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Read Handsome CEO’S Bewitching Wife Chapter 233 – Smooth Lie!

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Read WebNovel Handsome CEO’S Bewitching Wife Chapter 233 – Smooth Lie!

Xin Mei decided that she would cook lunch for everyone. Bai Yue tried to protest but she did not listen to her. 

When she entered the kitchen, every housemaid and cook present in the kitchen were shocked. They were first shocked to see this unknown female beside their young master and now inside the kitchen to cook lunch.

Xin Mei dismissed them and did all the preparations for the lunch.

“Xiao Mei, need any help?” Su Lingtian entered the kitchen and smiled at Xin Mei.

“Grandpa, you don’t need to help me.” Xin Mei shook her head. “I can prepare the lunch by myself. You should go out and have some rest. Also spent some time with grandma.”

“I will do that but first I have something to talk with you.” 

Su Lingtian took the capsic.u.m and started to chop it. Xin Mei felt impressed when she saw his cutting skills.

“Grandpa, now I know Yuchen has taken his trait of cooking from you.”

“No, he has not.” Su Lingtian chuckled. “I do not know how to cook. I only know how to chop some vegetables and that too thanks to Yue. She had always given me the task of chopping vegetables whenever she used to cook in the kitchen.”

Eyes of Su Lingtian became warm when he talked about Bai Yue. Xin Mei smiled at him and focused on her dishes.

“Xiao Mei, are you angry on Su Yuchen?”

“I don’t know grandpa,” Xin Mei shrugged. “I get it that he doesn’t feel right to tell me about his past and the Jiang’s, but as his wife I feel I must share his problem. How should I share his problem if I do not know who Jiang’s are in the first place?”

“Xiao Mei, Jiang’s used to be our good family friends. We has many businesses in the partners.h.i.+p. But when I decided to make Su Yuchen my successor, they were strictly against it. Elder Jiang had warned me that he would break our partners.h.i.+p and friends.h.i.+p if I made Su Yuchen my successor.”

Su Lingtian was cutting the vegetables while reciting a story from old memory. Xin Mei stopped whatever she was doing and looked at Su Lingtian with complete focus.

“That day, Su Yuchen was preparing to take over my business. He was a hot-blooded man ready to accept the challenge. He could not take it that Jiang’s were against him becoming my successor. So, in his anger, he had said a few things to Jiang.”

“The result was that, Jiang broke their relations.h.i.+p with us. Bai Yue lost her another friend and I lost my good friend. Su corporation was also affected. Su Yuchen thinks it was his selfishness that I lost my friend and now have a bitter relation with Jiang.”

“Jiang’s also lost their glory for which also Su Yuchen held himself guilty.”

Xin Mei frowned not completely believing the story of Su Lingtian.

“But why does he think I will hate him after knowing his relation with Jiang’s?”

“Because he thinks what he has done was a big crime. He thinks everyone will hate him after knowing he was greedy for the post of the CEO which led to the sore relations in between Su’s and Jiang’s.”

Xin Mei nodded her head in understanding. She had already noticed that Su Yuchen could become emotional at small topics. So, it was not a big deal that he was very emotional regarding the topic of Jiang’s.

Su Lingtian left the kitchen and at the same moment he exchanged looks with Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen nodded in grat.i.tude and thanked his grandfather for lying like an expert!

Bai Yue and Su Lingtian were playing Go, Chinese chess when Xin Mei arrived in the living room. She smiled when she saw how Su Yuchen was trying to help Bai Yue with much the displeasure of Su Lingtian.

“Grandma, move this piece and we will win.” Su Yuchen pointed towards the piece on the board.

“Chen, stop helping your grandma. She has already won two rounds because of you.” Su Lingtian groaned and again focused on his board.

Xin Mei smiled and walked towards Su Yuchen. She placed her hand on his shoulder and took her seat beside him.

“You should have told me about Jiang’s. I don’t hate you after knowing about them.”

Su Yuchen faked a surprised look when he heard her.

“Grandpa told me everything.” She interlaced her fingers with his. “I can understand what you did and why you did. I have also done some mistakes like you. But that does not mean you will start hating me. So why should I hate you?”

Su Yuchen smiled and nodded to her. “Thanks for being so understanding, Mei.”

They all enjoy the rounds of Go for some time before Xin Mei invited everyone for the lunch.

Later, Su Yuchen took Xin Mei out in the garden where dogs were running after one another.

“Yuchen, why have you brought me here?” Xin Mei again jumped in the arms of Su Yuchen and hugged him tightly. “You don’t know about my fear toward dogs..”

“And I don’t want that. I want you to shoo away your fear.”

Su Yuchen called some dogs which came running towards him. “Look how obedient they are.” He lovingly patted on the head of dogs.

“Mei, try to pat on their head. Come on, give me your hand.” 

Su Yuchen took her hand in his. He opened her tightened fist, taking which in his hand, he started to pat the dog. He smiled and looked at her face.

Xin Mei was nervous and afraid all this while but she let Su Yuchen make her pat the dog.

“Their fur is so soft.” She commented in astonishment.

“I know. Now step down and again try to pet them.”

“But what if they bite me?”

“They will not. Now step down.”

Trusting on Su Yuchen, Xin Mei stepped down from his hug. Dogs came around her and lifted their heads. She gently patted on their heads and smiled when she saw a goofy grins on the lips of dogs.

“Come with me.” Su Yuchen pulled Xin Mei toward the back of the garden once she was done patting the dogs.

In the back were many small puppies. Su Yuchen gently took one puppy in his arm and patted on it’s back. He gently combed it’s fur.

Xin Mei felt astonishment and started to pat on the puppy’s back. Soon, she became strong enough to carry it in her arms.

“Awe, it is so cute.”

Xin Mei smiled and rocked the puppy in her arms. She looked at the puppy with awe when it yawned in her arms.

Su Yuchen sighed when he looked at her. At least, he was able to take away one of her fear!


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