encountered the 5,000 cavaliers of Zenit, they had the numbers advantage and would almost have a 100% chance of winning. Even though master warriors were crucial in these battles, the Warrior Energy one master warrior had was limited. If a Nine-Star Warrior was depleted of his or her Warrior Energy, he or she could be killed by ordinary soldiers.

Even the most powerful warriors weren’t fearless.

“As you wish!” Kendo put on his black metal helmet and walked out of the tent in excitement; he was so blood-thirsty that he was already licking his lips.

To the soldiers and commanders of Jax, only battles could excite them. The two days of pure defense already caused a little uproar in the campsites.

“Pa.s.s my order! Increase the number of scouts we have around the campsite of [Wolf Teeth Legion] and closely monitor them! If anyone at Zenit is behaving strangely, report back to me as soon as possible! The reinforcement of Dual-Flags City would for sure try to get through us and get into Dual-Flags City today. According to our plan, they would be all captured and killed if they try to get through our defense line, haha!”

Fairenton gave out a few more orders, and he was feeling great.

“As you wish!” all the commanders replied.

“Your Highness, if the King of Chambord makes his move, no one on our side could defeat him……” someone notified the prince carefully.

With a smile on his face, Fairenton replied with confidence, “Don’t worry, I already found the solution.”


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