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Today was different from before.

During their last encounter, Lin Xiaoting’s nine-colored thunder forced Wu Yu to remain on the move to protect his life. Even so, he had been injured, and had spent a good few days healing.

And today, he would face him squarely on the Dragon Emperor’s Supreme Battlefield!

The spectators such as Tian Zi favored Lin Xiaoting, and had no doubts about the outcome of these finals.

Tian Ming had easily taken down Tian Zi, and then Lin Xiaoting would easily take down Wu Yu. In the third-fourth placing, Tian Zi would easily beat Wu Yu, and then finally Tian Ming would easily take down Lin Xiaoting.

This was also why everyone felt that Lin Xiaoting had good luck, while Tian Zi had lost out! Clearly, her Dragon Emperor Immortal Design was stronger, but she would fall to third place!

“In less than 10 breaths of time, Lin Xiaoting will win. His aura is way too strong compared to Wu Yu’s.” Many dragon kings made such a prediction.

At this time, nine-colored thunder had completely swarmed Wu Yu.

Within the crackling chaos, there seemed to be a nine-headed feral beast ripping away at Wu Yu’s body!

“Tear this wretch into 10,000 pieces!” Lin Xiaoting’s laughter cackled out like lightning. He was like a G.o.d of lightning in the sky palaces to Wu Yu.


Wu Yu had let him attack first to see what he was capable of.

Compared to the 9-xuan immortals that Wu Yu had killed in Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory, he seemed stronger only in terms of immortal energy.

It was his turn.

He used his powerful physical body to tank the attack as he muscled his way forward, charging the Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon.

“Spirit Chaser Art!”

He immediately sent out a strong shock that ripped the nine-colored thunder apart and blasted the Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon.


The Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon was disoriented, his eyes rolling back.

“What a splendid immortal spirit attack!”

Many had seen this Spirit Chaser Art in action now, and could recognize its power.

But this was just the start!

“Optics of Immortal Expanse!”

With the Spirit Chaser Art opening the way, Wu Yu charged through the nine-colored thunder. After using the Spirit Chaser Art, Wu Yu’s eyes blasted out two punis.h.i.+ng columns of fire!

The two columns of fire smashed into the confused Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon, sending him shooting into the sky. There were two gaping holes in his body, and the Eyes of Fire and Gold had turned him into a flaming mystical dragon!

At this time, the pained cries of the Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon could be clearly heard. His huge mystical dragon body writhed like a viper that had been rapped by a stick.

Many dragon kings frowned, and many more dragon lords’ eyes widened in surprise, sucking in sharp hisses of cold air. This battle had developed too quickly, and no one had time to react.

“10,000 Celestial Dragon Slashes!”

Wu Yu had an indifferent expression on his face as he pa.s.sed through the nine-colored thunder. He pressed his advantage. In his hand, the Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword blasted out with tremendous power, sword qi arcing everywhere. The sword qi of 10,000 celestial dragons filled the air. The charred Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon rushed out of the flames, only to be swallowed anew by 10,000 blasts of sword qi!

His body was ripped through with many b.l.o.o.d.y scars, and again riddled with holes.

“No!” Seeing Wu Yu’s emotionless and casual expression, Lin Xiaoting could not bear it. He had thought this match up to be a stroke of good luck, but now he was being completely crushed.

“Enough. The battle is over.” The Sky Will Dragon King’s voice boomed out across the field.

Wu Yu would definitely not allow the mystical dragons to have anything to hold against him. Therefore, he immediately retracted his move when the Sky Will Dragon King spoke. Of course, even though he had ceased his attack, the Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon Lin Xiaoting was still left helpless.

When he stopped, the ma.s.sive Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon, charred and riddled with holes, fell from the sky above the Dragon Emperor’s Supreme Battlefield, paralleled by his cras.h.i.+ng ego.

As for Wu Yu, he rose magnificently in the sky, his face neutral as he casually stowed the Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword.

“Thank you for going easy.” A slight smile twitched on Wu Yu’s lips.

The Dragon Emperor’s Supreme Battlefield was silent. It was as if time had stood still. All around, there were looks of complete disbelief and bewilderment.

Even Wu Jun, Wu Hao, and the others could not believe their eyes. They also did not know and would not have dreamed that Wu Yu could actually beat Lin Xiaoting.

“Hngh!” Lin Xiaoting spat out a mouth full of dragon blood and then staggered to his feet on the s.h.i.+ning floor. His face was wild, and he insisted, “No! It’s not over! I can still fight!”

As he spoke, he again retched a mouthful of blood. There was still much of Wu Yu’s sword qi lingering on his body, which he had to purge.


He was the adopted son of the Sky Will Dragon King, and the Sky Will Dragon King could not help but be concerned. The Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon was s.n.a.t.c.hed up by the outstretched hand of the Sky Will Dragon King, who had flown to him in an instant. He said to a dragon king by his side, “Take him away and see to his wounds. He still has to compete for third place in five days’ time.”

“No!” Lin Xiaoting could not accept this result.

But it was no longer important, because no one cared if he could accept it or not. All attention was on Wu Yu now.

The crowd’s expressions were interesting to watch.

Clap, clap! Wu Jun started to clap, beaming. “Wu Yu, you performed really well. Congratulations. To think that someone from the Primordial Immortal Empire could enter the grand finals.”

With him leading the applause, the Primordial Immortal Empire all followed suit, as did a good number of others.

Only the Luminary Dragon King and a few others became even more embarra.s.sed, especially Ye Xuanyi. Wu Yu had defeated Lin Xiaoting with his Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword.

He had once said that one day, he would beat Wu Yu. It looked like a joke now.

Clap, clap, clap, clap! More and more people were applauding. Many mystical dragons paid respect to his strength.

Of course, it was a strange sight to see mystical dragons clapping with claws.

The brothers Wu Jun and Wu Hao were over the moon.

“He’s guaranteed second place now.”

“To think that this kid Wu Yu has such deep potential.”

They were grinning widely. On the other side, the Sky Will Empire, the Sky Shadow Empire, and the Sky Chariot Empire were deathly silent.

There were three Hundred Empire Dragon Kings here, and their children, including Tian Ming and Tian Zi.

Tian Zi was fl.u.s.tered. She had admired Lin Xiaoting, and now she was afraid. She knew all too well that if she had been in that battle, it would have been her that Wu Yu wiped the floor with….

Who knew that Wu Yu was such a terror….

Before, she had looked down on him. Now, seeing his composed expression, Tian Zi trembled slightly. She was secretly glad now that she was not facing him.

As for the Sky Chariot Dragon King and the Tian Ming Dragon Lord, their expressions were too thrilling to watch.

The father and son had been laughing pleasantly together, discussing how they would celebrate Tian Ming’s complete victory.

And now, Wu Yu had delivered another sound slap to their faces.

Especially the Sky Chariot Dragon King. Ever since he had humiliated Wu Hao this time round, Wu Yu’s every single performance had been a counter slap to his face. And now, he, the Sky Chariot Dragon King, was a bit of a joke himself.

It was like Wu Yu had crushed his standing.

Tian Zi had surrendered, but Wu Yu had casually beaten Lin Xiaoting. This was a double blow to the father and son!

At this time, perhaps the Tian Ming Dragon Lord finally acknowledged Wu Yu as a worthy opponent.

“Interesting! Very interesting! To think that I can meet such an adversary in my second Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory. Very interesting indeed.” The Tian Ming Dragon Lord laughed coldly.

The Sky Chariot Dragon King laughed as well. “It seems like Wu Jun and Wu Hao have placed their hopes on this Wu Yu to stand against me. Very well, they have guts! But clearly no eyes to see who the Sky Heart Tribe truly belongs to!”

He was embarra.s.sed to the point of anger. It had been so many years. Wu Hao and Ye Qianning’s union had been a devastating blow to him when he was young, but things had gone smoothly ever since. To think that this day would come, when Wu Hao would again emerge and foil the dreams of his son in a crucial battle. It was like declaring war on him.

It was like a sound slap to his face!

This truly made the Sky Chariot Dragon King furious.

“Don’t get too worked up. This guy can defeat Lin Xiaoting, but he’s still some ways away from your son. After all, the Immortal Lord Realm is a whole new level above Xuan immortals,” the Sky Shadow Dragon Queen stated mildly. Her Tian Zi was already more or less guaranteed third place. Wu Yu grievously wounding Lin Xiaoting had instead helped Tian Zi.

The Sky Chariot Dragon King said, “That’s true. It’s time to let these lively, hopping punks have a taste of despair. Ming Er, the grand finals are in five days’ time. Do your best. If you can kill him, don’t let him live.”

The Tian Ming Dragon Lord said, “Father, do not worry. This prancing clown skipped up to our doorstep and paraded his antics around, making a fool of us. I will definitely teach him a lesson, and also the meaning of the Immortal Lord Realm. Of course, this will be the most painful lesson in his life. Because perhaps he might never have another one.”

The Sky Shadow Dragon Queen laughed. “Have you both gone mad? Are you not going to consider the immortal backing him?”

The Sky Chariot Dragon King said, “Enough. This is our Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. It was he who asked for the humiliation. No matter how strong the immortal backing him is, they cannot fight on his behalf. That’s his own weakness. He cannot blame others. Besides, we have the Nine Great Dragon Emperors, and so many revered dragons. All of them are Eternal Immortal Emperors. What immortal behind our backs should we be afraid of?”

“Well, nothing is stopping you from taking that risk. Bear the consequences yourself.” The Sky Shadow Dragon Queen clicked her tongue. After all, this had nothing to do with her.

Of course, the father and son knew that this was a risk, but they could not swallow their anger.

The more he looked at Wu Yu, the angrier the Tian Ming Dragon Lord got.

“I did not hesitate to wait 9,000 years to get 10,000 years in the Tower of Dragon’s Dawn. I have waited 9,000 years just to get first place.

“And yet such a person appeared and s.n.a.t.c.hed first place on the Giant Purgatory Pillar. He humiliated me and mine, and now wants to s.n.a.t.c.h my 10,000 years in the Tower of Dragon’s Dawn.

“If I don’t smash your corpse to smithereens, how can I be satisfied?

“9,000 years is no short amount of time. How much I’ve sacrificed in these years….”

Therefore, even without the Sky Chariot Dragon King urging him on, he would definitely fight like a berserker in the grand finals.

Five days of recuperation.

It was over in the blink of an eye.


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