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Read Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine Chapter 318 – Anger

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Chapter 318 – Anger

Early in the morning, Mo Rongzhan summoned Mo Rongyi to the imperial study for lessons. By the time he had finished with the official matters, Mo Rongyi was already sleepy, and no longer pestered him to go to Baihua Garden. Once he finished his, the little prince returned directly to his residence to sleep.

Today, the empress dowager, together with Imperial Consort Xian, went to Baihua Garden. Mo Rongzhan was well aware that his imperial mother did not go to admire the flowers there. She went because of Lu Yaoyao.

He didn’t want her to become a princess. Even if, to this day, she was still unwilling to abide by his wishes. However, the more she acted like this, the less willing he was to let go. If she became a princess, wouldn’t she then be his sister?

“Prime Minister Xu, have you been to Baihua Garden?” Mo Rongzhan asked as he looked at the man sitting opposite him.

“It has been many years since I last went,” a confused Prime Minister Xu smiled and said. Weren’t they just discussing how to repair the river? How did the conversation switch to Baihua Garden?

“The weather is pretty nice today. Why don’t you accompany me on a walk at Baihua Garden?” Mo Rongzhan seriously stated.

Prime Minister Xu was taken aback, but couldn’t refuse. “Yes, Your Imperial Majesty.”

So, Mo Rongzhan brought Prime Minister Xu to Baihua Garden. Hearing that the empress dowager was in the garden observing the flowers, they went to the water pavilion to see the view of the lake, drinking tea and playing go.

When Xu Huiru arrived, she saw a Mo Rongzhan dressed in casual attire sitting inside the water pavilion, making the tea himself. His movements were as fluid as water. There was an indescribable grace and elegance to it; his sculpted face was as handsome as that of a fallen deity. She watched almost dazed.

“Your Imperial Majesty.” Xu Huiru hid the love in her eyes, slowly walked into the water pavilion, and bowed gracefully to Mo Rongzhan.

Mo Rongzhan didn’t even raise his head. “Please rise, my beloved consort.”

Prime Minister Xu saw that his daughter was also here and hurriedly bowed with delight.

”Father, you need not be so courteous,” Xu Huiru said softly, her eyes staring lovingly at Mo Rongzhan. “The empress dowager heard that Your Imperial Majesty was in the Baihua Garden, and told me to come see you.”

Mo Rongzhan didn’t hate Xu Huiru, but he also didn’t like her either. He lightly nodded. “Where is the empress dowager?”

“Your Imperial Majesty, Her Imperial Highness is in the cooling pavilion near the plum tree forest,” Xu Huiru said gently. She truly liked Mo Rongzhan. There was no man on this earth finer than him. Only a man like this was worthy of her.

“Please sit.” Mo Rongzhan looked up to look at Eunuch Fu.

Xu Huiru was delighted, but tried to hide it. She sat at Mo Rongzhan’s left. “Your Imperial Majesty, let me brew the tea.”

Mo Rongzhan knew that Xu Huiru was very good at brewing tea. He smiled slightly and handed her the pot in his hands, saying to Prime Minister Xu, “Consort Xian’s tea is light and transcending. Prime Minister Xu, why don’t you have a taste.”

The sight of his daughter and the emperor, Prime Minister Xu felt it was a match made in heaven. He was inwardly delighted. Originally, he had worried that his daughter would lose the imperial favor after she entered the inner palace, as there was already an Imperial Consort Lu. But who would have known that the once most favour consort would lose her favor with the emperor so quickly?

“Since she was young, she has lived by her grandmother’s side. My mother likes brewing tea, above all things.”

“It seems that Prime Minister Xu’s entire family is skilled in the art of tea,” Mo Rongzhan said lightly.

Prime Minister Xu humbly denied. “We are just a bit more fond of drinking tea.”

“Your Imperial Majesty, please.” Xu Huiru placed a cup near Mo Rongzhan’s side.

Mo Rongzhan looked down, and said, “Put it down, the cup is hot.”

Xu Huiru put the cup down with a blush. She was a bit unsure if he had asked her to do so out of concern for her, or his unwillingness to touch her hand.

“Your Imperial Majesty, I just remembered that there are some things I have not finished concerning the repair of the river. I will not interrupt Your Imperial Majesty’s sightseeing in Baihua Garden, and leave now.” Prime Minister Xu left, tactfully, not interrupting the emperor and his daughter.

Xu Huiru looked at her father with grat.i.tude.

Mo Rongzhan slightly nodded. “Please, Prime Minister Xu.”

There was only Mo Rongzhan and Xu Huiru left in the water pavilion. Xu Huiru looked at the man beside her shyly, her heartbeat accelerating. “Your Imperial Majesty, the flowers in Baihua Garden are beautiful this year. Shall I accompany you to see them?”

“You have toiled much today, accompanying the empress dowager. You don’t need to keep tiring yourself.” As always, Mo Rongzhan’s was cold and aloof.


Xu Huiru was a bit disappointed, She wanted to accompany him in this fairyland-like Baihua Garden. If she could get a gentle hug from him, that would be even better.

“I am not tired. Princess Furong is accompanying the empress dowager today. I was only a guest…,” Xu Huiru said sofly. Before she could finish, she saw Mo Rongzhan’s eyes grow terrifyingly cold and sharp… it was so scary, she couldn’t even finish.

Mo Rongzhan looked coldly at Xu Huiru. “Consort Xu, what Princess do you speak of?”

Xu Huiru’s face grew a little pale. “Princess Furong…the empress dowager said today that she wanted to make Third Miss Lu a princess.”

Dammit! Has Lu Yaoyao already agreed?


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