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Read Hello, Heir Chapter 497 – Loving You All This Time (7)

Hello, Heir is a web novel made by Romance, Drama, Josei.
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Chapter 497: Loving You All This Time (7)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuang Nainai felt that her life was like a joke. Every time she felt that happiness was within her reach, G.o.d would play a cruel joke on her.

She sighed and drank two mouthfuls of water. After putting the gla.s.s teacup down on the office desk, she stood up and walked out.

Mother had always said, “Another day, another dollar.” She was the Deputy Director of the Imperial Group’s fas.h.i.+on design department, so she ought to do her job well.

Three months had pa.s.sed, and the state of the fetus seemed to be stable; hence, she decided to report to work daily from now on.

The designs of their spring apparels had not been finalized, so the design department would have to work overtime again.

Zhuang Nainai walked out of the office and discussed the problems of this spring’s new products with colleagues from several departments. As she had always had a flair for fas.h.i.+on design, the few issues she raised made everyone’s eyes light up.

After the meeting had ended, the group of people dispersed and Zhang Tingting followed Zhuang Nainai out.

Zhang Tingting couldn’t help but say, “Nainai, I used to think that you wouldn’t be fitting of the Deputy Director position because you are still so young, but I suddenly feel that you are so capable!”

Upon hearing her praises, Zhuang Nainai smiled. Given her young age, she would feel happy whenever she was praised. “Of course! I already said that I’m a genius!”

Immediately, Zhang Tingting broke into fits of laughter. However, she suddenly stopped laughing and said moments later, “Actually, everyone has been saying how capable Director Mi is, but every time she designs something, she would do it stealthily. In the actual meetings, she couldn’t even provide any fresh or constructive suggestions. We used to think that it was because she didn’t want to share her designs with everyone, but now that I think of it, Director Mi isn’t that capable. Even if she submitted her designs later on, they were nothing amazing. I really wonder what the design that had blown everyone’s minds away in the design compet.i.tion that year looks like.”

It had already been three years since the Starlight Design Compet.i.tion. It was the second time an Asian had gained recognition, so it was well-known throughout the design industry.

However, the compet.i.tion was posh and, and it was held in Europe, so they had not seen the actual design before. Moreover, three years ago, the Internet was not as insane as today, such they could search for anything.

Upon hearing this, she couldn’t help but stop in her tracks as her eyes dimmed. After a while, she said nonchalantly, “Since she has been awarded first place, it means that her design must have really been breathtaking. Designers also need some inspiration when designing things. The capitalist cla.s.s is too exploitative. It’s normal that we working people cannot find inspiration.”

Zhang Tingting suddenly said, “But look at you! Every time we have a meeting, you always have some special inspiration! I think you are really much better than Director Mi!”

A smile spread across Zhuang Nainai’s face immediately. She had wanted to say something when she heard someone behind her say, “h.e.l.lo, Director Mi!”

Instantly, Zhang Tingting froze. She even started to tremble out of fear. As she slowly turned her head, she witnessed Mi Nuo’s indignant face behind them.

Zhuang Nainai also didn’t expect her to catch them badmouthing her behind her back. Even though she had not badmouthed her at all, she still felt rather guilty at that moment.

Mi Nuo was usually friendly and gentle in front of everyone. She looked approachable, but only her a.s.sistant knew her true colors.


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