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Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013: Moon Shadow Cat

He had not expected to find nothing but cat demons hiding inside the 99 Spiral Mesmerizing Illusion Design . They all looked young and were not even grown-up . Their sizes were also not big .

In the Dong Yue Wu Royal Palace, the concubines loved to keep cats as pets, especially those cute and lovely-looking breeds that were more attractive . These cat demons were about the same size as those pet cats .

Of course, these were all cat demons . Although they had not reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, it was already good enough for them to reach this stage at their ages .

Under the s.h.i.+ning light of the Blazing Sun Ore, the cave was very warm, just like being exposed to the sun in the daytime . When Wu Yu came in, these cat demons were all sleeping lazily .

Originally, they were all shocked . Fortunately, after hearing Wu Yu’s voice, they knew that he was not a threat . The cat demons felt a little more relieved .

At this moment, Wu Yu looked carefully at these cat demons who were staring at him . They were all naive kittens, looking at him with confused but curious and frightened gazes . They were all on guard . There were all sorts of kinds and colors . Some of them were pure white and had thick fur . Some had blue eyes . Some of them had short fur and looked more agile, their tails tall and upright . It was hard to find two identical ones . Some of them even had some interesting patterns on their bodies . Like a green kitten, whose fur looked like a forest map .

Some cats had golden fur, and the fur around their necks was especially thick . They looked just like lions . Some cats had leopard patterns and dark red eyes . They looked smart and flexible . The Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy they had was not weak .

When Wu Yu came in, many of them were ready to attack .

“Who are you?”

“How did you break in?”

For a while, the cat demons huddled together warily and stared at Wu Yu . They all started asking questions .

“This is a good place to hide . The spirit design outside has a certain foundation and can be strengthened in a short time . In this way, I must communicate well with these young demons . “

He was just thinking about it when a cat emerged . In the middle of the group, there was a cat demon with bright, black fur and a curved moon pattern on her forehead . She was very n.o.ble and elegant . Compared with other cats, this cat demon was a little bigger . She was basically the strongest of the group, at the 10th tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm . It seemed like she intended to control herself and did not want to reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm . At least not before the season of ma.s.sacre ended .

“Big Sister Yue, Big Sister Yue, there’s a weird creature here!”

“He doesn’t seem to be ‘demonized’, but how can he come in here?”

The cat demons surrounded the black cat and started chattering . These types of demons didn’t exist in the Jambu Realm, so Wu Yu also did not know what kinds of demons they were .

Big Sister Yue was polite when she saw Wu Yu . She stayed on guard and asked Wu Yu, “What kind of demon are you? Why are you here?”

The demons in the Ancient Demon Realm probably did not know that other than demons, there were human beings in the Ancient Demon Realm . Wu Yu had no choice, so he used the Immortal Ape Transformation directly . When his body transformed into a golden ape, the cat demons could see his form .

“You turned out to be a primate demon . “

“Primate demon, your hair is pretty . Why did you want to transform into that appearance with smooth skin just now?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know . Maybe this guy’s brain is damaged . “

The cats were child-like and curious . They stared at Wu Yu and dared to say anything .

“My name is Wu Yu . And you?” Wu Yu wanted to communicate with them a little .

The black cat seemed to have no interest in Wu Yu’s name . She said, “Monkey demon, you have yet to answer me . What’s your purpose in coming here? This is the territory of cat demons . “

She obviously wanted Wu Yu to go out as soon as possible .

Wu Yu was not in the mood to create trouble, so he went straight to the point and said, “To be honest, it’s very dangerous outside . I’m looking for a hiding place . I searched for a long time before I came here . I have some understanding of spirit designs, so I came in . I know it’s your territory, but it’s too dangerous outside, so I wonder if I can stay here . Just give me a small area and let me pa.s.s the season of ma.s.sacre safely . In exchange, I can strengthen your spirit design several times . Of course, I will just train in seclusion and won’t disturb you at all . “

The cat demons tilted their heads and listened to Wu Yu . They then looked at Big Sister Yue together, obviously waiting for her to make a decision .

Their cultivation levels were already considered very good in the Jambu Realm, but their intelligence was too low .

After hearing this, the black cat looked serious and said, “I didn’t expect you to be a rare demon who has studied spirit designs and can come in here without causing a disturbance . You are really powerful in this aspect, but this is our territory and we don’t know if you have any evil intentions towards us, so we still can’t let you stay . After all, who knows if you are a good person or a villain . Who knows if you want to destroy our spirit design or strengthen it? Our 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design was pa.s.sed down by our ancestors from ancient times, used specially to protect descendants and our bloodline from the season of ma.s.sacre . How can you have the ability to strengthen it?”

Of course, it was reasonable for them to doubt him .

“Villain, leave quickly, or our Big Sister Yue will not show you mercy . “

“Yes, it hurts to be beaten by her . “

The cats shouted and pretended to be fierce as they glared at Wu Yu .

During the season of ma.s.sacre, as long as they did not meet with demonized demons with red eyes, others were not rivals of their Big Sister Yue .

Wu Yu could only laugh . Seeing the other party’s vigilance, they were likely afraid of him secretly doing something behind their backs . Of course, he did not really need to ask for the other party’s consent when he came here .

At this time, he suddenly reached out his hand and a strong suction force brought the black cat in front of his eyes . Wu Yu stood in front of her . When the other party was still a bit shocked, he smiled . “Since you suspect that I’m plotting something, then I will give you a chance to fight me with all you got . If you hurt me or I’m a little wounded, I will get out of here . “

Just now, that suction force was enough to shock Big Sister Yue . After hearing Wu Yu’s words, she thought that she had heard it wrong . She sneered and said, “Your taste is so bad and you dare to use such a method to humiliate me? Since you’re going to attack first, it’s clear that you’re against us . Then don’t blame me for not being merciful . “

“Do as you like, I’ll lose if you scratch me a little,” Wu Yu said with a smile .

The little kittens seemed to have heard something extraordinary . At this moment, they stared at Wu Yu and their Big Sister Yue . Some of them even prepared to attack .

“You guys can join too . If anyone can scratch my skin, I’ll leave right away,” Wu Yu said to the group .


At first, the little kittens were a little timid, but a few bravely came forward, then there were more and more .

“You clueless brat . ” Big Sister Yue sneered . She attacked him as if she was facing a great enemy . Although these demons were really small, it had nothing to do with whether one’s body was huge or not, as long as they had the power . The power of this black cat’s mystique was quite shocking . Of course, it was not possible to break Wu Yu’s Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body .

As a result, you could see a group of cat demons attacking Wu Yu in various ways, creating a lot of mystiques in different fields, plunging Wu Yu into wind, fire, water, and soil fields . They burned him with fire, froze him with ice, blew him with strong wind, pierced him with sharp claws and fangs . All kinds of attacks were exhausted, but when Wu Yu was still standing there with his arms crossed, intact and smiling at these cat demons, they were helpless, especially Big Sister Yue . She was shocked .

She had great confidence in herself, and that was why she stayed here and was a.s.signed by the elders to guard the younger generation . Generally speaking, as long as it was not a demonized demon during the season of ma.s.sacre, they were not likely to be her opponent . She had been suppressed in the Violet Kingdom Realm and had not formed her Primordial Spirit for many years .

However, Wu Yu’s appearance changed her view . When she exhausted her own natural mystiques, she still could not hurt Wu Yu . However, Wu Yu’s speed was strange . He extended his hand and grabbed the flesh on the back of her neck and hung her in front of his eyes in a flash . This seemingly ordinary strength sealed her, locking her movements at the moment, like a pet cat .

“It’s over . Big Sister Yue will be killed by him!”

“Wah, it’s so scary . Let’s run away!”

The cat demons fled in a panic, but the cave was not that big, so they were as anxious as ants on a hot pot, b.u.mping around . Some even b.u.mped into each other, then they started crying and hid pitifully in the corner .

“You dare to kill me? My Moon Shadow Cat Tribe, as well as all the cat demons, will not let you go!” Big Sister Yue glared at Wu Yu fiercely . So she was a Moon Shadow Cat .

Wu Yu smiled innocently . He loosened his grip and let the other party go . He said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I have already said that I won’t hurt you or affect you . I just wanted to find a peaceful place . It’s too time consuming to set up my own spirit design . This place is perfect . Of course, to show you my strength is not to humiliate you or drive you away, but to tell you that I won’t plot against you, because if I really wanted to hurt you, I wouldn’t need any plots . I can just do it .

“I’m saying that I want to stay at your place . You can’t get rid of me anyway . In addition, I will strengthen the spirit design . Of course, if there is any danger, I may be able to protect you . “

As the first group of “friends” he had made in the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu thought that they were quite cute .


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