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Read Hello, Heir Chapter 535 – We Are Husband and Wife (13)

Hello, Heir is a web novel created by Romance, Drama, Josei.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 535: We Are Husband and Wife (13)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

So, how exactly does Zhuang Nainai’s brain work?!

Meanwhile, Xue Rong stared intently at Si Zhengting. She found him familiar, but she just couldn’t wrap her head around where she had seen him before…

While Xue Rong was still in a state of shock, the cla.s.s representative regained his senses and quickly said with a smile on his face, “You are…”

Si Zhengting’s dark and deep-set eyes were fixed on Zhuang Nainai as he remained silent.

The cla.s.s representative looked at Zhuang Nainai again. “Nainai, is he your boyfriend?”

Zhuang Nainai’s smile faded as she nodded.

Without asking further, the cla.s.s representative said with a smile, “Alright, then, let’s head to the private room together.”

Zhuang Nainai headed toward the private room with everyone, her head hung low.

Even Xue Rong, who had been waiting for the chance to criticize her again, was completely speechless right now.

The group of people entered the private room and sat down one by one. Si Zhengting helped Zhuang Nainai pull out her chair chivalrously. After she had sat down, he held his suit with one hand and sat down elegantly.

Even with such a simple movement, he had become the center of attention.

Despite the fact that he was not sitting in the head seat, everyone’s gaze was fixated on him.

The cla.s.s representative could not help but ask, “Sir, may I know what your name is?”

“Si.” Si Zhengting did not say anything anymore, but that did not put people off.

The cla.s.s representative asked further, “Mr. Si, what’s your job?”

When Si Zhengting remained silent, Xie Yutong understood the situation tacitly and immediately said, “Mr. Si owns a company, and he does… He does real estate! Yes, he does real estate!”

As soon as she finished speaking, someone could not help but ask, “If we want to buy a house, can we look for Mr. Si?”

Upon hearing this, Xue Rong pursed her lips. She still did not believe that Zhuang Nainai really had a rich second-generation heir boyfriend, so this person must be fake!

Real estate was a nice way of putting things. In reality, he was probably a mere property agent, right?

When Si Zhengting heard this, he glanced at her nonchalantly and nodded. “I can give you a discount.”

His words caused everyone to be over the moon.

Meanwhile, Xue Rong pursed her lips again and said in a peculiar tone and moderate volume, “I a.s.sume it’s just a discount on agent fees?”

This voice instantly turned the atmosphere at the dining table cold again.

Xie Yutong said, “Xue Rong, you are just here to pick a fight today, huh?!”

Xue Rong smiled. “Xie Yutong, in what way am I picking a fight? Furthermore, I’m talking to Mr. Si, not you. Seeing how you are answering all the questions, you must know Mr. Si really well. One would think that you are his girlfriend!”

Xie Yutong was speechless instantly.

Xue Rong looked at him and started attacking him with questions, “Mr. Si, how much are the monthly profits of your company?”

How much were the monthly profits?

Si Zhengting raised his brows. “I’m not sure.”

He only cared about the annual profits. Since when did he care about the monthly profits?

Xue Rong pursed her lips. What real estate big shot? Such a young real estate big shot, wasn’t he? Even if he was doing real estate, he probably just owned a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy!

As she thought of this, she chuckled. “Recently, the real estate industry has not been doing so well, hasn’t it? Honestly, I think that finding a job is much better. My Haoyu already has an annual salary of millions.”

The meaning of her words was very obvious.

When she finished speaking, Si Zhengting raised his head nonchalantly and looked at s.h.i.+ Haoyu.

At this moment, s.h.i.+ Haoyu was staring intently at Zhuang Nainai’s face.

Due to the pregnancy, Zhuang Nainai had been eating well recently. Hence, her small face was chubby. With her clear skin and refined features, she could not get any more beautiful.


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