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Read Heath’s Modern Language Series: Spanish Short Stories Part 61

Heath’s Modern Language Series: Spanish Short Stories is a web novel created by Elijah Clarence Hills and Louise Reinhardt.
This webnovel is right now completed.

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=conferenciar,= to confer, discuss.

=confesar (ie),= to confess, acknowledge.

=confesor,= _m._, father confessor.

=confianza,= confidence; =hombre de –,= confidential clerk; =de toda su –,= whom he trusted implicitly.

=confiar,= to confide, entrust.


=confirmar,= to confirm, corroborate.

=confiteria,= confectionery, sweets.

=conforma.r.s.e,= to consent, agree.

=conforme,= in proportion; =estar –,= to agree, be resigned.

=conformidad,= _f._, resemblance, condition.

=confundirse,= to be _or_ become confused, mingle together, be mistaken for.

=confusamente,= confusedly, indistinctly.

=confusion,= _f._, confusion, commotion.

=confuso= (_irr. p. p. of_ =confundir=)=,= confused, indistinct.

=congoja(s),= anxiety, distress, faintness, dismay.

=congregar,= to congregate, gather.

=conjugar,= to conjugate.

=conjurar,= to conjure, exorcise.

=conmigo,= with me.

=conmocion; — cerebral,= concussion of the brain.

=conmover (ue),= to move, touch, affect.

=conocedor, -a,= judge _or_ critic (_in matters of taste_), connoisseur.

=conocer,= to know, become acquainted (with), recognize, meet; =bien se conoce,= it is evident.

=conocido,= acquaintance.

=conocimiento,= acquaintance, friendship, knowledge, experience.

=conque,= so, so that, well then!

=conquista,= conquest; =ir de –,= to go a-wooing.

=conquistador, -a,= conqueror.

=conquistar,= to win, conquer.

=consagrar,= to consecrate.

=consecuencia,= consequence.

=conseguir (i),= to succeed (in), obtain, get.

=consejo,= council, advice, consultation; =Casa de –s,= city hall; =de mucho –,= of wise council.

=consentido,= spoiled.

=conservacion,= _f._, (self-)preservation.

=conservar,= to preserve, keep; =que conserva las … senales,= which shows the marks; =–se soltero,= to remain a bachelor.

=considerable,= great.

=consigna,= watchword; instruction (_to a doorkeeper_).

=consigo,= with oneself.

=consiguiente; por –,= consequently.

=consistente,= consistent, solid.

=consistir (en),= to consist (of).

=consolador, -a (de),= comforter (in).

=consolar,= to console.

=constar,= to be clear, evident, appear.

=consternado,= frightened.

=const.i.tuir,= to const.i.tute.

=constrenir (i),= to constrain, hold (_by force_).

=construir,= to construct, build, erect.

=construyendo,= _pr. p. of_ =construir=.


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