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Read Hello Mr. King Chapter 754 – Ah Mian, You’re So Nice

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Chapter 754: Ah Mian, You’re So Nice

In the end, of course, it was song Mian who was no match for him. He had to give up the land to pay compensation and sign a lot of unequal treaties to coax the drama Queen’s girlfriend.

At this point, the b.l.o.o.d.y lesson made song Mian deeply understand that he could not easily talk about certain topics, even if it was a joke!

The time he spent with song Mian was so happy and short. Yun Xiangxiang did not want to go to dinner to discuss the contract at all.

“Song Mian, You Little Vixen, you’ve seduced me so much that I’m about to become a ‘stupid king’who indulges in pleasure!”Yun Xiangxiang cursed angrily before reluctantly following he wei out the door.

Fortunately, the Little Vixen was waiting for her at home every day. Although she had renewed several contracts and had to shoot new promotional videos and photos, she would leave early and return late every day. For example, s. Q had not only renewed her contract, but also expanded their cooperation.

Previously, Yun Xiangxiang only endorsed lipstick, but now she had all the makeup in China. Yun Xiangxiang had been working hard for several days just to shoot the promotional videos.

Every day, Yun Xiangxiang thought that Song Mian was at home before she went out. When she came back, Song Mian was still there. She had always thought that song Mian had never left.

That day, s. All of Q’s work ended. Yun Xiangxiang thought about how she came back in the afternoon, but she found that song Mian was not there.

She took out her phone and called Song Mian, but her phone was actually turned off.

“Qianqian, Ah Mian left?”Yun Xiangxiang felt that something was wrong. Even if song Mian was leaving, he would still send her a message if it was an emergency.

“Young master… he just had something urgent and will be back soon,”song Qian said uncomfortably. “That’s why he didn’t leave you a message. I guess he’ll be back before you.”

Yun Xiangxiang was sensitive. She seemed to have thought of a possibility, but she didn’t question Song Qian.

Instead, she walked outside and sat in the garden in a daze. No one bothered her. Song Qian and Ai Li would send her some fruits and tea to chat with her. Yun Xiangxiang’s expression was the same as usual.

At about 4:30 in the afternoon, the car drove in. Yun Xiangxiang stood up and watched song Mian get out of the car.

Song Mian did not expect Yun Xiangxiang to come back so early today. He walked slowly towards Yun Xiangxiang with a warm smile on his face. “You finished work so early today? What do you want to eat?”

Yun Xiangxiang stared at him with wide eyes. His smile was warm, just like the white clouds under the blue sky.

So clean, so warm, so natural, and so flawless.

Without saying a word, she strode forward, wrapped her arms around his waist, and buried her head in his chest. “Ah Mian, you’re so stupid.”

He had been running back and forth like this every day, but he had actually kept her in the dark. He could not describe the feeling in his heart. In short, it was so sour that it was difficult to describe it.

Song Mian was so smart that he could guess the reason why Yun Xiangxiang looked like this, he ran his hand through her long, s.h.i.+ny black hair. “I’m just doing my job. Compared to you going out to work by car, I might be a little further away. I have to fly back and forth for two hours every day.”

“You say it’s easy.”Yun Xiangxiang thought about how tired it was to fly back and forth for two hours.

“It’s easy for me too.”Song Mian gently pushed her away, kissed her pouting lips, and held her hand as they walked into the house, “Compared to missing you, taking a two-hour flight is nothing. Besides, you’ll be leaving in two days. When you go to Mi Du, I don’t think I can do it like this.”

By then, the distance would be too far. It would take three hours to fly to Mi du, and seven or eight hours to go back and forth. Even if he was willing, Yun Xiangxiang probably wouldn’t allow it.

“Ah Mian, you’re So Nice.”Yun Xiangxiang held song Mian’s hand tightly.

“I’ll make you caviar tonight.”Song Mian turned his head to the side and smiled at her.

Yun Xiangxiang loved caviar very much. It wasn’t easy to make caviar, especially the best sturgeon.

However, caviar was really delicious, but the process was a little cruel. In order to keep the caviar delicious, the sturgeon couldn’t be killed for its Roe. The sturgeon had to be knocked unconscious and then taken out.

Yun Xiangxiang did not look at it every time. It was just like when she was young. Her mother always liked to ask her to help out with the chicken slaughter at home. She did not dare to do it at all. She felt a little sorry, but she did not hesitate when eating the chicken..

Song Mian brought back a lot of sturgeon. For dinner, he made her caviar rice b.a.l.l.s, caviar salad, caviar lobster.

She also made her an ice bowl with caviar in it and poured some cream on it for dessert. Yun Xiangxiang was so happy.

In the next few days, Yun Xiangxiang was not that busy with her work. Every time, before song Mian “Got off work”, she would come back and review her homework in the garden. When he came back, she would cook for herself and ask him for advice after dinner.

Soon, Yun Xiangxiang finished her work in France and had no choice but to board a flight to Italy.

The fas.h.i.+on show this time lasted for a few days. A large number of media outlets placed great importance on it. Actors from all over the world gathered together.

Yun Xiangxiang met up with Deng Yang early in Mi Du. Deng Yang was presenting her work to Yun Xiangxiang. The theme was freedom.

All of them were green. There was a deep green that looked mysterious and elegant; there was a quiet Lake Green that looked demure; there was an elegant peppermint green that looked elegant; there was a light ice green that looked elegant and graceful; there was a light green that looked like a fog and a dream, a light green.., it looked fairy-like and charming..

Deng Yang used green to the extreme. She gave the finale piece to Yun Xiangxiang.

It had three-dimensional Chinese embroidery and a strapless design. The breast part was a lake-green satin, like emerald emerald.

At the waist was a two-centimeter-wide dark green belt. The light green silk lines on the belt outlined delicate embroidery patterns that floated down to the knees along with the skirt.

Above the knees was a layer of light gauze with mint green hollowed-out three-dimensional embroidery. Next was an ice-green skirt that floated down. The last layer of the skirt dragged on the ground was a lively light green.

There was also a light green cloth embroidered with exquisite embroidery. It could be worn on the arm or tied to the chest as a shawl.

Yun Xiangxiang wanted to start working with Deng Yang and practice her runway walk to grasp the rhythm, eyes, and movements.

Because the finale was especially important, Yun Xiangxiang’s figure was very good. Now 172, she was not inferior to models at all.

She was training with other models. When she appeared on stage, the piece of cloth was tied to her body, and there was a big flower on her chest. Then, as she walked, she naturally pulled it apart and wrapped it around her arms.

When she reached her standing position, she needed to turn her body to let the cloth flutter. It sounded simple, but in reality, it was very difficult.

Yun Xiangxiang had never been in this industry before, and she only had three days left. She did not waste any time in training.

Other than her daily life, Yun Xiangxiang stopped everything else and humbly asked for advice from other models.

She rushed to catch up. Finally, on the day when it was their turn to show off, she showed off what she thought she could still pa.s.s.


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