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Read Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 111 – A Seven-Figure Endorsement Fee

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Chapter 111 – A Seven-Figure Endors.e.m.e.nt Fee

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Levs

Lin Bei Bei’s beautiful eyes were as clear as water and bright with joy. A seven-figure endors.e.m.e.nt fee: that’s over a million! She wasn’t a money-hungry girl, but if this chance really existed, she would be moved by it. However, she still said nothing and looked at Qin Feng in silence.

“There’s no need for that.” Qin Feng didn’t hesitate and straightforwardly rejected Zhao Chuan: “It’s enough for me to enjoy Bei Bei’s beauty alone. There’s no need to put it on display for other people.”

His singular tyrannical line was mesmerizingly handsome. 

Lin Bei Bei raised her head slightly and looked at Qin Feng’s serious expression with a slight smile. Her heart felt as sweet as if she had eaten honey. She felt so blissful that she was about to melt in Qin Feng’s embrace.

Lin Bei Bei would willingly give up on a million yuan for Qin Feng’s one tyrannical line.

“Beauty, what do you think?” After being rejected by Qin Feng, Zhao Chuan still didn’t give up. He threw some more bait at Lin Bei Bei: “If it’s a matter of price, I can contest it with Headquarters. I can a.s.sure you that you’ll get a contract with a guaranteed minimum of two million yuan. What do you think?”

Even A-list celebrities could not receive this rare opportunity to shoot a group of advertis.e.m.e.nts with a two million yuan contract, a completely new person, and an international luxury brand as large as Chanel.

Lin Bei Bei laughed and shook her head: “Thank you for your kind intentions, but Qin Feng said that he didn’t want to exhibit my beauty for everyone to see, so I have to listen to him.”

Qin Feng was selfish, but this kind of selfishness made Lin Bei Bei feel gratified.

Zhao Chuan dejectedly shook his head. He was about to try again when w.a.n.g Ying finished changing and walked out of the fitting room.

She wore a red, halter top mini-dress and walked out of the fitting room like she was on a catwalk. She swayed her hips and strutted seductively towards the audience. It felt as though she was walking on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

“Dearest, look at the red mini-dress I’m wearing. Does it look good?” w.a.n.g Ying intentionally spoke loudly amongst the crowd. She spoke while imitating elementary schoolers and twirled gracefully.

This mini-dress was indeed s.e.xy. It exposed her whole back and only a small piece of cloth covered her chest and thighs. It was a really modern and fashionable style that normal people wouldn’t dare wear outside.

As w.a.n.g Ying expected, all gazes fell on her. She felt like a floating fairy, and she was extremely pleased.

But before she could fully enjoy this pleasure, all of the gazes flitted away.  They made faces as if their eyes were tainted and quickly returned their gazes onto Lin Bei Bei. While looking at this slim and graceful young lady, they smiled with their hearts at ease.

At this time, they underwent a profound experience and discovered that true beauty and s.e.xiness was not determined by how much skin one exposed or how alluringly they could paint themselves with makeup. True beauty was determined when one could quietly stand there without words or movement, yet could slowly and steadily release unlimited brilliance.

Once they saw Lin Bei Bei who was as white as the first snow, with skin as tender as a new lotus, a collarbone as perfect as jade, and only a small amount of her beautiful and thin legs exposed, seeing w.a.n.g Ying with most of her skin exposed made them want to throw up.

The more w.a.n.g Ying exposed, the more disgusted they felt. These people all began to worry that after seeing a woman as perfect as Lin Bei Bei, they would never date again.

“Dearest, hurry and look at me. Hurry and look! Do I look good? Aren’t I s.e.xy wearing this mini-dress? It’s really alluring. If you like it, let’s buy it. When we get home, I’ll wear it for you.” w.a.n.g Ying hadn’t seen the change in the audience’s demeanor and swayed Sun Ye’s arm with arrogance.

Sun Ye really didn’t want to look at w.a.n.g Ying again. Even listening to her sugar-coated voice was more disgusting than eating a housefly.

Someone in the crowd shouted mischievously: “Hey Chanel’s Regional General Manager, what do you think of this gal? Why don’t you use her for your qipao advertis.e.m.e.nts?”

Once these words were spoken, a sea of mockery arose.

w.a.n.g Ying was still unaware of the situation. When she heard that Chanel’s Regional General Manager was here, and that he was looking for a cover model, she immediately became excited: “Where’s the manager? Hurry and look at me okay? My figure and looks are outstanding. I’ll definitely be able to showcase the souls of the designers if I wear the clothes your company designs.”

Zhao Chuan stepped out. He took one glance at w.a.n.g Ying and shook his head in distaste. When compared to Lin Bei Bei, the two were on completely different grades. There were swarms of women like w.a.n.g Ying on the streets.

“Dearest, they said the Regional General Manager’s picking out a cover model. Is that true? Where’s the manager? Why don’t I try? I’m so movingly beautiful…”


w.a.n.g Ying hadn’t finished speaking when she was met with a resounding slap. Before she could react, the slap shoved her to the ground.

“You ugly thing, hurry and scram. In the future, don’t look for me. I feel disgusted just by looking at you; you’re really an embarra.s.sment.” Sun Ye had enough, and exploded on the spot.

Dazed, w.a.n.g Ying sat on the floor. She forgot about the stinging pain on her face and stared at Sun Ye with complete astonishment. The story shouldn’t have progressed this way?

She could feel the audience’s judgmental gazes. When did she ever suffer such disgrace? However, once she thought about how losing Sun Ye’s financial support would cause her to lose the material life she had now, she didn’t care about face. She immediately crawled before Sun Ye and hugged his thigh with a death grip.

“Sun Ye, you can’t treat me like this. Every night, I help you blow your load, satisfy your desires with dual attacks from the front and back, and I never turned my back on you when you don’t even last for more than a minute. How can you hit me and call me ugly? When you go crazy with me at night, you don’t say anything like that to me!”

With one breath, w.a.n.g Ying let everything out. The audience shifted their judgmental gazes onto Sun Ye.

Sun Ye was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. How did he end up finding such a foolish woman? He had no face to continue staying here. He kicked w.a.n.g Ying away and wanted to leave: “Tramp, let go of me.”

w.a.n.g Ying already lost her senses. She tightly hugged Sun Ye’s thigh as if she had gone crazy. She refused to let go, so Sun Ye began to kick her. The more he kicked, the wilder the kicks became. w.a.n.g Ying began to spit blood, but he still couldn’t shake her off.

This man was so malicious that the surrounding audience could not continue to watch him. The foreigners swore in English and denounced Sun Ye. Then, two security guards ran over and pulled Sun Ye away.

The fight gradually calmed. w.a.n.g Ying’s hair was disheveled, and she was battered and exhausted.

She suddenly looked towards Lin Bei Bei. All of this was because of her. Her eyes clouded over with evil as she pounced at Lin Bei Bei with bared teeth and flying claws.


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