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Heavenly Farmer is a web novel made by Jīn Bó Huǒ Huáng, Golden Dragon, 金帛火皇.
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It was approaching noon, Ye Xiaochen drove the truck towards his aunt’s home.

His aunt lives in the county.

After making some money, his cousin, Chen Hao, has bought a house in the county and also gave birth to a pair of twin daughter. His aunt and uncle live together with them, they help taking care of the children.

The house is very big, it has four rooms and two halls. The decoration is very luxurious. The price of the house in county is not high. However, with this kind of decoration, area and also coupled with furniture and electrical appliance, it would be not be less than one million.

” Xiaochen, come in.”

The aunt opened the door. She has a plump figure and is wearing gold and silver. Her face full of smile.

” Aunt”

Ye Xiaochen took off his shoes and put on the slippers.

The floor is very clean, even the reflection of human can be seen. Ye Xiaochen remembered, when he came for the first time, he did not take off his shoes and directly walked inside. Immediately, he was scolded by his aunt. Ye Xiaochen is a man with a very strong self-esteem, so naturally his heart felt very uncomfortable.

He felt warm seeing his aunt’s smiling face.

If the people are like this, it isn’t difficult to eliminate the knot in the heart.

In the living room, his uncle is accompanying his two granddaughters in watching animated cartoons. His cousin’s wife, Li Yan, is playing with her mobile phone and his cousin is in the balcony and is talking on the phone.

His uncle glanced at Ye Xiaochen, he only said ” Xiaochen come” and didn’t talk anything, he appears cold. Only when he is accompanying his two granddaughters,will he show his smiling face.

As for his cousin’s wife, Li Yan, she did not even look and directly ignored Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen did not care, he just want to finish this dating task.

His big aunt poured a cup of herbal tea to Ye Xiaochen and said to the uncle: ” Old Chen, Xiaochen came, hurry and cook something.”

His uncle got up and went inside the kitchen.

His uncle used to be a cook, in fact he is a very good cook.

After taking the seat, his aunt started chatting with Ye Xiaochen.

Actually, she has been asking about the situation in the farm, if there was any loss in the business.

Obviously, she doesn’t know that his son’s supermarket didn’t purchase the vegetable from Ye Xiaochen’s farm,otherwise she will not mention this topic directly.

“Mother, you can’t say this messy things,Ye Xiaochen’s farm vegetables are unqualified, so I didn’t let him distribute in our supermarket.”

sister in law Li Yan opened her mouth and didn’t speak any polite words.

The aunt was slightly surprised and then exposed an embarra.s.sed face.

Obviously, this was not the first time her daughter in law had spoken towards her like that.

” Child Yan, Xiaochen does not has an easy time, he is a family member, can’t we help him?”

Aunt slightly hesitated, looked at her daughter in law’s face and said.

Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, his aunt is willing to help him?

“Mother, we are running a supermarket and we must pay attention to the quality of the products. If there’s no quality, how can we let the customer to buy things, this you don’t have to interfere in this matter.”

Li yan didn’t give any face.

Seeing Li Yan’s att.i.tude, even if Ye Xiaochen has a good temper, at this moment, his heart felt very unhappy. This is not about quality, she is simply doesn’t want to help their poor relatives.

Feng shui turned and this year has arrived at my family.

(tl:it is is Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. Here sentence meaning is luck has arrived in family)

I, Ye Xiaochen had obtained the cheat like Shennong System, my success is just around the corner.

Today, you are indifferent to me but tomorrow, I will be higher than you.

Ye Xiaochen is also a proud and an arrogant person, he silently pledged in his heart.

In front if this daughter in law, she has lost her courage. She looked at his nephew. The face of his aunt is not very good,but she didn’t say anything.

Can’t do anything, everything at home is according to Li Yan, who let her to have a good father.

At this time, his cousin, Chen Hao just came in. He had heard the conversation in the living room. However, he is helpless against his wife’s temper. He wants to help Ye Xiaochen but there is an obstruction from his wife, Li Yan.

There is no other way.

” Xiaochen, I have contacted two restaurants and a vegetable stall. It should not be a problem but the demand is not too large. However, it will be able to lift your pressure slowly.”

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

To Ye Xiaochen’s farm size, this type of sale can reduce the losses but it will not be able to save his farm.

That is to say, it will only be a matter of time when Ye Xiaochen’s farm will be closed.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any complain towards Chen Hao. After all, he has been trying to help him, he immediately said with a smile: ” Cousin, actually, I have already solved problem with the sales of my vegetables and fruits.”

” Solved?”

Chen Hao was a little surprised.

He has been to Ye Xiaochen’s farm. The scale of it is not small to solve the problem with the sales of the vegetable and fruits, he needs to find a large supermarket which has a large demand and a stable sales.

In the county, there are many large supermarkets but this supermarkets already have a stable supply of logistics. Currently, there should not be any new supermarket.

” You see, people do not appreciate.”

Li Yan ridiculed in sarcastics tone.

She did not believe that Ye Xiaochen can find a stable sale. He is definitely saying this to save his face.

” Xiaochen, is what you said true? Don’t not get deceived.”

Hao Chen also does not believe it. After all, the problem with the sales of the vegetable and fruits is that you must have contacts. Otherwise, you will hit the wall everywhere.

He feared that Ye Xiaochen has ran into a swindler and will suffer loss.

” Cousin, you can rest a.s.sured, an acquaintance introduced me to someone in Yang Shi City. Recently, I’ve even bought a van to distribute my vegetables and fruits to Yang Shi City.”

Ye Xiaochen said hurriedly.

Chen Hao is still a little doubtful, he did not know how ye xiaochen was able to achieve.

“It is good that you were able to find sales,no wonder you mother told me that you bought a truck,it turned out to be true.”

The aunt’s eyes widened,before she didn’t believe her sister in -law’s words,now it seems it is true.

She sighed with relief.

After all,if Ye Xiaochen’s farm goes bankrupt,it will let other relatives think that they are too arrogant.

Lunch was finished in awkward atmosphere.

Anyway while eating ye xiaochen felt uncomfortable,as beside li yan has always been nit-picking,saying the vegetables are too spicy or the soup is too salty.

The Hot tempered uncle in Ye Xiaochen’s impression didn’t say nothing,just let daughter-in law say anything.

Well,now ye xiaochen has thorough understanding of his cousin’s wife ,li yan’s temper.

It seems it is also hard for his cousin.

After lunch,aunt contacted with woman’s side and took ye xiaochen outside.

His cousin Chen Hao originally wanted to drop Ye Xiaochen and aunt ,after all if they go by driving it will appear more respectful.

But Li Yan wanted to go to beauty parlour.

Cousin could only promise her and revealed helpless look to ye xiaochen.

Finally , Ye Xiaochen drove truck with his aunt towards the woman’s family house.

A truck is better than nothing,

In fact,Ye Xiaochen does not have any interest towards this blind date,it is good as along as he complete this task.


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