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Melting Snow watched as his party members disappeared into the distance with a smirk on his face. He found it funny how Wandering Sound didn’t ask Drifting Cloud about what direction they were heading in. He wasn’t stupid though he knew exactly why the older man didn’t, it was because his thoughts were only focused on a certain person.

Rolling his eyes at how transparent adults could be sometimes, Melting Snow looked over at Drifting Cloud. The green-haired man had his face turned away from him so that he couldn’t see his expression, but from the way he was holding himself, Melting Snow had a feeling that there was a lot going on in the man’s mind.

“Drifting Cloud,” Melting Snow started, trying to gain the man’s attention while pulling him out of his thoughts. “Where do we have to go to sell the mirror?”

Snapping himself out of his dark thoughts, he turned to look at Melting Snow who was looking at him expectantly. Thinking for a moment, Xinya realized that he didn’t know himself where they needed to go.

“Wait a minute, let me check and see,” Xinya told him.

Pulling up his interface, Xinya opened his map function. He knew that if he wanted to get the full 250 gold coins that the Mirror of Pandemonium was worth he would need to sell it to a crafter. The problem he was having was that he didn’t think that any crafter would do.

He had a gut feeling that if he sold it to any old crafter he would get a lower price. For example, it wouldn’t make any sense if he took the mirror to a toymaker. A toymaker wouldn’t need to buy the mirror, because that isn’t what they sell.

With that realization, he studied the various crafters on the map, before coming to a decision. The place that made the most sense to sell the mirror was a small shop called Genovesi Mirrors, run by a gla.s.s artisan.

Setting it as his destination on the map, Xinya watched as a path that would take him straight there became visible before him. Making the map translucent so he could see in front of him, he started to follow the path, turning his body in the direction he needed to go.

“Follow me, Melting Snow. We need to head this way.” Xinya said before he began walking down a stone path that headed straight through the central hub of the village.

“Alright,” Melting Snow said, walking next to him. “But, where are we headed?”

“We are going to a mirror shop called Genovese Mirrors,” Xinya told him while looking around to make sure that what he was seeing was the same as it was on the map.

Letting out an amused huff, Melting Snow said, “Of course, where else would we sell a mirror but at a mirror shop.”

The two boys walked down the stone road that led through the busiest part of town. It was still the afternoon, so there were tons of villagers out and active. Xinya and Melting Snow had to be very careful not to into anyone as they weaved their way through the crowd. 

While he walked next to Drifting Cloud, Melting Snow became entranced by the surroundings around him. There were so many things around him trying to catch his attention. Women standing in front of shops selling their wares, men lugging around sacks of grain or pulling various animals around taking them somewhere.

For some reason, these realistic animals interest Melting Snow greatly. Maybe it was because unlike the other animals in Haven, they could be found in real life. Whatever the reason he was extremely curious about them, and as another cow pa.s.sed by him, the boy felt the compulsive need to reach out and touch it.

Smiling at the feel of its leathery skin, he turned towards Drifting Cloud with a thoughtful expression. “I think you should buy a cow.”

“Oh?” Drifting Cloud replied, taken aback by the randomness of that suggestion. “Why do you think I should get one?”

“Well…” Melting Snow trailed off not knowing how to answer. Sighing he just glances over his shoulder to a black and white calf being pulled by a young villager, not continuing.

Once the boy stopped speaking, Xinya who was checking the map turned his face towards him. He could tell that Melting Snow was distracted by something, curious as to what, Xinya looked to see what had captured the boy’s attention.

Following Melting Snow’s line of sight, he found the cause of the boy’s randomness. ‘So, that is the reason.’ Xinya thought while grinning.

He wouldn’t have thought that ‘real’ animals would hold an appeal to the boy. With all of these otherworldly creatures created for his world for him to tame. Xinya guessed that with so many fake monsters and animals, that animals that could be found outside the game were more interesting.

Laughing softly to himself, Xinya said casually, “Well I was thinking about getting one or two when I buy myself a farm.”

“Really?!” exclaimed Melting Snowing, quickly turning his head towards Drifting Cloud. “Are you going to get other animals for your farm?” 

“I haven’t decided yet, it would be a lot of work taking care of those animals by myself,” Xinya replied.

Although Melting Snow agreed that it would take work, he still wanted Xinya to get them. “Don’t worry I will help you take care of them.”

“I’m sure you will,” Xinya began. “But I need to see what size my farm will be before I even think about getting any animals.”

“You right, I got a little ahead of myself, but you’re certain you’re going to get a cow right?” Melting Snow asked.

Nodding his head, the green-haired man said, “Yes, I’m definitely going to get a cow. It won’t take up much s.p.a.ce, plus I need milk in a lot of my recipes.”

“Awesome.” Melting Snow said brightly as he began to walk with a noticeable bounce in his step. “I was being serious, I will help you take care of it.”

Chuckling at the boy’s excitement, Xinya checked the map once again, before saying, ” I know you will.”

After another ten minutes of walking, with Melting Snow happily talking Xinya’s ear off they finally reached the shop Genovesi Mirrors. Standing before it, the only thing that Xinya could think was how the shop seemed a little out of place in this small village. 

It had an air of elegance that the rest of the town didn’t have. Framed by black pine wood, but was mostly covered with curved rose stained gla.s.s, the store stood out like a swan among ducks.

Although the shop looked strange sitting in the middle of this village, Xinya didn’t see the point in just standing in front of it just gaping. Grabbing Melting Snow’s hand, he pulled him forward into the store.


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