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Heavenly Farmer is a web novel produced by Jīn Bó Huǒ Huáng, Golden Dragon, 金帛火皇.
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It was not possible to build drains around the shed.

The water absorption power of soil was very strong, even if the water was diverted from the shed, it would still absorb too much water and which would cause a huge impact on the broccoli seedlings.

This was probably a genetic problem.

Many of today’s technology-based vegetables were genetically modified.They produce high yield, but they would also create a lot of bizarre problems.

“Fang Yuan, do you have the data of the root of broccoli after it had started rotting?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

The root should be rotting because of imbalance of nutrients in its body.

Under external conditions, the nutrient uptake efficiency of the plant’s body could have changed.

If the relevant data could be found then the targeted solution and prevention could be applied.

“Xiaochen, Why do you want this?you are not thinking to solve the problem of broccoli, do you?”

Fang Yuan laughed.

He was not convinced of Ye Xiaochen’s strength.In college, Ye Xiaochen’s professional achievement had always been on top, if he had not chosen to work after his undergraduate, he could have been a graduate student.

But even a big global company couldn’t solve it, so it was impossible for an individual to solve it.

“Don’t worry about it.Can you get it?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Although your brother is met by the cold shoulder, this is a small matter for me.Anyway, it’s not a secret data.”

Fang Yuan said.

Currently, he was very depressed, although thing has been down for him, it would be only for temporary, but if the problem couldn’t be solved, then farmers would create a mess.

These days, he had been busy running everywhere and calming down the farmers.

“Well, thanks.Maybe I really will be able to solve the problem, and you can still have great merit.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Well, I can’t talk to you now, a phone call coming.At night, I will find the time and send the data.”

Fang Yuan didn’t believe it and thought Ye Xiaochen was joking.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care whether it would be possible to help Fang Yuan.After all, this was not a small problem.

In friendship, you have to help to figure out some way.

Besides, he was also very curious about it.

In the evening, Fang Yuan sent the data.

Ye Xiaochen carefully studied it.

This broccoli, after getting stimulated by rich water content soil has radically changed its nutrient uptake, and to his surprise, even the photosynthesis process seems to have weakened.

“Strange, how could this happen?”

Ye Xiaochen became more curious.

At night, Ye Xiaochen slept very late, he had been studying the data sent by Fang Yuan, he was also looking for some valuable knowledge from Shennong introduction guide.

For two consecutive days Ye Xiaochen was immersed in his studies, because of lack of sleep, dark circles had formed around his eyes.

Fortunately, he had already finished transplanting of vegetable seedlings, so he was able to spend more time, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to support himself.

This night, Ye Xiaochen was reading, and suddenly he became excited.

“Ha-ha I knew, it was like this.”

He quickly took out his notebook and started writing with his pen.

“Broccoli roots are rooting because the excess water content in soil is causing an allergic reaction in the roots.According to the solution of allergic reaction in Shennong introduction guide, it is defined mainly by reaction medium, the water contains hydrogen and oxygen element.The allergic reaction has caused weakness in photosynthesis process, which affected the oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle, and also involves the carbon and oxygen element.This indicates that oxygen is most critical medium in the allergic reaction.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face was beaming with joy.

In fact, like this pattern had not been discovered in the field of botany, by adjusting the element in a reaction medium, a goal of prevention and control like effect could be achieved.

In other words, any plant allergic reaction could be controlled by this method.

In immortal planting, this was a very common regulation method.

On earth, there has not been found like this rule.

After all, this method has deep nature, and it was not something that the existing technology it could be detected.

If it wasn’t because of Shennong introduction guide, Ye Xiaochen might not have any idea about this.

At night, Ye Xiaochen was so excited that he didn’t get sleep until late night.

Next morning, Ye Xiaochen woke up yawning.

Sleep deprivation!

There was something to be done, so he couldn’t keep sleeping.

After delivering the vegetables, he went to special seed store to buy emerald green king broccoli’s seed, but he was told that selling of the seeds has been stopped.

He went and asked several stores.

Finally, he had to call Fang Yuan and ask his help to get emerald green kings broccoli’s seed.

“Say me Ye Xiaochen, your head is not stuck in a door, right?At this time you are thinking of buying emerald green king seed.I just got the news that all seeds have been recalled to be destroyed.there is no solution for it.this time my career will go down.”

Fang Yuan said without any spirit.

“Fang yuan don’t worry about it.Say, can you get it?”

Ye Xiaochen know fang yuan wouldn’t believe him, anyway, he would say him at the time of success.

“I have big rows of seeds take how much you want.Anyway, it will also get destroyed.”

Fang Yuan said.

“Then I’ll come and take it”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

Until he looked at Fang Yuan, Ye Xiaochen didn’t realize that he had lost his weight.

“Oh my G.o.d, how did youse your weight this fast?”

Ye Xiaochen joked.

Fang Yuan sighed

“Hold yourself, clear the clouds and see the bright moon.”

Ye Xiaochen patted on his shoulder.

The trunk was opened, and it was filled with packets of broccoli seeds.

“So much?”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned seeing the whole trunk full of seeds.

“It will be destroyed anyway.There was plenty, so gave you a lot, but I am saying you, don’t leak it outside.If it is known, then I will be a disaster.I have made a big risk by giving you this seed.”

Fang Yuan cautiously said.

“I know, You can rest a.s.sure.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and carried all the seeds into the van.

After returning back home, he started his work.

For days, he spent most of his time studying the seeds of broccoli.

In just a few days, seed sprouted an grew into seedlings.The seeds were planted in batches in the field.

He specifically bought oxygen cylinders for the experiment.

For nearly a week, he didn’t sleep much and wasted a lot of time on it.

But his hard work was worth it.

He had a fruitful study on the broccoli seeds.

All his conclusion he had previously deduced were correct.The oxygen reaction medium did play a decisive role in the allergic reaction of broccoli.

It was not difficult to solve this problem.

For example, by increasing the oxygen concentration in the shed the allergic reactions could be stopped.

But not every farmer had such farm conditions, it was troublesome and was costly.

However, Ye Xiaochen found a simpler and convenient way; by putting a certain amount of saline solution in the seedling of broccoli.

Simple, right?

In fact, the concentration of soil was higher than the water which would inhibit some of the plant body’s undesirable problems.

It was a drug.

It was effective.

Sometimes, problems seem complex, but it could be solved easily.


It was this simple.

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