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Read Hello, Heir Chapter 79 – She Had Been Hit?

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Chapter 79: She Had Been Hit?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She was not expecting to meet Si Zhengting’s eyes. Zhuang Nainai jumped at the eye contact.

It appeared that he was still in a bad mood.

She swallowed hard and her gaze fell on the phone in his hands. Her eyes widened and she questioned, “Wh-why are you holding my phone?”

Si Zhengting looked into her huge eyes and replied, “Let me use it.”

Use it?

To call his executive a.s.sistant Ji Chen?

Zhuang Nainai remembered his smashed phone and nodded knowingly. She did not dare to exit the bathroom, so she stuck her head back in and closed the door quietly.

Si Zhengting explored her phone and was about to make a call when the bathroom door suddenly opened again. In an anxious voice, she began, “Er…”

Si Zhengting’s pitch-black eyes looked in her direction.

Zhuang Nainai gave a little cough and looked at her phone tenderly. “Well, even if you are upset, please don’t smash the phone, I-I know you are rich, but if you were to smash mine, I wouldn’t have another to use. It would be so inconvenient… hahaha…”

Si Zhengting gaze instantly grew cold.

Zhuang Nainai immediately corrected herself and said, “I mean, you go ahead…”

She then quickly shrank back into the bathroom and closed the door before Si Zhengting could say anything.

Everything was quiet.

Si Zhengting was amused by her antics. She was still as miserly as she was five years ago.

Isn’t it just a lousy old phone?

He walked to the balcony. There was no way he could make his call in peace in the room.

The night had set in, lights glistened brightly in the distant metropolis.

Si Zhengting dialed a number, and the receiver answered quickly with a hint of a smile in his voice. “h.e.l.lo, Ms. Zhuang. What is the matter, calling me so late at night?”

His voice could not get any more tender.

Si Zhengting gave a low grunt. “It’s me.”

Ji Chen instantly turned serious. “Sir.”

Now he became all serious?

Si Zhengting scowled upon recalling Zhuang Nainai’s compliment on Ji Chen’s smile and ordered. “Go find out what happened to Madam in her office today.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ji Chen was quick. Only ten minutes elapsed before he called back and reported what happened in the office in detail to Si Zhengting.

Si Zhengting’s face darkened and promised an impending storm when he was done listening to him.

So that was what happened!

She was slapped by someone? And all the people in her office just watched her getting slapped?

Not only did they not protect the welfare of their employees, but they also goaded the aggressor on and made it worse?

Si Zhengting clenched his fists.

He thought back on the carefree Zhuang Nainai in school five years ago. She always gave an eye for an eye.

Even Su Yanbing and Zuo Yiyi could not get their way with her.

But she had put up with a manager like this up until now. Had she been having a hard time these past years?

Si Zhengting felt his heart aching for her. His balled-up fists tightened again when he thought of why she was slapped.

Ji Chen had not said it. He had deliberately diminished the existence of s.h.i.+ Haoyu, but…


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