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Chapter 814

Chapter 0814: Ghostly Yan Honey Trap

One glance was enough to determine that Wu Yu was not a Ghostly Yan Tribe member . He had the obvious characteristics of the Yan Huang Tribe, and the intense heat of the Yan Huang Tribe’s bodies was starkly different from that of the Ghostly Yan Tribe . Besides, the skin of the Ghostly Yan Tribe members had a ruddy tint to it, and their eyes were also maroon . Wu Yu was not like that at all .

However, he was not wearing the armor dao treasure of the eight armies, and was therefore suspicious . Besides, Wu Yu did not know how many Ghostly Yan Tribe members had impersonated Yan Huang Tribe members within the Infernal Inferno to kill people .

Also, Wu Yu had a demon with him . Ordinarily, demons would not enter from outside . And the demons from the Infernal Inferno were definitely in cahoots with the Ghostly Yan Tribe .

To the Eight Main Armies, the killing of the demons was also worth merits . All life in the Infernal Inferno were prey for the Yan Huang Tribe .

That was why they stared at Wu Yu so anxiously, especially the Hidden Dragon General . He could feel how strong Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were, and if they were hostile, they could wreak considerable havoc on the party . Therefore, he was already prepared to use his Yan Huang Fire Talisman!

Wu Yu had not expected to be mistaken for an enemy, because he thought that his reputation would have preceded him . But seeing the looks in their eyes, they clearly did not know him . This implied that they had been in the Infernal Inferno for quite a while now, separated from news outside .

Be that as it may, he answered directly, “Everyone, please do not misunderstand . I am not a Ghostly Yan Tribe member . My name is Wu Yu, perhaps you might have heard of me . I was granted permission from Yan Dragon General Yu Chenyang to come to the Infernal Inferno . This demon is my companion . “

He did not want to clash with these people . More, he had no desire to fight them, and even involve a Yan Huang Fire Talisman and more people .

But they had never heard of Wu Yu’s name, although they recognized Yu Chenyang’s . The Hidden Dragon General gestured for everyone to stay calm, and then asked Wu Yu with extreme wariness, “Why should we believe what you say? You might be a Ghostly Yan Tribe member in disguise . Here in the Infernal Inferno, the only thing that can identify you is your Yan Huang Fire Talisman . If you take it out, I will believe you . Otherwise, don’t blame me for what I do . “

Wu Yu was dismayed to hear this . So this was why Yu Chenyang had not given him a Yan Huang Fire Talisman . Now all the Eight Main Armies’ people would think he was Ghostly Yan Tribe member .

However, this did not affect them . Since this bunch had not heard of him, and did not believe him, then Wu Yu could not be bothered to linger . Shooting a look at the Full Moon of Nanshan, the two increased their speed and moved to the side .

As they moved, the youngsters were still very anxious . If not for Wu Yu leaving, many would probably have activated their Yan Huang Fire Talismans .

“The Yan Huang Tribe has fallen here before, which indicates that there is a possibility of Ghostly Yan Tribe members appearing . Best be on our guard . ” After leaving the bunch of people, Wu Yu continued scanning their surroundings with his Eyes of Fire and Gold . He was most wary of trap-like spirit designs .

Just as he said that, he heard a deafening sound from behind . It was caused by a chain of explosions . The magma current beside Wu Yu churned and then also exploded . This sort of explosion was caused by Yan Huang Fire Talismans . And not just one, but dozens of them exploded .

But the Yan Huang Fire Talismans were different from Darkness Breaching Talismans . In the gloom of the Alternate World, light was what attracted people . But strong light would do nothing in the Infernal Inferno, and therefore it produced sound . This would attract more attention than light!

And the explosions of the Yan Huang Fire Talismans were not that far from Wu Yu . He and the Full Moon of Nanshan turned back in surprise . Both were confused . Evidently, it had come from the group they had just met, all activating their Yan Huang Fire Talismans at the same time .

“They only used it so long after we left? Are their brains rusted?” the Full Moon of Nanshan complained .

“Shouldn’t be the case . Nothing to do with us – the Ghostly Yan Tribe is there!” Wu Yu responded . He felt that they must have met an expert from the Ghostly Yan Tribe . That was why so many had been frightened and used their Yan Huang Fire Talismans simultaneously .

Under other circ.u.mstances, one Yan Huang Fire Talisman would be enough to get the nearest helper over .

When they came to the conclusion that a Ghostly Yan Tribe expert had appeared, the pair hopped onto the Somersault Cloud immediately, which swept them away at the fastest speed back to where they had come from . When they arrived, the Yan Huang Fire Talismans had just exploded, and this bunch was already scattered . The sounds of ghostly wailing and wolfish howls echoed sinisterly, and they could make out a few grave injuries, and perhaps even deaths . The Hidden Dragon General from before had disappeared .

After Wu Yu arrived, there was a black shadow fleeing from the opposite direction . Evidently, the opponent had discovered Wu Yu, and a.s.sumed he was the elder come to their rescue!

Although it was but a brief glimpse, Wu Yu could ascertain that the deaths here were caused by the Ghostly Yan Tribe .

In that instant, Wu Yu’s eyes met a maroon pair . Although not as vivid as the crimson ones of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Ghostly Yan Tribe member’s eyes had their own peculiar brand of coldness to them . One could feel an unparalleled vengeful mercilessness .

Wu Yu could do nothing about their losses . It had already happened . Their arrival had already saved this bunch, because they had arrived more quickly than the rescuers .

After spotting the Ghostly Yan Tribe, the pair gave chase on the Somersault Cloud . Through this process, the Yan Huang Tribe finally saw Wu Yu .

Before too long, just as Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan disappeared, an elder arrived . Seeing the situation, the elder was aghast, asking, “An expert of the Ghostly Yan Tribe came to such a border area? Where’s your hidden dragon general? In pursuit?”

Someone wailed, “The great Hidden Dragon General is already dead! Smashed into dust by the Ghostly Yan Tribe! Someone called Wu Yu gave chase . We don’t know if he’s a Ghostly Yan Tribe member!”

“Wu Yu? Why is he here? Of course he’s not a Ghostly Yan Tribe member . But since he’s giving chase, I won’t . I’ll escort you back to the Huang Dragon Fortress . “

Hearing this, they finally understood that Wu Yu was not a Ghostly Yan Tribe member, or he would have destroyed them already .

For those of a similar level, there was virtually no one in the entire Jambu Realm who could outrun Wu Yu’s Somersault Cloud .

No matter how familiar the Ghostly Yan Tribe person was with the Infernal Inferno, and how experienced he might be with the magma ocean’s flow, he could not escape Wu Yu once Wu Yu locked on to them . Before too long, Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan had cornered him .

They had come to another vast, underground s.p.a.ce, which was difficult to set up spirit designs in . Wu Yu was not worried about walking into a trap .

The desperately fleeing Ghostly Yan Tribesperson had not expected the pair to be so terrifyingly quick . Right now, he was being sandwiched from front and back . Whether he ran left or right, Wu Yu could very quickly stop him . Therefore, he gave up on running . He was not afraid of Wu Yu, while the Full Moon of Nanshan was a more threatening proposition . Therefore, he stopped to think about how to deal with them .

As he stopped, Wu Yu sized up this Ghostly Yan Tribesperson . Firstly, the opponent’s cultivation level was indeed high, at the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm . No wonder they could cause such devastation to the group . It was rare to see a Ghostly Yan Tribesperson at this level . Ordinarily, they were very protective of their lives, and hid deep within the Infernal Inferno, and were not easily seen . Wu Yu’s luck was quite good to have met him .

What made him and the Full Moon of Nanshan shocked was that this Ghostly Yan Tribe member was actually a girl .

She was observing Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan . She realized that Wu Yu was very fast, while the Full Moon of Nanshan made her wary . However, as she looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan, her eyes flashed, as though she had a plan .

On closer look, the Ghostly Yan Tribe member indeed had a ruddy complexion that looked scalded . She had a head of long, l.u.s.trous, black hair that extended to her rump . Perhaps because she often moved within the Infernal Inferno, her clothing was extremely scant . Only a scanty top and a short skirt . Her sizzling flesh was virtually nude and on display, steaming with heat . This Ghostly Yan Tribe member had a feral look in her eyes . After long years of fighting, she had the wiry, compact build of a leopard, and her curves were generous and firm . Her features, too, were world cla.s.s, with an exotic charm to them . Especially that perky behind – it was one that the Yan Huang Tribe and the Dark North Tribe could not match .

Therefore, when the Full Moon of Nanshan saw her, his eyes popped . Unable to take his eyes off her, he was salivating as he said, “I thought that the only comforts to be had were in the Immortal’s Capital . So there are some here as well, and the fiery horse type that I like as well . Not bad . Not bad at all!”

Right now, his lewd expression was a jarring juxtaposition to the handsome features of his human form .

Wu Yu saw a completely different picture from the Full Moon of Nanshan . The Ghostly Yan Tribe woman gave him a feral impression, one who acted with savagery . She had such a high level of dao, and from a ghostly cultivator’s perspective, it meant that she must have committed fairly atrocious crimes, because ghostly cultivator techniques demanded such heinous deeds to cultivate .


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