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Read Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife Chapter 522 CRAVING FOR AFFECTION

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Read WebNovel Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife Chapter 522 CRAVING FOR AFFECTION

The next day in the late morning, Mu Liang was stroking Mu Lan’s hazel tree colored hair. The sunlight came through the window and fell on her naked body. Her body was covered till her waist. The kiss marks in her supple skin were bright in his eyes.

Mu Lan was sweetly and silently sleeping. She didn’t wake up in ten hours after she fainted last night. Her breath was regular and her temperature was normal. She was a living sleeping beauty laying on his right arm.

Mu Liang leaned forward to kiss her naked shoulder. He traced his lips tenderly over the red hickeys. His heart was peaceful in the bright day.

Just to destroy the mood, someone barged into the room with a knock. Noticing that was his youngest brother, Mu Liang immediately covered whole Mu Lan’s body, even her head. His gazed pierced through Mu Chen’s heart.

The moment Mu Chen entered the bedroom without knock, he saw his brother kissing that woman’s skin with love. Her body was full of bruises. He wasn’t a kid not to know what the marks were.

Moreover, whenever he wanted to sleep with his first brother while Mu Feng was away Mu Liang would kick his hard to make him roll on the floor. Mu Liang never allowed anyone sleeping with him. Now he was hugging a woman I his bed and kissing her with all his might.

‘Woman. Again!’ Mu Chen’s heart was filled with jealousy. In his whole life, he wanted to be the closest person to his most favorite people, his brothers. He didn’t want other people s.n.a.t.c.hing them away from him. Now, two women took his precious brothers away. How could he not hate women?

With a hint of jealousy, he scornfully glared at the woman who was wrapped like a dough.

“What do you think you are doing?” Mu Liang cold voice swept through the room.

First of all, someone came into his bedroom without knocking, secondly, he was glaring at his wifey and thirdly, his brother destroyed such loving moment.

The third point was the most important part.

“Why is she in your bed?” Mu Chen’s eyes were red as if he was about to cry in jealousy. “You never liked other people sleeping with you.”

“A wife sleeps with her beloved husband. Isn’t it obvious?” Mu Liang’s merciless answer was a huge blow to Mu Chen.

“Wh-haa-” Mu Chen couldn’t speak after that.

That was true. Husbands slept with their wives. It was natural. But Mu Liang and Mu Lan were married. That’s what Mu Chen knew. But still, he couldn’t refute.

“If you haven’t asked grandfather or father this same question, why are you so stupid enough to ask me this? Didn’t I give you enough time to grow up? Maybe I should have harsher with you.” Mu Liang’s voice was excessive low. It wasn’t only because that he was annoyed and mad at his youngest brother, it was also for Mu Lan who was sleeping.

Mu Chen cringed as he heard his first brother’s cold tone. It was so distant that he felt lonely. “Why couldn’t we stay together?”

Mu Liang was silently gazing at his brother. For some reason, when it came to bonding, Mu Chen was always childish and possessive.

“As brothers, we are always together. If you didn’t acted abnormally, we wouldn’t let you stay away from us. It is natural for men to marry women and stay together. Haven’t you see our grandparents and parents? The relations.h.i.+p between siblings and life partners are different.” He answered patiently.

Mu Chen admitted what his first brother said was true. Even what the small girl (Xue Lin) said was also true. But he still couldn’t accept it.

In the morning, he went to talk to his second brother who was eating tofu with all his might. Being disturbed by Mu Cheng, he got angry and threw Mu Chen out. Feeling remorse, Mu Chen came to find his first brother and yet he had to see his brother like this as if Mu Liang was whole new person.

“First brother, I-” Mu Chen couldn’t speak anymore.

“All right. You go to your room. When I’m free, I will come to look for you. Don’t disturb your sister-in-law. She couldn’t sleep because of the company for two nights.” Mu Liang’s voice warmed up a bit.

As an older brother, Mu Liang had a good knowledge when to scold his brothers and when to be friendly to them.

Upon hearing what he said, Mu Chen said no more. He nodded and left. He really wanted his brothers’ company.

After he left, Mu Liang uncovered Mu Lan’s face and met a pair of transparent black eyes. “You should spend more time with your brother. He is craving for some family love. He feels lonely.”

Mu Liang lovingly scratched her nose and said, “You wake up first thing in the morning and speak for another man. You got some nerve. How about I punish you for your sin?”

Mu Lan heard about the word ‘punish’ and her flushed. “What sin? What punishment?”

She had already had enough of it last night. She couldn’t imagine how she could shamelessly scream like that.

Mu Liang’s hands trailed down her body. “Thinking of other men when you are in your hubby’s arm is a great sin.”

Mu Lan s.h.i.+vered from his touch and tried to move away and just then she realized that she was still connected with him.

“Wha… what…!” Mu Lan’s whole body heated up as she felt something hardened and twitched inside her.

Mu Liang pinned her down and said, “Babe, we have been like this all night. I was waiting for you to wake up and you talk about another man. Tell me how should I punish you?”

His hoa.r.s.e voice made Mu Lan tremble. Last night’s memories were still vivid in her mind.

By the way, how could this guy be so shameless to stick to her the whole night?


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