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“Girl! Why are you so happy? As if you have not done anything!” Xio Lee kept down the bucket, and folded his hands across his chest, looking sternly at Rose.

Rose suddenly stopped giggling and looked at Xio Lee. She gulped at him in fear. “Ummmm! Master…! I….I….was….just …ummm.. ughh!

“Oh! Master, look at the bright side. Atleast no-one is dead. This is better than burning down the kitchen! She is imroving, don’t you think so?” Rhehan chuckled, making Xio Lee also laugh out loud. “You Rhehan! I am telling you! You are spoiling this girl a lot. She has already been spoilt by her mother and your mother. She is getting out of our hands now.”

Rose made a gloomy face, looking at Rhehan with puppy sad eyes and face.

“Awww! Baby!! He is just angry! You are a very cute, talented, good natured and an adorable sweetheart. I love you sooo much!” Rhehan smiled and pinched the girl’s cheeks, making Rose smile widely.

Xio Lee slapped his forehead in disgust and turned away his eyes, avoiding looking at his kids’ public display of affection. “If you both are done with your mushy talks, Rose would you care to get up from the boy’s lap, so that I can pick him up, out the door. The fire brigade must be on the way too!”

Rose was embarrased and blushed at Xio Lee’s sarcastic words. Though, it was not visible, but her cheeks were completely now red. “Yes master!”

Rose tried to get up from Rhehan’s lap with the help of her hands, but she could not. She felt as if somebody was holding her back and waist tightly. “Rhehan let go off me! Master is getting really angry and its embara.s.sing me too!”

“What are you talking about? I am not even holding you babes!” Rhehan spread out his hands and showed it to Rose.

“Huh? Then why can not I get up?” Rose tried to get up again, with the help of her hands ,but she was some- how stuck with Rhehan’s chest. “Ughhhhh! Ughhhhhh!!”

“Trrrrrrrrrr!” A tearing sound came suddenly and Rose suddenly halted. “What did I tear off?”

“Oh s.h.i.+t! Don’t move Rose. Your dress! It is yet not teared, but I can see some loose threads. Don’t push any further!” Rhehan held the girl still, looking at a ragged patch on her upper back.

Xio Lee slapped his forehead again. “Don’t tell me, you two love birds are stuck together! Stay like this now, I am not going to help you both!”

Rose and Rhehan grinned awkwardly and looked Xio Lee, asking for help. Their cute faces, melted the man right-away.

*Sigh* “Who told you be romantic in such a situation? You two! Just can not take your hands off each other!” Xio Lee shouted at them, looking at the tiny bucket he had bought. Clearly this little amount of water was nothing to seperate the two.

Rose could not help but smirk looking at Xio Lee. She had always loved annoying him, right from her childhood. It was Xio Lee, who had always scolded, loved and protected her like a father. “Ummm…You mean just the way you and aunt Lizie can not take your hands off each other?” Rose giggled looking at Xio Lee’s shocked face.

“Keep quiet you naughty kid!!” Xio Lee, looked at Rose in anger, his cheeks red with embarras.e.m.e.nt.

Though they had never really declared their relation- s.h.i.+p openly before anybody, but the three kids knew about the growing fondness between Elizabeth and Xio Lee. They would often tease the two regarding it, only to be scolded back by the elders.

“What??? My mom is dating my dad??!!!!” Rhehan spoke up in shock!


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