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Read Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 78 – Wind Blade Martial Skill

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Chapter 78 – Wind Blade Martial Skill

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

However, Qin Feng did not stop. He had received the quest to train Xu Ruo Rou, so he wanted to force Xu Ruo Rou into asking him to stop in an insistent manner. Of course, he was also enjoying this.

Before Xu Ruo Rou could completely get away from Qin Feng, he hurriedly grabbed her foot, causing her high heels to fall off. When he brushed against her incredibly smooth calves, Qin Feng felt incredibly happy.

If he knew how great going to work was before, he wouldn’t have needed Qin Huang to force him to come here.

“Ah… Qin Feng, I b-beg you, let me go; we’re still at work.” Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she covered her mouth, not daring to make too much noise. She didn’t want anyone else to see what was going on, so she didn’t even dare to move. She continued to stare at the screen, pretending that she was reading articles.

However, her incredibly beautiful face was now bright red.

Of course, Qin Feng wouldn’t let go just like that. Instead, his hands began to travel upwards and became even more insolent. Wherever they travelled, they would continuously squeeze, causing those places to become red as well.

Xu Ruo Rou’s heart beat rapidly and her large eyes looked at Qin Feng pitifully. She continued to grit her teeth and although she didn’t like this, she was unable to tell Qin Feng to stop in a commanding tone.

It was only when Qin Feng’s large hands reached beneath her skirt and onto her thighs that Xu Ruo Rou couldn’t take it anymore. She suddenly kicked Qin Feng, knocking his hand away.

“Qin Feng, p-please spare me. I don’t like this.” A tear rolled down Xu Ruo Rou’s face. Because Qin Feng had just received this quest, he was quite eager to get started on it. However, he never thought that Xu Ruo Rou would have started crying, and he felt incredibly guilty.

After handing her a few pieces of tissue, Qin Feng smiled and said, “Little sister Ruo Rou, don’t cry; I was just messing around.”

Seeing that Qin Feng had really stopped and had sat back into his own seat properly, Xu Ruo Rou accepted the tissues and wiped her tears as she softly said, “Okay, then, I’ll continue working.”

Her timid and cute manner made Qin Feng feel tender towards her, and he thought of Lin Bei Bei. Lin Bei Bei was somewhat of a melancholic and weak beauty, but wasn’t timid to the point that she couldn’t resist.

After suddenly deciding to stop attending university for a while, he had told Zhao Ling Xian, but hadn’t had the time to tell Lin Bei Bei and Yun Xiao. He decided that he would go find them when he was free.

As Xu Ruo Rou was now focusing on her work, Qin Feng didn’t continue to bother her. After killing Liang Zhen Wei, he had received 1000 Hedonist Points, but hadn’t found the time to spend them yet. As such, he leaned back in his chair as he opened the Hedonist Sovereign System.

Whenever Qin Feng had opened the System, he would only look at the items below 500 Hedonist Points. As he became stronger, the quests became more difficult, but the rewards were also greater. He started to look through the items that were priced aboved 1000 Hedonist Points.

The items that were worth more than 1000 Hedonist Points were split into 3 categories: strange and mysterious skills, colourful and cool-looking equipment, and various pills and medicines. Different grades and ranks of those things all had vastly different prices as well.

Currently, Qin Feng was still a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal and did not have the right to unlock some of the more mysterious items. After spending 10,000 Hedonist Points, he would be able to unlock the Wuxia Interface. He was sure that there would be many more heaven-defying equipment and skills in there, but they definitely wouldn’t be cheap.

“Master, master, right now, you can be considered as a genius who has cultivated both internal and external techniques. You have the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, an external technique, and the Elementary Sword Skills, an internal technique. However, the Elementary Sword Skills need to be used in conjunction with sword-type weapons; they are not very useful when master’s unarmed. I’d recommend master to buy an internal martial skill that doesn’t need a weapon to become even stronger,” the little pig suddenly said.

After looking through the items for a while, Qin Feng felt quite dizzy because there were so many options. And yet, he still didn’t know what to buy. “Little pig, recommend a powerful internal martial skill for me then,” he said.

Ever since the little pig had performed its fireball skill, Qin Feng couldn’t help but treat it with respect. The little pig proudly replied, “Master, I recommend you save up 3000 Hedonist Points to buy the ‘Wind Blade’ martial skill.”

After hearing the little pig say this, Qin Feng hurriedly looked through the System.

Wind Blade Martial Skill-

Skill Rank: Earth Rank Low Grade (Rank Divisions: Sovereign, Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow)

After obtaining this skill, the Host can gather Inner Qi to release invisible wind blades that are fast, accurate and powerful! A must-have skill for killing people quickly.

Hedonist Points Required: 3000.

Reading the Wind Blade Martial Skill’s description, Qin Feng became quite excited and found that the system had style.

However, the Wind Blade Martial Skill required 3000 Hedonist Points. Qin Feng needed to complete at least 1 difficult quest to buy it. After thinking to the hardest quests he had encountered so far, he decided that it would be better to spend the 1000 Hedonist Points now. This way, he would have something to use as soon as possible.

The little pig had access to Qin Feng’s thoughts and before he even said anything, it said, “Master, if you don’t want to save up 3000 Hedonist Points to buy the Wind Blade Martial Skill, you can try out the fusion function.”

Qin Feng suddenly remembered that after spending 1000 Hedonist Points, he had become a Rank 4 Hedonist Mortal, which unlocked the fusion function. However, because he had drawn the Flying Dragon Armour from the Lottery, he had been so excited that he had forgotten about this.

He hurriedly opened the fusion function.

After looking through it, Qin Feng was completely dumbfounded. The fusion function allowed him to fuse anything together. For example, the Elementary Thunder Tiger Fists could be fused into Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, the Orange grade Truesteel Sword could be fused into a Blue grade Truesteel Sword, and so could the Flying Dragon Armour. The Elementary Gold Sore Medicine could also be fused into Intermediate Gold Sore Medicine.

As long as he had enough Hedonist Points, he could fuse whatever he wanted.

What attracted Qin Feng even more were the biological fusions. He was surprised to find that even creatures could be fused. This included flying creatures, crawling or walking creatures, and swimming creatures.

 There were 3 ranks: Sky, Earth and Water, and the costs for fusion varied.


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