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Read Hello, Heir Chapter 379 – He Loved Silently (9)

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Chapter 379: He Loved Silently (9)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuang Nainai gave a laugh. “Director Mi, I’m sure you’ve known of my ident.i.ty since long ago, right?”

Mi Nuo’s fingers on the mouse froze. Raising her head, she said, “Yes, Executive a.s.sistant Ji told me who you were last Friday. You’re Mrs. Si, as well as Gu Qingyan of the Gu family. I’ve always wondered why you stole the design drafts — it’s no wonder now.”

Zhuang Nainai leaned forward. “I meant that you must have known my ident.i.ty before this. Or shall I put it this way: before I even entered the company, you already knew who I was.”

Mi Nuo’s eyes flashed as her smile stiffened, but she remained dignified. “Why do you say so?”

Zhuang Nainai narrowed her eyes. “When I first entered the company, everyone had no idea about my ident.i.ty, so I was amenable to everyone, and even Zhang Chaowen hadn’t dared to do anything to me. But in a matter of hours, in the afternoon, he changed drastically and became extremely harsh to me. I only understood later on that he was afraid of me stealing his position. I never comprehended why he had such thoughts. Later on, I was told by some colleagues that the word going around the office was that I had been specially hired. Yet, even if he had such a conjecture about my ident.i.ty, it would have made more sense for him to verify my ident.i.ty before taking the offensive, but he didn’t. So, this means that he must have been thoroughly convinced by someone, am I right?”

Mi Nuo curled her lips. “Continue.”

Zhuang Nainai pursed her lips. “And then there’s Zuo Yiyi. I heard from Ji Chen how you’re always reliable in your work. But that time, you didn’t even wait for Mr. Si’s agreement before calling Zuo Yiyi to tell her that she was his date. Your aim was to get Zuo Yiyi to clash with me head-on; have I gotten anything wrong?”

Mi Nuo decided to simply lean back into her chair. Looking at Zhuang Nainai, she said once more, “Continue.”

“You should be aware of how Zhang Chaowen has been picking on me in the design department, but you’ve never done anything to help. And with regards to the design drafts, I was the only one who had the chance to be in touch with them, so you stole the drafts — oh, I mean, when you went to discuss something or another with Si Jingyu, you looked at her design drafts and decided to alter my design drafts, including even Si Jingyu’s trademark designs. Thereafter, you framed me, because even though you saw the end product much later, I’m sure you were able to make small alterations!”

Mi Nuo narrowed her eyes and pressed her lips together.

Zhuang Nainai spoke once more. “You’re really smart in having made ambiguous remarks so as to remove any suspicion anyone might have had toward you. And I’m also guessing that the flash drive you’d handed to Li Li had no design drafts at all, am I right? That would explain why Li Li tried so hard to frame me; I had only pushed her a little, but then she took the chance to splash herself with the vegetable soup. A vain person like Li Li would never deface herself just to frame me, unless she was forced to do so to a certain degree. So, it was you who forced Li Li, right?”

Zhuang Nainai’s sixth sense told her that everything had been the doing of Mi Nuo. If it was so, everything would make perfect sense!

Mi Nuo curled her lips, her expression colder than ever before. She said slowly, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. If you’re trying to push all the blame on me, please show me the evidence. Also, there’s a major problem in your whole narrative. Mr. Si’s wedding was highly private and low-profile, so if it hadn’t been for Executive a.s.sistant Ji who told me about it last Friday, where else do you think I would have gotten that information from?”

“Right, he didn’t even say it, and the people who know about it are few and far in between, which then begs the question: how did you know about it?”


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