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Read Hello, Heir Chapter 71 – This Slap, I Return It to You!

Hello, Heir is a Webnovel made by Romance, Drama, Josei.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Hello, Heir Chapter 71 – This Slap, I Return It to You!

Chapter 71: This Slap, I Return It to You!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The meeting room quieted down.

Zhuang Nainai looked at the pleased look on Xue Rong’s and then at s.h.i.+ Haoyu. A fierce glint flickered in her eyes.

Her face still burned in pain. She lowered her head in a pitiable state. “Xue Rong, I’m sorry…”

Manager w.a.n.g and s.h.i.+ Haoyu both breathed a sigh of relief. The best option to smooth over this whole episode was for Zhuang Nainai to give in.

But Zhuang Nainai continued.

“This whole episode is my fault, you mentioned that s.h.i.+ Haoyu is marrying you for your father, I shouldn’t have said that he is a power-hungry guy…”

s.h.i.+ Haoyu turned an ugly color at her words.

He was the most popular guy in their faculty, and he had his ego. Even though that was the reason he was marrying Xue Rong, having it aired out in public greatly wounded his pride.

Xue Rong did not expect Zhuang Nainai to say that. Her feelings for s.h.i.+ Haoyu was true and pure, and their relations.h.i.+p at school was untainted. She only said those words to goad on Zhuang Nainai. She immediately looked at s.h.i.+ Haoyu and tried to explain. “Haoyu, hubby, I…”

s.h.i.+ Haoyu turned to leave before she could finish her sentence.

Xue Rong stood up anxiously and watched him leave. She wanted to give chase but she was not done with Zhuang Nainai. She turned to fix her with a death glare and said, “Zhuang Nainai, you’re good!”

Zhuang Nainai curled her lips and replied, “I can do even better!”

Her arm swung in a graceful arc. Slap!

A palm landed on Xue Rong’s face, and she froze to the ground.

Zhuang Nainai rubbed her wrists and narrowed her eyes. “Xue Rong, I don’t like to be in debt. This slap, I return it to you!”

Xue Rong came back to her senses and was livid with rage. She charged at Zhuang Nainai with arms waving. “Zhuang Nainai! You dare hit me? You dare to slap me?!”

Zhuang Nainai held onto her wrists tightly and gave her a warning look. “Xue Rong, are you sure you can fight me?”

Zhuang Nainai gave a hard push and Xue Rong involuntarily took a couple of steps back, barely able to keep her balance.

Xue Rong looked at Zhuang Nainai in disbelief and turned to Manager w.a.n.g. “Manager w.a.n.g, you just watch your employee hit your customers like that?”

Manager w.a.n.g was in shock from Zhuang Nainai’s actions and took a while to recollect himself. He swallowed and demanded, “Zhuang Nainai, what are you doing? Are you trying to rebel? Apologize to Ms. Xue now! Immediately! Right this instant! Or else…”

“I quit!” Zhuang Nainai shouted at Manager w.a.n.g. He choked on his words and asked again, “You-you quit? What do you mean? You’re resigning?”

Zhuang Nainai snorted and replied, “Yes, I’m leaving! I will pa.s.s you the resignation letter.”

She then turned to leave.

“Zhuang Nainai!” Xue Rong growled and stopped Zhuang Nainai in her tracks. She turned to see Xue Rong’s eyes crazy with rage. “Zhuang Nainai, believe it or not, I will see to it that you won’t be able to find another job in the whole of Beijing!”

Not find a job in Beijing?

Just because her father was the CEO of a branch company of the Imperial Group?

Zhuang Nainai found it ridiculous and suddenly amusing. If she revealed her relations.h.i.+p to Si Zhengting, would this bunch of people be terrified to their wits?

Zhuang Nainai narrowed her eyes and replied, “Whatever.”

She then strode off and heard a faint yell behind her. “Zhuang Nainai, I won’t let this go!”


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