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Time was just up and the remaining 90 doppelgangers finished refining their Jindans.

The doppelganger army was now terrifyingly strong.

They each had strong Jindan essence comparable to at least the Primordial Energy of second tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. They also possessed supreme immortal treasures and Heaven Earth Void techniques. In addition, they were under Wu Yu’s total control and arrangement.

If Wu Yu learned the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword Formation and the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique, with the battle power of these unshackled doppelgangers, he would only be stronger.

These were all prepared for Beishan Mo when he returned to Shushan.

Beishan Mo had probably entered the Shushan Reincarnation Realm already.

After Wu Yu had finished his preparations, General Qin and Qin Fuyao arrived as well. On the other side, he only needed to give a shout out and Luo Pin came out as well.

General Qin was in a good mood and said, “You three are quite lucky to be able to enter the City Lord Residence. We old fogeys all want to enter as well, but until today, we haven’t had a chance to go in to take a look.”

Qin Fuyao laughed and said, “That’s right, the City Lord must like us young ladies. If he sees your old face everyday, he will think of you as a nuisance.”

Wu Yu only realized this after the Trial of Yan had started. Actually, entering the City Lord Residence was much more important than he had imagined.

In reality, it was rumored that the Yan Huang City Lord was not really staying in the City Lord Residence. The City Lord Residence was a very simple and ordinary place. The truly special part seemed to be the center of the City Lord Residence. There was a well called the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

The City Lord was often within the Yan Huang Ancient Well, and for them, in this half year of time, the place they really needed to enter was also this Yan Huang Ancient Well.

Even General Qin did not know the details of the Yan Huang Ancient Well. However, the saying was that no matter who it was, as long as they entered the Yan Huang Ancient Well for a period of time, they would definitely improve.

Hearing this description, the well seemed similar to the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

Wu Yu was also totally clueless of the details.

People looked at the three of them with envy as General Qin led them towards the direction of the inner city, the City Lord Residence.

Qin Fuyao was a beauty and attracted attention everywhere she went. Wu Yu and Luo Pin walked beside her. They were very low-key.

Actually, some were happy, some were sad. The saddest were Murong Xu and Yan Huang’s Three Young Masters. They had put in quite the effort in order to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Well. It was unexpected that they would lose and let Wu Yu and Luo Pin s.n.a.t.c.h away two openings.

Not long after, they reached a very ordinary-looking residence. This was the City Lord Residence.

The City Lord Residence was not big. Compared to the other buildings in the inner city, it was even worse than Heaven’s Equal Camp. It also looked old and out of place in this inner city.

However, when General Qin arrived at this place, he was very serious. He warned the three of them, saying, “After entering the City Lord Residence, do not explore as you like. Normally, only the City Lord and the Imperial General can enter this place. It looks ordinary and old, but in reality, many spirit designs are hidden inside. Once you trigger them, the three of you will turn into dust.”

“Don’t scare them.” Just as General Qin’s words fell, another voice sounded at the City Lord Residence’s door. They only saw that big, red, wooden door suddenly opening. A boorish-looking man wearing a suit of pitch-black armor stood at the door. Once he appeared, Wu Yu instantly felt strong pressure. This pressure was a type of spiritual suppression. This was the Imperial General. 

He should definitely be at the Primordial Spirit Realm. After the spirit underwent metamorphosis, one would be especially outstanding in spirit suppression and could even kill with just a thought.

The Imperial General was an outspoken person. He was smiling and waving to the trio. He said, “Come on in, I’ll bring you guys to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Well.”

The three of them quickly stepped forward. Of them, Qin Fuyao was familiar with the Imperial General and cutely greeted him. She made the Imperial General laugh heartily. He said, “Little devil, don’t tempt me here. I’m old already. I cannot take your wiles. “

After they entered, he closed that big door. At this point, they could be considered as having entered the City Lord Residence. When Wu Yu looked forward, he saw a few halls and courtyards in front. It was very ordinary and indeed looked as old as the exterior. He sensed his surroundings carefully and realized that each blade of gra.s.s, each tree, and even granule of gravel were all connected to spirit designs. This whole courtyard could actually be a type of big life or death spirit design. This City Lord Residence was far from its simplistic look on the surface. 

Even the Imperial General said, “Follow me. It’ll be fine if you don’t wander off by yourself.”

Wu Yu nodded and followed behind him.

“Wu Yu, you have succeeded in coming here. What I declared in public will be true. Once the time has come, you can send this core-tail talisman to me. I’ll go with you to Shushan. You are someone from my Yan Huang Imperial City. I’ll not allow those idiots from Shushan to bully you.”

The Imperial General pa.s.sed a core-tail talisman to Wu Yu. This was very important.

Wu Yu carefully stored the core-tail talisman. He was very grateful to the Imperial General. This might be a small matter to the Imperial General, but to him, it was of utmost importance.

Qin Fuyao said, “Considering that you call me your sister, when it’s time, I’m following as well. I want to see how pretty that Nangong Wei is.”

She laughed seductively and asked Wu Yu, “I hope you don’t think that she is prettier than your sister. That’s impossible. No matter what, your young girl’s figure will not be as good as your sister’s, am I right?”

Such a question, Wu Yu really had no idea how to answer.

But she was telling the truth.

After entering the residence, Luo Pin kept quiet and had her head hung low. She did not utter a word. Wu Yu’s attention was actually on her. It was obvious that she was hiding herself now. She did not want the Imperial General to discover her ident.i.ty. After all, they were in close proximity, so this was not easy to accomplish.

While Qin Fuyao was still speaking, the Imperial General suddenly turned back to look at Luo Pin and asked, “I heard that you have learned a very impressive Great Dao Mystique. What is it called?”

Wu Yu’s heart skipped a beat.

Luo Pin reacted calmly. She answered, “It’s a mystique called the Mystic Ice Mirror.”

“I’ve not heard of such a name and not seen such an impressive mystique. When you reach a higher level, it’ll probably be even more impressive,” the Imperial General lamented.

It seemed like he had not noticed that Luo Pin was an immortal beast.

When Zhu Huang appeared outside of Yan Huang Imperial City, it reminded him. Was it that he did not believe it, or that he could not find it, or was it that he just did not care?

Wu Yu could not figure it out.

They turned a few times in the City Lord Residence before the four of them walked into a courtyard. That courtyard was empty, other than some dried gra.s.s at the sides. Wu Yu could see an ancient well with one look. That ancient well was built from rocks. It had a diameter of about one meter. At this moment, he had actually returned to the mortal world. It had been many years since he had seen such an ordinary ancient well.

Perhaps Yan Huang Imperial City was weird for having a normal ancient well. For instance, when Qin Fuyao saw this ancient well, her eyes were filled with nervousness and her chest heaved. 

The Imperial General walked to the ancient well and suddenly asked, “Wu Yu, do you know about Shushan’s Reincarnation Realm?”

Wu Yu nodded.

The Imperial General laughed and said, “Actually, the effects and the underlying theory of the Yan Huang Ancient Well and the Reincarnation Realm are similar. When you enter, you will know the specifics.”

So that was the truth!

Wu Yu was pleasantly surprised.

He did not expect that this opening to enter the City Lord Residence would actually result in a benefit akin to that of Nangong Wei and Beishan Mo. It was no wonder Murong Xu and the others had been trying so hard to get in. 

He had entered this place without knowing the situation. He could be considered very lucky.

“Your half year in the City Lord Residence may not be an actual half year. It depends mainly on how long you guys can persist. If you cannot handle it, you may want to leave in about one or two months. If you can hang on, then it may be one or two years, or even three years. If you guys have exceeding performance, then my big brother may let you guys stay a little longer. He is in charge inside. Hence, your performance determines your fate.”

Hearing the Imperial General’s words, Wu Yu felt that he seemed to have gained an extremely great benefit.

But he was also worried. After all, from the Imperial General’s words, he could guess that it would not be easy to have a good performance and persist in there.

“Alright. Good luck. Upon entering, you will see an ancient city, my big brother is there.” The Imperial General retreated a few steps and signalled for them to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

As the only male, Wu Yu could not hide behind the girls at such a moment. Hence, he said, “Let me go first.” Then he leapt and jumped into the Yan Huang Ancient Well. Luo Pin followed closely behind. Qin Fuyao waved to the Imperial General and then entered as well.

After they left, the Imperial General shook his head and muttered, “I thought that this Luo Pin was the mystical dragon that Zhu Huang mentioned, but I couldn’t see it. Could it be that Zhu Huang tricked me? Or maybe that mystical dragon is still in hiding?”

He was not concerned about Luo Pin. After all, Luo Pin was now going to meet the Yan Huang City Lord. If she was the mystical dragon, he did not believe that his big brother would not discover that.


Pa.s.sing through the Yan Huang Ancient Well, Wu Yu suddenly felt intense heat. It seemed like he was in another world.

At this moment, he appeared in mid air. Hence, he quickly steadied his body and rode his sword in the air. Above his head were Qin Fuyao and Luo Pin. They had also just regained their balance. It was the first time here for all three of them.

“This is the Yan Huang Ancient Well?” Qin Fuyao’s red lips widened slightly in surprise.

As they looked far, this seemed like an endless world. At least they could not see the end of their surroundings.

At the same time, this world seemed ancient and mystical. No matter how far they looked, it was a never-ending desert of yellow sand. There were no plants at all. If they looked closely, they could see many bones buried within that yellow sand. Some belonged to humans, some belonged to beasts and demons.

This was actually an ancient desert world!

Such a world peculiarly had an abundance of Ancient Spiritual Qi. It formed into wind and rolled across the world.

However, the most impactful experience was still that burning feeling. Wu Yu could not help but look up into the sky. He was shocked to see that there were actually two suns in the sky. They shone brightly. It was no wonder the heat was so bad.

Wu Yu really did not expect to be at such a mysterious place.

“I did not expect for this Yan Huang Ancient Well to be such a severely deplorable place.” Qin Fuyao was a little upset. The yellow sand flew and danced around. Her long skirt was covered with dust and dirt in no time.

Wu Yu looked at Luo Pin again. She looked around and then pointed to a direction at last. She said, “There seems to be an ancient city there. Let’s meet the City Lord.”


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