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Read Handsome CEO’S Bewitching Wife Chapter 131 – Su Zixin….???….Sz….??

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“Su Zixin.” Chen Bai told her his name nonchalantly.

Xin Mei froze on her steps and she looked at Su Zixin aka Chen Bai who was climbing up on the stairs.

‘Su Zixin…SZ… Su Zixin…SZ… Su Zixin…SZ… Su Zixin…SZ……..’ Xin Mei thought before her eyes widened in realization.

Who in the world could have played such a prank on her except for this idiot Su Zixin? Only he was the one who could have known her choices to send her such perfect gifts on the sets.

“Su Zixin, are you the one who is pranking me with the name Romeo?”

Su Zixin felt a chill down his spine when he heard the crisp and cold voice of Xin Mei. He could feel sweaty due to the hot glare of Xin Mei.

“Dare you to lie to me?”

Su Zixin knew his veil was up. Xin Mei knew that he was the Romeo who was parking with her from so long. He knew now Xin Mei would not leave him.

“Chen Bai or Su Zixin…….” Xin Mei yelled. “How dare of you?”

Xin Mei ran towards him. Su Zixin knew she would beat him to the pulp if she got her hand on him. He also started to run.

“Stop right there, Su Zixin. I will not leave you. How dare of you to play such a pack with me? You don’t know how panicked I was about the ident.i.ty of this SZ or manic Romeo.”

Su Zixin ran all around the house trying to save himself from Xin Mei who was running behind him with anger, she also had a cleaning broom in her hand. He could see her anger and her eyes. He remembered the time when she had broken his little finger in her anger.

“Brother, save me from your wife.” Su Zixin yelled at the top of his lungs, hoping that his brother would hear to him.

“Su Zixin, no one will be able to save you from me.”

Su Zixin ran out in the garden in an attempt to be away from Xin Mei but she followed behind him in the garden. He ran in the dining room and tried to close the door when she pushed him back.

Forgetting the door, he started to revolve around the table.

“Su Zixin, come here brother in law. I will not beat you badly if you come in my hand by your own wish.” Xin Mei glared at him from the other side of the table.

Su Zixin shook his head and covered himself using the table.

Both Su Zixin and Xin Mei kept revolving around the table before Su Zixin left the dining room, yelling loudly, “brother help.”

Su Yuchen felt headache when he heard the loud yells of Su Zixin and Xin Mei. He was hearing them yell from the last half an hour.

Didn’t they get tired of fighting and yelling?

Su Yuchen felt sympathetic to the parents who had fighting kids like Su Zixin and Xin Mei.

Su Yuchen ma.s.saged his forehead before he stepped out of the home theatre and into the corridor. Now he could hear the yells of Xin Mei and Su Zixin with clarity.

“No one can save you from me, Chen Bai or Su Zixin, whatever.”

“Brother… me from your wife.”

Su Yuchen walked towards the staircase and saw Xin Mei was following behind Su Zixin with a vase in her hand. He could see that she was h.e.l.l angry.

“Brother,” Su Zixin sighed in relief when he saw Su Yuchen standing on the top of the staircase. “Save me.”

Su Zixin climbed the stairs and hidden himself behind Su Yuchen. “Brother, save your little brother from your wife.”

“Su Zixin came out from the behind of Su Yuchen. What do you think, he can save you? No one can save you from me.”

Su Zixin clung himself on the back of Su Yuchen. He was feeling very scared of Xin Mei at that very moment.

“What has he done wife that you are so angry with him?” Su Yuchen took a grip of her wrist to hold her hands steady which were waving in the air with a vase.

“Husband, you don’t know but your brother has troubled me a lot. From the moment, the shooting of the movie had started; he was sending me gifts with a message which had initials SZ as the signature. I was so nervous thinking a manic had started to admire me. But it was this person who wanted to play pranks with me.”

Xin Mei yelled and tried to remove her wrist from the hand of Su Yuchen who tightened his hold around her. “Xin Mei, you will not say anything on him. I will be the one to give him punishment. So calm down, ok.”

Su Yuchen spoke in a strong and firm voice. Xin Mei nodded her head upon hearing him while Su Zixin s.h.i.+vered in fear. Xin Mei felt satisfied upon seeing the effect which words of Su Yuchen had on him.

‘Why didn’t I leave the home instead of hiding behind brother? Why didn’t I remember that brother can be very possessive for his love interest?’

“Su Zixin, come out in front of me.”

Su Zixin s.h.i.+vered but readily obliged his brother. He didn’t want to anger him further. He walked in front of Su Yuchen with head bowed.

Xin Mei was about to throw vase in direction of Su Zixin when Su Yuchen stopped her. “Let me punish him for you, wife.”

Su Yuchen took the vase from her hand and looked in the direction of Su Zixin.

“Is it true that you were sending her gift on her sets?” Su Yuchen asked. Hidden anger could be traced in his voice.

Su Yuchen was also aware of the gifts which were being sent to Xin Mei. Huang Chu had reported him about the same. He was also aware that the person sending the gift had initials SZ.

But he never thought the sender was his brother because he never thought much about the gifts which were being sent to Xin Mei. He knew she expected to receive many gifts from her fans. He couldn’t s.n.a.t.c.h her rights to receive gifts only because of his possessiveness!

“Yes brother, it is me who was sending her gift.” Su Zixin scratched his neck which was all wet due to sweat.

“Why?” Su Yuchen yelled. His voice was cold which made Xin Mei and Su Zixin jump back.

Su Zixin raised his head and looked at his brother whose eyes were red. Brother or not, he would not leave him in his anger.

“Brother, please trust me.” Su Zixin fell on the legs of Su Yuchen. He knew acting weak was the best method to save himself from his brother’s anger.

“I send her gifts only out of my goodwill. I didn’t want her to feel suppressed by that Zhou Mingyu. I thought if I will send her gift daily then other co-stars will respect her. I have spent so many years in the film industry I know how much gifts from fans affect your position in the eyes of other crew and cast members.”

Su Yuchen and Xin Mei both looked in his eyes and they could say he was saying the truth.

“I swear that I send her gifts only out of my goodwill for her. I have also talked with her cousin, He ye about the same. He knew I was sending gifts to her.”

“Cousin knew?” Xin Mei raised his brows. 

“Yup, he knew. He wanted to send you gifts at a different name but then I decided to use SZ. To add-in, he was the one to get the gifts delivered to you when I was not in the city.”

“And how can I believe you?” Xin Mei placed her hand on her hips and glared at him.

“Call him.” Su Yuchen spoke. “Confirm from him if what Su Zixin is saying is truth or not.”

Xin Mei nodded her head and dialed the number of He Ye. After exchanging greetings with him, she directly went to the topic.

“Ye gege, do you know about the ident.i.ty of SZ?”

“Meimei, didn’t I tell you I don’t…” before he could complete, Su Zixin yelled, “He Ye, tell her everything. I am already busted. Now my life is in your hand.”

Xin Mei could hear He Ye sighing from another side. “Xin Mei, Chen Bai is the one who sent you gifts. Some of them were also sent by me in case he was busy. We both wanted you to have an upper hand on Zhou Mingyu in case of gifts from an admirer.”

“But why didn’t you inform me about this?”

“We both knew you will not accept the gifts if you were made aware that we were sending them. Besides, you can see Zhou Mingyu also sent herself gifts at the fake names, only to hype her image.”

“Ye Gege….” Xin Mei shook her head. She wanted to curse her brother who also kept the ident.i.ty of mysterious SZ hidden from her.

“Xin Mei, what we did was for your good only. Don’t be angry on us, especially not on Chen Bai. You know he cares for you.”

Xin Mei hung up the phone and looked at Chen Bai.

“See, I told you. What I did was out of my goodwill only.”

“You sent me gifts out of goodwill then what about Romeo?”

Su Zixin froze and could feel the drop in the temperature of the house.

‘Why am I feeling cold?’


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