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Read Hello, Heir Chapter 421 – Mr. Si Pursues His Wife (1)

Hello, Heir is a web novel made by Romance, Drama, Josei.
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Read WebNovel Hello, Heir Chapter 421 – Mr. Si Pursues His Wife (1)

Chapter 421: Mr. Si Pursues His Wife (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mi Nuo’s smile froze.

How would she be unable to detect the sarcasm in Zhuang Nainai’s voice? It was glaringly obvious.

Mi Nuo had studied fas.h.i.+on design, and when she had been in the fas.h.i.+on design department, she was also the deputy head of the department. It was only later on that she got promoted to be the director, but she still retained a firm grip of power on the fas.h.i.+on design department.

But now, Mr. Si asking Zhuang Nainai to take over the fas.h.i.+on design department meant that he was stripping her of her power!

Now, her director post sounded nice, but in reality, it was not as substantial as Zhuang Nainai’s position.

Mi Nuo bit her lips and narrowed her eyes. After pausing for a while, she replied, “Well, since that’s the case, I’ll go back to my office first. But in any case, Leader Zhuang, please send me the new designs for the season as soon as possible. We’re already into winter, so we’re late in getting the designs out. If we delay any longer, I’m afraid we won’t even need to do the winter designs, we can just begin work on the spring ones.”

Zhuang Nainai shot back her reply immediately. “I got it, Director Mi, don’t worry. Under my management, I’m sure the fas.h.i.+on design department won’t encounter any problems like design drafts being stolen or lost anymore.”

The hatred for Mi Nuo was clear.

Mi Nuo’s face froze once more, but she elegantly nodded her head and turned around to smile at the coworkers from the fas.h.i.+on design department. “I’ve got a car. Who’s going to take my car in the evening?”

Just as someone was about to reply to Mi Nuo, Zhuang Nainai spoke once more. “Director Mi, you’re our boss! How would we dare invite you for dinner? We wouldn’t be able to eat dinner comfortably with you around, in any case. Don’t worry, Director Mi, we’ll have lots of fun tonight!”

Hearing this, the coworkers immediately fell silent, their eyes looking anywhere but at the two bosses who were verbally wrestling with each other.

Zhuang Nainai had been framed for plagiarism by Mi Nuo, so her hating Mi Nuo was justified.

But what n.o.body understood was how Zhuang Nainai was oblivious to the unwritten rules of the industry: that no matter how much you hated someone, you had to pretend that you were fine with him or her. Why was Zhuang Nainai so unabashedly open with her hatred?

But… why did it feel good to see what Zhuang Nainai did?

So, unknown to Zhuang Nainai, some coworkers were bought over by her actions.

Mi Nuo also had not expected Zhuang Nainai to become so calculative. In her anger, her face went pale, and she bit her lips. Yet, at the very end, she managed a smile and said, “You’re right, Leader Zhuang. In that case, I’ll absent myself from the dinner.”

Having finished her sentence, Mi Nuo gritted her teeth as she left the group, her default face of warmth falling apart.

Zhuang Nainai felt good as she watched Mi Nuo leave.

If I can’t find evidence to incriminate you, at least I can get at you in other ways!

Zhuang Nainai then turned to face the crowd. “Since everyone is here, let’s have a meeting and discuss the leading style for the season.”

The crowd of people herded themselves into the conference room. After a morning’s worth of discussion, any doubts that the coworkers had about Zhuang Nainai’s abilities firmly disappeared. They now fully trusted in her abilities.

For someone who could not even work a design software properly, her astonis.h.i.+ngly stunning designs proved that her talent for design was simply G.o.d-given.

In the afternoon, a group of people holding takeout packets walked in. May walked in together with them, then announced, “Mr. Si says that he appreciates all your effort in working on the fas.h.i.+on apparel. He knows that you guys are having a meeting, so he specially ordered takeout from Ju De Restaurant for everyone.”


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