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Chapter 108 – What I Have is Money

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Levs

If this was the Qin Feng from before, he would definitely be anxious to satisfy himself with the beautiful French woman. However, his current self had suddenly lost interest in these women. He waved his hand: “No need, I came here on proper business this time.”

Proper business again?

Manager Liu stared blankly. The last time Young Master Qin came to rescue Yun Xiao, he said he had “proper business” to attend to. After this, Manager Liu hadn’t seen him come to the Royal Clubhouse until today. He felt that Qin Feng was no longer the idle and useless rich young master from before.

Qin Feng’s body had an air of strength, and his speech was also clear and concise. Most importantly, that trademark lascivious smile was gone as well.

“Young Master Qin, what kind of proper business?” Qin Feng had changed too much, so Manager Liu didn’t dare carelessly joke around. He also became serious.

“Manager Liu, how is the female cla.s.smate that I arranged to live here?”

“Oh Young Master Qin, you should have mentioned that earlier. You made me nervous to death.” Once he heard that Qin Feng’s “proper business” was Lin Bei Bei, Manager Liu’s smile immediately returned.

So the “proper business” was the same as before, and Young Master Qin was still the dissolute young master from before. It seems that he came to play with that pure campus beauty this time.

“That girlie is really obedient. She comes back on time after school every day, leaves for school in a timely manner, and spends the rest of the time in her room. Even until now, she’s definitely still a fledgling. Young Master Qin, you have to be dissolute for the whole day today.”

When he saw Manager Liu smiling so much that his small eyes disappeared, Qin Feng smacked him on the head: “Be more serious, have you catered to Bei Bei according to my wishes?”

Manager Liu immediately retracted his smile: “Young Master Qin, you personally gave these instructions, so how could I not listen? I treat your pretty cla.s.smate like a rich young miss every day. All three of her meals are nutritious and gourmet, I send over a female ma.s.seuse to give her a full-body spa every night, and she’s picked up and dropped off at school every day by limousine. Don’t worry, no one would dare mistreat Little Princess Lin Bei Bei.”

Qin Feng was quite at ease with how Manager Liu did things. He patted his shoulder: “Very good. In a bit, find the head of the Finance Department and put in 100,000 yuan in my name.”

Manager Liu watched Qin Feng walk away. He was so moved that he wanted to scream. Qin Feng was too unaffected, too mesmerizing.

Qin Feng stood before the door of Presidential Suite 888 and felt a bit regretful.

This was once the headquarters of his debauchery. Ever since he became an adult, he stayed in Room 888 more than the Qin Manor. Every new quality item of Royal Clubhouse had to first pa.s.s his full-body inspection. Every beauty that pa.s.sed his test came out as a leading figure of the Royal Clubhouse.

After standing for a while, Qin Feng pressed the doorbell.

Lin Bei Bei knew that Qin Feng would come. She was halfway through her shower when the doorbell rang. Her heartbeat quickened. She didn’t even care that she hadn’t washed away all the bubbles on her body. She draped on a robe as white as snow and promptly ran to open the door.

The door opened and Qin Feng fell into a trance when he saw the refined and delicate beautiful young woman before him.

She only wore a robe, and her wet hair fell scattered on her fragrant shoulders. Her pretty clavicles were free and exposed, and there were mesmerizingly fragrant soap bubbles on them.

This was clearly the use of a wet body to seduce someone. Qin Feng’s ability to resist Lin Bei Bei was not high. When he saw her, he wanted to make a move.

“Qin Feng!” When Qin Feng admired a woman, he was not shy about it; he was always unscrupulous.

Lin Bei Bei’s face became completely red. She softly called to Qin Feng: “Just come in first.”

Lin Bei Bei pulled Qin Feng into the room. Why was there… that kind of feeling?

After entering the room, Qin Feng came back to his senses. He suppressed his immoral thoughts and sat on the bed. He lightly touched the bed sheets and felt a sense of familiarity.

Lin Bei Bei closed the door. She looked like a budding water lily: fresh and pleasant. She lowered her head and shyly walked towards Qin Feng. Without waiting for his agreement, she sat on his thigh.

“Bei Bei… W-what are you doing?” Qin Feng suddenly got nervous.

Lin Bei Bei was comfortable hearing Qin Feng calling her “Bei Bei.” When she saw his shocked expression, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and smile lightly: “Young Master Qin, aren’t you Acropolis City’s Number One Hedonistic and Dissolute Young Master? How is it that I haven’t seen you for a few days and you’re now as reserved as a monk?”

Qin Feng also laughed easily. He hadn’t changed, but he always kept an intentional distance from Lin Bei Bei. Qin Feng didn’t want to taint this kind of delicate and pretty but strong girl.

She was like a water lily that bloomed out of the mud. One could only appreciate her from the sidelines, but no one could taint her divinity.

Lin Bei Bei was like this, and Xu Ruo Rou was also like this.

All Qin Feng could do was quietly protect them… Of course, he had to sometimes take small advantages as a reward.

“Bei Bei, have you been well? No one dares to bother you at school right?” The air was a bit lovey-dovey and Qin Feng initiated a conversation.

Lin Bei Bei’s pretty eyes suddenly became wet. She looked at Qin Feng’s handsome angular face and threw herself into his embrace.

A fragrance entered his nose and something soft stuck to his body.

Qin Feng could clearly feel the frail body beneath Lin Bei Bei’s bathrobe.

“Bei Bei, what’s wrong?” Qin Feng lightly shoved Lin Bei Bei a bit. She was like an octopus and hugged Qin Feng with a death grip.

“Has someone bullied you?” Qin Feng touched Lin Bei Bei’s back and began to caress her.

A few drops of sparkling tears fell on the nape of Qin Feng’s neck. Lin Bei Bei clenched her teeth and shook her head.

Qin Feng knew Lin Bei Bei’s personality. He knew that she worked part-time jobs since she was really young. She raised money for her mother’s hospital and medicinal fees, and also had to support her family and pay tuition at the same time.

She looked like the beautiful and sickly Lin Dai Yu, but she was a steadfast female warrior inside.

She must have been greatly wronged for her to cry like this. Qin Feng used his strength to push her away. He wiped the tears on her face and became serious: “Bei Bei, tell me what’s wrong… What happened to your face? It seems a bit swollen on this side?”

Lin Bei Bei stared at him with pretty eyes as clear as a mirror. She looked closely at Qin Feng: “Qin Feng, I’m fine. I’ve recently started using a new face mask so my skin became a bit irritated and swollen. I just missed you too much, so…”

Lin Bei Bei knew about the conflict between Qin Feng and Yu Wen Xiang. Last time on the sports field, the two fought and then planned a fight to the death.

In the end, she was worried about Qin Feng. She was afraid that after he found out about what happened, he’d look to cause trouble for Yu Wen Xiang and subsequently cause trouble for himself. She… didn’t want to cause any trouble for Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was a bit dazed. He thought Lin Bei Bei’s att.i.tude had improved towards him because he helped her out a couple of times, but he never thought that her att.i.tude towards him would have improved this much.

Lin Bei Bei’s words were clearly a confession towards him… Unless he did something to her and forgot?

“Qin Feng, why haven’t you been at school recently?” Lin Bei Bei initiated a change in the topic for fear that Qin Feng would continue pursuing the Yu Wen Xiang incident.

Qin Feng moved his leg and hugged Lin Bei Bei so she could sit more comfortably: “There were some important things I had to take care of so I didn’t go to school.”

“What important things?” Lin Bei Bei looked like an obedient kitten. She leaned quietly on Qin Feng’s chest and suddenly felt really safe.

She still couldn’t help but ask about Qin Feng’s matters. She put forth her little heart and didn’t even know if Qin Feng would share this important matter with her… Did she have the kind of status in his heart where they could talk about anything?

“Some family matters.” It wasn’t because Lin Bei Bei didn’t have a high position in his heart that Qin Feng didn’t elaborate. He really cared about Bei Bei so he didn’t want her to know about the war between the Qin and Hao families.

This might bring her unnecessary trouble.

Lin Bei Bei’s expression suddenly dropped: “Then, when will you be going back to school?”

The threat Yu Wen Xiang made to Lin Bei Bei when he ran away regarding going to the sports field tomorrow morning made Lin Bei Bei afraid. She wanted to wait until Qin Feng returned to school so she could go with him.

“I don’t know… I might not go back to school anymore.”

Qin Feng thought about how after October by, he would partake in the Capital’s Qin Family’s succession tournament for his father’s dreams and his mysterious mother. Even if the Qin and Hao war was over, he would probably still stay at the company to learn management and break through his limits at the same time.

Lin Bei Bei’s pretty eyes flashed with disappointment. After a length of silence, she suddenly laughed: “Qin Feng, are you free today? Come take a stroll with me, okay?”


Lin Bei Bei rarely took walks, and it was her first time taking a walk with a male. She pulled out the only dress she owned. It was sky blue and stopped at her knees. She looked like a lovely b.u.t.terfly. She held Qin Feng’s hand and happily walked along the bustling pedestrian walkway.

Wan Cheng Square is Acropolis City’s iconic and fashionable shopping street. This plot of land in the center of the city was a golden commercial street, and was also where Royal Group staked and developed their estate project.

Today was a weekend, so the pedestrian walkway was extremely crowded. Most of the people there were couples around Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei’s age. Qin Feng was very familiar with this street. He took Lin Bei Bei to a Chanel store.

Chanel was created in Paris in 1914 by Gabrielle Chanel.

The company produced many different products. There were clothes, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, purses, etc. Each product was famous everywhere—especially their perfume and fashionable clothing.

This was a brand name that experienced eighty years of turbulence. The products were naturally extremely expensive and high-ranking luxury goods.

But, the Chanel style caught Qin Feng’s eye. It was eternally elegant, simple, and refined. They were adept and surpa.s.sed tradition to follow the trends. Plus, since they were products of this store, if Lin Bei Bei wore it, she would definitely look really

Though Lin Bei Bei hadn’t experienced a lot, she still knew about a big brand like this. She was clearly a bit shy, and stood at the door lightly tugging Qin Feng.

“Don’t worry, take whatever you like, what Young Master Qin has is money.” Qin Feng immediately saw through Lin Bei Bei’s apprehensions, so he let out an easy smile and helped her get rid of them.


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