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Read Haven Online 49 Wei’s Decision

Haven Online is a web novel produced by Momocatt.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Haven Online 49 Wei’s Decision

Wei was standing in the character creation screen not knowing what race she wanted to be, well actually she did. She had it all planned out months in advance, she was going to play it safe, she would choose the beastman race because they are light on their feet and good hunters.

She would hunt small animals and sell the fur she gains to tailors, ama.s.s a small fortune, and then in a couple of years use that money to fund her dreams of becoming an explorer. Once she is an explorer, she would find tons of different kinds of treasures, which she would sell and become super-rich, so rich that she and mom would never have to work for anyone ever again.

That was her plan, but after hearing all of Xinya’s adventures in Haven Online, Wei started to doubt if she was choosing the right path. Xinya did what he wanted, Wei knew that he must have researched the game, she could tell by the way he explained things to her while they talked about his adventures, but he still chose to be a dryad even though it is the most useless race, he chose to level up cooking and potions even though they are useless skills, he became an artisan that focuses on potion-making and cooking, which everyone steers clear from, he did all the wrong things but he already made 9 gold coins.

Wei always told herself that she wanted to be an explorer because that was a safe option, on the forums it said even a complete novice could turn a profit by being an explorer, so she settled for that because it would be a good way to make money plus it was similar to what she really wanted to do. Although, after seeing Xinya follow his gut, breaking the rules players set of what not to do, she too wanted to break the rules and follow her dream of becoming a treasure hunter.
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Treasure Hunter is one of the branches from the adventure cla.s.s the other one being Explorer. Unlike, explorers who search for ruins and excavate treasures, a treasure hunter is different. Treasure Hunting originated from a mischievous little elf who had a thirst for knowledge and adventure. Upon researching different old tomes, the elf found there was an abundant amount of hidden dungeon all over the world of Haven.

Determined to go inside of one of the dungeons, the little elf became proficient in survival skills and threw away his bow and arrows to specialize in dual-wielding guns. He soon became known as the greatest treasure hunter.

Treasure Hunters take full advantage of their exceptional instinct, intuition, athleticism, perception and survival skills; putting them to use as they delve into their dungeon exploration. While a Treasure Hunter stands out in any crowd because of their unique looks, it almost impossible to track them down due to their nomadic lifestyle and sage-like knowledge of survival.

Wei knew that to go down the treasure hunter branch, she had to make an elf and from little information about the cla.s.s there is on the forums once she becomes one her appearance will change. It will lose the softness and gracefulness of a normal elf becoming more hardened and seductive. After thinking about it, Wei decided to take the chance and chose the elf race. For once she will follow her heart instead of her head.

After changing the appearance a bit so that it didn’t look exactly like her, Wei moved on to her starting stats. She knew that she could just let the fairy choose for and perhaps get some rare stats but she felt that she was already going against everything she sought out to become and didn’t want to push it.

Since she only had 20 starting stats points she decided that since elves have low defense she would put ten stat points into health, since the higher a player’s health was the higher their defense would be. For the other ten points, she would split them in half, five into stamina and five into dexterity since those are the stats needed when using dual guns. If there was anything she got from the 0.3% of players that are playing as a treasure hunter is that stamina would be her best friend. It seems the skills of the dual guns use up a player’s stamina, so the higher it was the better she will be.

After checking over her stats once more, Wei decided she was ready to begin her adventure in Haven now. Just as she was about to inform the fairy she paused, she started worrying if she was making the right choice. If she goes down this path there was no turning back, but then she thought about Xinya, he went through so much, had nowhere to fall back on, but he wasn’t taking a safe road.

Although he said he would make coins through fis.h.i.+ng, she didn’t believe him, she knew he had something planned and was probably scared to tell her in case it fails, but one thing was for sure he was taking chances and she wanted to take one too. With that in mind she told the fairy she was finished and in a flash of light, she appeared in one of the many beginner towns.


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