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Read Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife Chapter 418 I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU

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Mu Liang glanced at the girl beside him. Mu Lan was sweating. She wiped her face and neck with the soft white towel wrapping around her shoulder.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.

Mu Lan was thinking about last night. The sudden pull made her startled. She asked, “What has gotten into you?”

“You pretended that you wanted to break up with me, didn’t you? So that I feel pressure and tell you everything i know about you, right?” Mu Liang deeply looked into her eyes. After he woke up in the morning, he realized that he fell on her trap.


Mu Lan blinked a few times and innocently said, “Pretend? What do you mean? I don’t understand at all!”

Mu Liang silently glanced at her for a few seconds before bending down and and bit her nose.

“Ow! It hurts! Liang Liang, Let go!” As her nose was bitten, her voice changed. It sounded cuter.

Mu Liang didn’t budge and used strength to held her tightly, so that she could not move. After biting her with his heart content, he let go.

Her delicate nose turned white before it became red with teeth marks.

Mu Lan touched her nose and hissed in pain.

“That’s for torturing my soul.” Mu Liang said. He still couldn’t see her in pain, so he stretched his hand and rubbed her nose softly to ease her pain.

“How did I torture you? It was clearly you who hid my past.” Mu Lan complained and yet she let him soothe her pain.

Mu Liang had an apologetic look. “I didn’t mean to. I was afraid…” that I might lose you…. He didn’t finish the line.

However, Mu Lan understood him well. She hugged his waist and said softly, “I know. Even I was afraid that I might lose my current memories with you once I get my past memories back. Since Dr. Lu Feng’s treatment didn’t work, I had to force you to spill the beans.” Then she changed her voice. “But since you bit my nose, I’m not saying sorry to you.”

Mu Liang looked stunned as he looked at her. “You were afraid of losing your present memories and that’s why you were so reluctant to get your memory back.” he didn’t realize that she felt that way. She was too good to hide her inner feelings.

“Dah! I had a dream that I lost my current memories after I got past memories back. I was so scared.” Mu Lan said.

“Is it that night I saw that you woke up?” Mu Liang remembered the time when Mu Lan was awake at night. She was sweating all over and drinking water. That night, she hugged him tightly when she slept, even though she was mad at him.

“Hmm.” Mu Lan nodded. “Though I want my memory back, it’s not as important as my present life. I treasure my times with you and I definitely don’t want to lose you.”

Mu Liang’s heart melted at her sudden honest confession. He kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry that I didn’t realize your feelings.”

Mu Lan felt warmth as she was in his embrace. “I’m not mad at you though. I know that you wanted the best for me.” She paused before asking, “Can I ask you something? It’s about your mother.”

“Anything.” Mu Liang replied without hesitation.

“Is what your grandma said true? About your mother’s mental sickness.” Mu Lan asked.

Mu Liang pause before answering, “Yes, what grandma said is true. Mother has a mental sickness, but it’s totally my father’s fault. Mother lived in Beijing. He was a playboy when he was at my age and after he went to visit China, he made mother pregnant while both of them were drunk. My mother wanted to flee from him, but as a man of Mu Family, he wanted to take the responsibility. I still think that he has someone else in his heart, but he never treated mother unfairly and always stayed by her side. So no one ever asked him about it.”

Both of them became silent. Soft breeze of spring blew past them.

“The woman he loved, was it my mother?” Mu Lan asked.

“It might be the case after seeing his expression yesterday.” Mu Liang replied.

“Will you hate me if your father really loved my mother?” Mu Lan asked him glancing at his ocean blue eyes. She was thinking about asking him this question since she woke up in the morning.

Mu Liang frowned at her question. “Where did you get that idea? I will never.”

“Is that a promise?” Mu Lan asked carefully.

“Do I need to give you a promise?” Mu Liang helplessly asked.

“Well, it’s true that you never tell a lie. But let’s get clear about it. You will never leave me no matter what, right?” Mu Lan asked firmly.

Understanding that she was feeling insecure, he answered, “I won’t leave you even the wold turns into dust.”

Mu Lan sighed in relief. She felt lighter. She gave a big smile at him as she said, “I’m hungry. Let’s go inside.”

Mu Liang also smiled at her. He nodded and took her right hand in his as they both walked towards the castle.

In front of the entrance, someone was waiting for them. They noticed that it was Mu Jin.

Seeing them walking towards the entrance, Mu Jin mildly smiled. “Good morning you two.” He greeted first.

“Good morning, father.” Mu Liang greeted him politely.

Mu Lan bowed and greeted as well, “Good morning, Mr. Mu.”

Mu Jin chuckled and said, “You can call me father, you know. Since you are becoming part of the family.”

Before Mu Lan could answer, Mu Liang asked, “Are you waiting for someone?” He was concerned about his father’s health.

“I was waiting for you two. Breakfast is ready. You two have a bath first. We will wait for you in the dining hall.” Mu Jin said and after that he entered inside the castle.

“He has something in his mind.” Mu Lan commented.

“So it seems. Let’s go.” Mu Liang took her inside.


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