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Read Hello Mr. King Chapter 302 – I Will Go to You Soon

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Chapter 302: I Will Go to You Soon

Song Qian didn’t care if it was the dead of the night. She called the receptionist and told them that a snake was lying in the toilet bowl.

The hotel’s manager rushed over. “What kind of snake is it?” He asked for details.

Yun Xiangxiang answered according to the snake she saw in her dream. “It looked like a cobra, but I didn’t see it clearly.”

Both she and Song Qian were not sure if there were any snakes in there. But she was sure something was there. The sound of something b.u.mping against the lid was audible.

If it were really a cobra lying in wait, it would be disastrous if it spewed venom to the person who opened the lid.

Or it might slither out from the toilet bowl. A cobra had tremendous speed.

Many people would say that snakes wouldn’t attack humans unprovoked, but Yun Xiangxiang wasn’t about to test that out with her own life.

Her heart was still pounding whenever she recalled the cobra she saw in her dream.

The manager quickly informed the police. With the gravity of the situation, Milles and the others were alerted to what was happening.

They were aghast when they knew that there might be a cobra lying in the lavatory.

The manager quickly took Yun Xiangxiang and the others to the guest room, asking the waiters to take care of them meticulously.

The whole crew was concerned about Yun Xiangxiang, including Milles and Kleon. Venti chatted with Yun Xiangxiang, trying to alleviate her fears.

She told Yun Xiangxiang about the exciting things she came across in her other jobs. Yun Xiangxiang was touched that Venti would try to help her like this.

Soon the police and the experts were here. Yun Xiangxiang didn’t even react to the appearance of the cops. She had been interacting with them a lot since some time ago.

Yun Xiangxiang’s guess was dead on. The experts managed to capture a cobra measuring two meters long in the lavatory.

“Heavens! Thank G.o.d for protecting us!” Venti prayed.

The hotel couldn’t hide this. The other guests found out about this too. This wasn’t any simple snake. A cobra could kill a human.

The guests asked the staff to check all the rooms. The manager didn’t want to see anyone dying because of this, so he asked everyone to check them. They found another snake near the air-conditioner of a room where no one was staying in.

The manager quickly talked to Yun Xiangxiang. He wanted to switch her to another suite and waive three days’ worth of accommodation fees.

They didn’t want Yun Xiangxiang to ask for refunds because of this. It would deal a deadly blow to the hotel’s reputation.

“What do you think, Yun?” Milled respected Yun Xiangxiang’s decision. She was the victim here.

Milles was the one who reserved the rooms in this hotel. They had some scenes that were filmed in the hotel. It wasn’t a lot, but it was still promoting the hotel.

“I accept,” Yun Xiangxiang didn’t ask to change the hotel.

Having snakes in the lavatory was normal in foreign countries. Not even the residential houses could prevent this from happening, let alone the hotels.

Snakes would find somewhere cool to hide during the scorching summer. This hotel was built near the mountains. It was an ideal spot for snakes to take shelter.

This spot was the nearest place to their filming venue. Milles had settled the negotiations too. If she wanted to change, it would add pressure to the crew.

“You are such a lucky girl,” Venti exclaimed.

When Yun Xiangxiang was in Paris, a car crashed into the bakery she was in, and yet n.o.body died. This time, she came across a cobra, and yet she could detect it early and escaped it.

Yun Xiangxiang wouldn’t tell Venti that she never did open the lid. She only had a prophetic dream about it.

She was fortunate. She would never use the lavatory like how she did in the dream. But even if she didn’t, the snake could still slither out. It would be disastrous if she was bathing when that happened.

The bathroom wasn’t big, and she would lock the door when she bathed. If the snake attacked her, she would be in deep trouble.

Thank G.o.d this snake wasn’t here when I was bathing yesterday. Or it wasn’t alerted to me.

Milles gave Yun Xiangxiang a day off to let her get back into form.

Yun Xiangxiang took her team shopping. Her fans thought she was still in Paris. They didn’t know she was here.

She could finally go shopping and get some gifts and souvenirs.

“Those guys are following us,” Song Qian noticed the reporters back in Paris, tailing them when they went around to shop.

“Annoyingly persistent, are they? I wonder how much Chen Junjie paid them.” The reporters followed her all the way from Paris.

Yun Xiangxiang let He Wei handle this matter, but He Wei couldn’t stop Chen Junjie from paying these reporters, nor could he stop these reporters from taking Chen Junjie’s money.

The most he could do was to watch the reporters’ every move. If they made a move against Yun Xiangxiang, he would ask his men to stop them and subdue them.

These reporters ruined Yun Xiangxiang’s shopping mood. She went for some food hunting, zeroing in on snacks.

Yun Xiangxiang only had exquisite meals since she came to France. She wanted to have some of the local snacks. She didn’t have it back in Paris so that she would have the ones here.

The food made her happy again. She went and bought a truckload of items. “First Love”‘s pay was not the only income she had here.

There was also S.Q’s endors.e.m.e.nt fee. If she could successfully work with SL, she would be raking in cash over this summer holiday.

When she walked past the shop calling itself the world’s best bespoke suit makers, Yun Xiangxiang had to look inside.

“Where does your young master get his suits?” Yun Xiangxiang only knew Song Mian wore bespoke suits, but she never knew where he got them.

She never saw anything resembling a brand’s name on his suits. They didn’t look like they belonged to any brand.

“It’s custom made,” Song Qian answered.

“I know it’s custom made. They’re bespoke suits after all. I want to know which brand they belong to.” Yun Xiangxiang chose the suits.

“What I mean is our tailor makes the young master’s suits. He only serves the young master and no one else,” Song Qian explained.

Yun Xiangxiang stopped in her tracks.

Okay then, she still needed to see more of this world.

If that were the case, she wouldn’t buy any suits for Song Mian. Yun Zhibin disliked wearing suits either. When she was about to leave, she saw an exquisite little suit. It would fit Yun Lin nicely.

When she found out that the size would fit Yun Lin nicely, Yun Xiangxiang bought it, even though it was pricey.

She returned to the hotel after she was done with dinner. She connected with Song Mian on a video call. “It’s my fault you were spooked,” said Song Mian. “I had someone send you a sachet. Take it with you and hang it on your bedside table. It will deter the pests.”

Song Mian thought he was already meticulous enough, but he still found out that there was a flaw within his plan.

When he thought that Yun Xiangxiang might get killed by the cobra, the fear of losing her suffocated him.

“This is just an accident, sweetie. Everyone will come across them a few times in their lives.” Yun Xiangxiang thought Song Mian was worrying too much. “You can’t factor in everything. I’m fine, look at me. I’m a lucky star. Lady luck is blessing me.”

She blinked rapidly, just like how a star would. A mischievous smile carved itself on her face. Song Mian was slightly relieved. “I’m almost done here. I’ll go to Paris to be with you soon.”


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